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The Zabadak Magazine has been going now for 32 years & issues  1, 9 to 31 are still available -  for costs then please email: ron.cooper@neuf.fr

Please note though that 31 will be unfortunately our very last issue as we have decided to now call it a day. We thank you so much for all for your very wonderful support & enthusiasm over these many years for Zab which started way back in 1985. It has been an extraordinary story. We’d like to especially thank the brilliant work that Herman van Gaal & Michel Bands have done for this truly wonderful web site. Cheers All The Very best Ron


































the-big-moonTHE BIG MOON & the wonderful ‘The Road’






saladMarijne & Paul 20 years later after Salad performing together on Phoenix FM…if you have fond memories from the 1990s & spend the time to watch this then you’ll be nicely rewarded here…really brilliant


the-tapestryredPlease check out THE TAPESTRY ‘Look Out’…we love this


THE TAPESTRY ‘We Talk’…& we also love this


warpaint4WARPAINT live on KEXP doing ‘Whiteout’, ‘No Way Out, ‘New Song’ & ‘Disco/Very’



7″ VINYL NEW WAVE TOP 20 SINGLES July’14 – June’15 were

1.) TROVES ‘Youth In Decay’ / ‘Afterthought’

2.) THE JOY FORMIDABLE ‘Y Garreg Ateb’

3.) CHVRCHES ‘Get Away’ / ‘Dead Air’

4.) KIESZA ‘Hideaway’

5.) FLOWERS ‘Joanna’

6.) MARINA & THE DIAMONDS ‘Froot’ / ‘Happy’

7.) TALL SHIPS ‘Will To Life’ / ‘Life Goes On’

8.) PEACE ‘Money’


10.) LEADERS OF MEN ‘For Want Of A Better Word’ / ‘At Ease’

11.) BENTCOUSIN ‘Dizzy’ / ’2014′

12.) BEACH BABY ‘Ladybird’

13.) CIRCA WAVES ‘So Long’ / ’1901

14.) SUMMER CAMP ‘Bad Love’ / ‘Killer’

15.) SOAK ‘B A Nobody’


17.) RYAN ADAMS ‘Gimme Something Good’

18.) ROYAL BLOOD ‘Ten Tonne Skeleton’

19.) LAURA MARLING ‘False Hope’

20.) SWIM DEEP ‘One Great Song & I Could Change The World’




Z#30icoverHello & hope that all is well & welcome to our 30th issue (yes it has now been 30 years :o) Hopefully you’ll enjoy & find some interesting discoveries. As always 48 pages of info, features, articles & CD/LP/SP reviews: R.I.P.; Jackie De Shannon….What The World Needs Now Is Love?; Trevor “Dozy” Davies R.I.P. (Part 2); What Are They Up To Now? About Recently Emerging Acts; Beach House ‘Cherry’ & ‘Stars’; Kokomo ‘Longer’; Anna Coogan; French For Rabbits ‘Spirits’; Bitter Springs; Kiesza; Lanterns Of The Lake ‘Beings’; Fludes ‘Ancient Tales’; Pale Seas; The Kills; Foals; Eurogliders; Alvvays; Dum Dum Girls; Gemma Ray; Metric ‘Pagans In Vegas’;  Wolf Alice ‘Love Is Cool’; Marina & Diamonds ‘Froot’; ZAB Top LPs 2015; Coldplay; Hot Puppies; The Bianca Story; After Great Deliberation Malcolm’s 2015 Listings; Dave Berry ‘Pebbles To Pearls’; Peter Daltrey; The Road Is Long…The Hollies Story; Pillars Of Brum Inspiration Sometimes From Malcolm’s Garage; 7″ New Wave Top 20 Singles July’14 – June’15…Troves Joy Formidable Chvrches; Keepin’ The Summer Alive….The Beach Boys (Part One); Top 10 Beach Boys LPs & Tracks Bonnett Holmes Cooper O’Rourke; Martha Reeves & The Vandellas – Dancing In The Streets;Friends Of Mine The Zombies; Virtually Complete Honeycombs On Repertoire; The Casuals UK & Italian LP 7″ Discography (Vinyl); Manfred Mann ‘As Is’; Manfred Mann’s Earth Band ‘MMEB’; Turtles; Buzzcocks; 60s Experience; Mungo Jerry; Bowie R.I.P.; Jezabels Blues; CUCUN ‘Cut Off…’; Janus ‘Songs Of H&B’; Ronnie Bird ‘Tendres Années’; Live Flowers Warpaint Circa Waves. All The Very Best & Excellent Health Cheers Ron

ZAB Top Albums 2015:


2.) ALVVAYS ‘Alvvays’


4.) WOLF ALICE ‘My Love Is Cool’


6.) KIESZA ‘Sound Of A Woman’

7.) BEACH HOUSE ‘Depression Cherry’

8.) METRIC ‘Pagans In Vegas’

9.) FOALS ‘What Went Down’

10.) DUM DUM GIRLS ‘I Will Be’

11.) COLDPLAY ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’

12.) BEACH HOUSE ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars’



ZAB_29Hello & hope that all is well & welcome to our 29th issue.  It has been a shorter road (13 months in the making :o) & so hopefully you’ll enjoy & find some interesting discoveries. 48 pages of info, features, articles & CD/LP/SP reviews: Oh What A Beautiful World….Trevor “Dozy” Davies R.I.P.; DBM&T Live Finland 2014; Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich Live Silsoe 1986; DDDBM&T Hospital Radio 1986; DBM&T + Herman’s Hermits + Rubettes Live Lübeck 2014; The Jezabels Live 2014 Nottingham, Berlin & Dresden; ZAB Top 10 Albums 2014; Blonde Redhead; Little Red; Tame Impala; Cloud Control; Warpaint; Peter Daltrey; Woman’s Hour; Farewell Dear Ghost; The Bianca Story; Band Of Skulls; Boy & Bear; Fear Of Men; Birds Of Tokyo; Eleanor Rigby; Famy; Vampire Weekend; Pillars Of Brum Inspiration Sometimes From Malcolm’s Garage; Alvvays; After Great Deliberation 2014 Listings; 7″ New Wave Top 20 Singles July’13 – June’14; Daughter; Chvrches; French For Rabbits; The Fortunes; Fanny; Andy Scott’s Sweet; Temple Balls; 10CC; Spooky Tooth; DDDBM&T Book; The Clan; Geoff Foot; Barry Gibb; 2014 A Most Entertaining Concert Year; Union Youth; Beaky; Magnum; The Seekers; Fats Domino & Dave Dee; More DDDBM&T Videos; London Grammar; Big Deal; Augustines; Flowers; Wolf Alice; Parquet Courts; Hanna Cash; Charlie Chaplin At The Harpsichord Sparks This Town Ain’t Big….; Kool & The Gang Live Jena 2012; David Helfgott Live Leipzig 2012; What A Day For The Lovin’ Spoonful; Happy Together The Turtles; Uh Huh It’s The Manfreds; Gracious; CUCUN. Hope you enjoy & so many thanks for all your great support. Cheers & very good health for 2015 Ron


ZAB Top 10 Albums 2014:

1.) THE JEZABELS ‘The Brink’

2.) WOMAN’S HOUR ‘Conversations’

3.) WARPAINT ‘Warpaint’


5.) CLOUD CONTROL ‘Dream Cave’

6.) FAREWELL DEAR GHOST ‘We Colour The Night’

7.) FEAR OF MEN ‘Loom’

8.) FLOWERS ‘Do What You Want To, It’s What You Should Do’

9.) FAMY ‘We Fam Econo’

10.) BLONDE REDHEAD ‘Barragán’

FUTURE ISLANDS ‘Seasons (Waiting On You)’



THE JEZABELS Live The Houseplease enjoy this astonishing band – start at 16 minutes mark where keyboardist the brilliant Heather is playing the largest organ in the Southern Hemisphere


CLOUD CONTROL ‘The Smoke, The Feeling’ (Live at WFUV)




THE BIANCA STORY ‘Glück Macht Einsam’ (‘Digger’ Live Studio)






Hello & hope that all is well & welcome to our 28th issue. It has been another long road (16 months in the making :o) & so hopefully you’ll enjoy & find some interesting discoveries. 48 pages of info, features, articles & CD/LP/SP reviews: Blonde Redhead; Daughter; Ballroom; Ms Mr; Joy Formidable; Blackmail; Local Natives; Poppy & The Jezebels; The Wombats; Haim;Zulu Winter; The Organ; Beach House; Cat Chang; Anna Calvi; Various Romney; Dog Is Dead; Top Albums 2013 2012 2011 2010; Yeah Yeah Yeahs; Warpaint; Chvrches; Cameras; J-Lo; Pillars Of Brum Inspiration Sometimes From Malcolm’s Garage; After Great Deliberation 2013 Listings; Donots; R.I.P. Cont.; 7″ New Wave Top 20 Singles July’11 – June’12; 7″ New Wave Top 20 Singles July’12 – June’13; CUCUN Live Germany;Fairport Convention; Bitter Springs; Woman’s Hour; Alan Clayson; Vanity Fare; Richard Harris; Glenda Collins; Sophistikatz; Susan James; Judy Henske & Jerry Yester; Lemon Pipers; Greenhaus; Phoenix J.; Jezabels;Canned Heat….On The Road Again; The Chancellors; The Scorpions; The Class Of ’64; Animals 2013; Cheyenne Bodie…..How Clint Walker Broke 1,000 Female Hearts; Shirley & Johnny; Dave Dee; Steve Rowland; John Dymond; Jezabel Greetings Staffordshire; Colour Slides Honeycombed; Alan Blaikley; Paul “Beaky” Bennett (Part 3)….Tracy Bromley DBM&T; DBM&T Live Lübeck 2014; Herman’s Hermits News 2013; Wolf Alice Swim Deep Cloud Control Live Birmingham;Reg Presley (The Troggs) R.I.P.; Doug Grassel (Ohio Express) R.I.P. Cost for No.28 via PayPal is 7,70€. Please pay against or to ron.cooper@neuf.fr Hope you enjoy. Cheers & Many Thanks Ron


DAUGHTER ‘Home’ live




DAUGHTER ‘Human’ live





Doug Grassel of The Ohio Express sadly passed away on the 21st Sep’13 (aged 64). Doug became an important part of Zabadak & our deepest condolences go out to Tracey, his family, his friends, GaryR, and past & present members of The Ohio Express. A really nice guy & the pic is from circa 1966 when Doug was in Sir Timothy & The Royals. R.I.P. Doug we’ll miss you.



Some good news is that John “Beaky” Dymond after being 24 years away from DBM&T is rejoining them. Therefore along with Tich & Dozy there are 3 original members still with DBM&T. This is quite incredible in this day & age as has now been 51 years since the 3 were first together in Dave Dee & The Bostons. Beaky back in the 80s was one of the best front guys around (recalling a Bedford gig in 1983 & Silsoe in 1986). The plan is that DBM&T will be doing a 10 day tour of Germany in December & then following in Jan/Feb. 2014 with a two month tour of Germany (perhaps they will shortly add the dates to the DBM&T web site). It is Tony “Beaky” Carpenter who has left & has now joined the New Amen Corner plus his own Beaky’s Band. Beaky’s Band includes Richard Hudson (drums) from Strawbs (plus Hudson & Ford) & Bill Phillips (bass) from a latter incarnation of The Glitter Band). Back to Dymond, Davies & Amey then they’ll be doing rehearsals during late October & November.

Let’s not forget that Amey, Davies & Dymond made one the most underrated & greatest albums of all time in ‘Fresh Ear’ which if ever there was the birth of indie & Britpop then this was it. If you just give one track a listen then it should be ‘Too Much’. They have recently completed their first few days of rehearsals in Tich‘s small studio & have a whole stack of numbers together. They were actually seated (vocals apparently being not quite as energetic/exuberant as when standing) but the sessions went very well. Next rehearsals re-start on the 24th November.

On the 27th November it was Dozy‘s 69th birthday and they had been doing their rehearsals in a bar about 3 miles from Dozy‘s home. They’d packed up their gear but then some “special folk” arrived, so they reset up again & played some more. Apparently it was all very emotional for the small audience with the magic returning & Beaky in fine form. On December 12th they play Dusseldorf for the start of a short warm up German tour before their tour proper starts in January.

Mario saw DBM&T (along with Herman’s Hermits & Rubettes) on the 7th February at Lübeck

7″ Vinyl New Wave Top 20 Singles July 2013 – June 2014 were:

1.) DAUGHTER ‘Youth’/ ‘Smoke’

2.) BIG DEAL ‘Dream Machines’ 

3.) WOMAN’S HOUR ‘Her Ghost’ / ‘I Need You’

4.) LONDON GRAMMAR ‘Night Call’

5.) MT. WOLF ‘Midnight Shallows’

6.) CHVRCHES ‘We Sink’ / ‘It’s Not Right, But It’s OK’

7.)  EXIT CALM ‘Promises’

8.) FRENCH FOR RABBITS ‘Goat’ / ‘The Other Side’

9.) ANNA CALVI ‘Eliza’


11.)  KINGS OF LEON ‘Supersoaker’

12.) MO ‘Waste Of Time’ 

13.) LONDON GRAMMAR ‘Strong’

14.)  BROKEN TWIN ‘Sun Has Gone’

15.) HOWLING BELLS ‘Your Love’ 

16.) THE BALLET ‘Is Anybody Out There’

17.) AMBER RUN ‘Heaven’

18.) SUNDARA KARMA ‘Cold Heaven’

19.) PEACE ‘Lovesick’ / ‘Drain’

20.) WUNDER WUNDER ‘Coastline’




Our top album awards for 2013 were 1.) DAUGHTER ‘If You Leave’; 2.) MS MR ‘Secondhand Rapture’; 3.) LOCAL NATIVES ‘Hummingbird’; 4.) HAIM ‘Days Are Gone’;6.) JOY FORMIDABLE ‘Wolf’s Law’; 7.) CHVRCHES ‘The Bones Of What You Believe’;

DAUGHTER ‘Youth’ live




MS MR ‘Fantasy’


JOY FORMIDABLE ‘This Ladder Is Ours’






WOMAN’S HOUR ‘Our Love Has No Rhythm’ both available on a wonderful AA side 7″ vinyl on Parlour Records with an mp3 download


WOMAN’S HOUR ‘Human’ a fine 7″ vinyl out on Dirty Bingo Records


WOMAN’S HOUR ‘Dancing In The Dark’


WOMAN’S HOUR ‘Darkest Place’



CUCUN ‘Set Me Free’ an acoustic version by this excellent band



highlights of CUCUN‘s Make It Loud Tour 2013


CAMERAS ‘Polarise’


CAMERAS ‘Running Up That Hill’


CAMERAS ‘Defeatist’



HAIM ‘Falling’


HAIM ‘Falling’ Live


HAIM ‘Let Me Go’


HAIM ‘Forever’


HAIM ‘Don’t Save Me Live’


HAIM ‘Oh Well’ (1969 Fleetwood Mac cover)


HAIM ‘Forever’ live Dingwalls great stuff ladies


HAIM ‘Don’t Save Me’



Our top album awards for 2012 were

1.) BEACH HOUSE ‘Bloom’;

2.) CAMERAS ‘In Your Room’;

3.) GEMMA RAY ‘Island Fire’;

4.) DONOTS ‘Wake The Dogs’;

5.) DOG IS DEAD ‘All Our Favourite Stories’;

6.) ZULU WINTER ‘Languages’;




Hello & hope that all is well & welcome to our 27th issue. It has been a long road & so hopefully you’ll enjoy & find interesting discoveries. 48 pages of info, features, articles & CD/LP/SP reviews: The Jezabels and Prisoner the album of 2011 Live She’s So Hard; The Subways Eternity & Kiss Kiss Bang Bang; The Joy Formidable Roar; Shirley & Johnny Can’t Make It Alone; Jackie DeShannon; Maria Dallas I Don’t Have A Penny Ambush; Steve Gibbons Wake Up My Mind; The Lines; Cloud Control Bliss Release; Pigeon Detectives; Bitter Springs; Mungo Jerry; Brian Johnson’s Howard Blaikley; Fishwife’s Broadside Damaged Goods; Kasey Chambers Little Bird; Peter, Paul & Mary; Paul Vickers & The Leg; Anna Coogan; Johnny Panic; The World Of Oz; Phil Ochs, James Taylor & Joni Mitchell Amchitka; Peanut Butter Conspiracy; J.Lo; DDDBM&T Love; Peter Daltrey King; 7″ New Wave Top 20 Singles July’10 – June’11 Hurt Me; Metronomy Riviera; Peter Fauser & Spoiler; Answering Machine Lifeline; K.Li or Kylie; Donots Wake The Dogs; Scorpions (60s); Gemma Ray Fire; Little Birdy Bigbiglove; Let’s Take It…Interview Gary Prosser Ballroom; CUCUN Loud; Rock Atlas; Linda William’; John Walker & Kathy Kirby; Touching The Propeller…Paul Vickers Interview; Zabadak #23; #24; #25; #26…Thru The Eyes Of Keith; In The Naughties – A Selection Of Relatively Recent 45′s …Tom Baxendale, The See See; Clint Walker (Cheyenne) Inspiration and the album of 1959; Long To Share The Honeycombs; Philips Australia; Leonard Cohen; Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings; Dave’s Not Here; The Hermits; Dee & Chase; Jackie Leven; Casual Alan Taylor RIP; The Jezabels Meet In The Subways; Poppa Joe Beaky; DBM&T To Retire Not; R.I.P. Section. Hope you enjoy. Cheers. Ron Cost for No.27 via PayPal is 7,70€. Please pay against or to ron.cooper@neuf.fr


Blonde Redhead ‘The Dress’: Back in 1995 reviewed their ‘Flying Douglas’/ ‘Harmony 7″ Single, Rough Trade (45rev36). They have created some of the most beautiful majestic melancholic music these past 20 years.


Blonde Redhead ‘Falling Man’:


Blonde Redhead ’23′:


Blonde Redhead ‘Spain’



Anna Calvi with ‘Love Won’t Be Leaving’ (check out her brill guitar solo which starts at the 4m20s mark)


also the wonderful ‘Blackout’ (available on 7″ vinyl)



Gemma Rayan artist whom we’ve championed for many years since 2003 ‘Radiology’ & here is ‘Flood & A Fire’ unplugged from her latest excellent 6th album ‘Island Fire’


Gemma Ray with Sparks and  ‘How Do I Get To Carnegie Hall?’


Gemma Ray ‘Trou De Loup’



Great new indie band The Lines & their dynamic ‘Glorius Aftermath’




Little Birdy with thebeautiful ‘Brother’ (a song about family) though not the international successful that they merited. Dave Dee would have been proud to have them on his memorial issue front cover (ZAB#25)


and ‘Stay Wild’ (nice Oz scenery)


Little Birdy & ‘Beautiful To Me’


The Joy Formidable with the incredibleWhirring’ (Live on KEXP)



‘Cradle’ (also Live on KEXP)


plus the really beautiful ‘The Greatest Light Is The Greatest Shade’


The Jezabels with ‘Easy To Love’ (now close to 1,000,000 views)


The Jezabels 3 years ago now with the brilliant ‘Disco Biscuit Love’


‘Endless Summer’ new song from their ‘Prisoner’ album


‘Be A Star’ (3 years ago)


The Subways live with a scintillating ‘Rock’N’Roll Queen’ (German audiences/crowds are just so great)




latest single ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’


live & the wonderful ‘I Want To Hear What You Have Got To Say’



Fabulous new album out by Johnny Panic called ‘Ritual Riots’. Check out one of the tracks ‘World Around You’



Our top album awards for 2011 were

1.) THE JEZABELS ‘Prisoner’;


3.) METRONOMY ‘The English Riviera’ ;

4.) THE SUBWAYS ‘Money & Celebrity’;



7.) PIGEON DETECTIVES ‘Up, Guards And At ‘Em’;

8.) CLOUD CONTROL ‘Bliss Release’;

9.) ANNA CALVI ‘Anna Calvi’;

10.) THE WOMBATS ‘This Modern Glitch’;

Metronomy-Grayscale-01May we wish all our readers a very happy Xmas & a really great 2012 and many thanks for your kind & wonderful support for #26. Just to leave you with a nice track & video by Devon’s Metronomy with ‘The Look’


JEZABELS-Grayscale-01Check out also The Jezabels brilliant & beautiful ‘Hurt Me’ live


Rock Atlas BWredThere’s a great new book out called ‘Rock Atlas’ by David Roberts with half a page devoted to DDDBM&T & their Salisbury blue plaque. Contains 650 great UK/Ireland musical locations & the fascinating stories behind them. Naturally it concentrates more on the famous acts but does also (which is certainly appreciated) some of the more unknown or unexpected. The research that Roberts undertook is staggering and taking up to date photos of how the locations are looking today then this is a beautiful book & read.

We sadly report that bassist/backing vocalist Alan “Plug” Taylor of The Casuals passed away on the 27th November. The Casuals have been an important part of Zabadak over the years & our condolences go out to remaining original members Howard & John plus Alan‘s familPLUG  Casuals-Grayscale-01y & friends. Alan particularly enjoyed them doingAlla Fine Della Strada (Love Me Tonight)’ at San Remo Feb 1969 & John Tebb‘sfine singing. R.I.P. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-mHtkjmRnU


Sadly producer Martin Rushent has passed away in June of this year (2011). Martin always had a special place in our hearts for his engineering/production work with Dave Dee‘s unreleased recordings from 1973 (see below) & the various Mason recordings (Peter Mason, Tich & Beaky)…plus Shirley Bassey (those LPs with Martin were perhaps her best), Stranglers & Human League. Our condolences go out to his wife Ceri & daughter Amy.

If anyone has any info please about Dave Dee‘s unreleased Advision recordings from January-March 1973 then it would be great if you can please provide any details. Johnny Harris, Steve Howe, Herbie Flowers, Paul Hardiman, David Rose & Martin Rushent were perhaps involved. There are possibly 7 tracks of which Phonogram may have somewhere still in their vaults? Phonogram found it too progressive/rock orientated for Dave‘s image, and so they knocked it on the head. It was at this point that Dave decided to quit the performing side of the business and joined Atlantic.


ANSWERING MACHINE2-Grayscale-01The Answering Machine have decided to call it a day (after existing for 5 years) but have left us with a stunning LP in ‘Lifeline’ (also on vinyl) – overall it’s brilliantly executed, and hard to believe that this wasn’t a number one album.ANSWERING MACHINE Lifeline-Grayscale-02

Check out the fabulous ‘Lifeline’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_q3IuD3HEI&feature=related

JEZABELS Hurt Me-Grayscale-01A couple of excellent new 7″vinyl singles are JEZABELS ‘Hurt Me’ & PIGEON DETECTIVES ‘Done In Secret’plusThe Bitter Springswith a fine download in‘Gary Glitters Fan Convention’




Our latest issue now out with 48 pages of info, features, various articles & CD/LP/SP reviews: Linda William’ R.I.P. – a gentle look back at the French singer’s career; Mason ‘Starting Out As We Mean To Go On’; Clearlake ‘Lido’; Ballroom ‘Try It’; Bitter Springs ‘My Life As A Dog In A Pigsty’ & ‘TV Tears’; Hollies ‘Staying Power’; Jennifer Lopez ‘Brave’; Gemma Ray ‘It’s A Shame About Gemma Ray’ & ‘Lights Out Zoltar’; Zabadak (Japanese duo) ‘Remains’; Kylie Minogue ‘Impossible Princess’ & ‘X’; Cowboy Racer ‘Love Stationary’; ‘Shapes & Sounds Volume 3 Technicolour Dreams From The BBC Archives 1967 – 1971′; Little Man Tate ‘About What You Know’; Marianne Segal (featuring Circulus) ‘The Gathering’; Penelope Swales ‘Legacy’; Meet Citizen K ‘Somewhere Up North’; Sandy Newman ‘Golden Years’; Peter Daltrey ‘Heroine’ & ‘tattoo’; Link Bekka ‘Erinnern’; Gary Wright ‘Connected’; Four Jacks & A Jill ‘Jill’; Patrick Campbell-Lyons ‘The 13 Dalis’; The Killers ‘Sam’s Town’; Psykick Holiday ‘Forever Pop Noir’; Future Legend Records; Anna Coogan ‘The Nocturnal Among Us’; Various ‘I Like It Better Here – Music From Home’; Judy Collins ‘Paradise’; 7″ New Wave Top 20 Singles July’09 – June’10 with The Crookes ‘Bloodshot Days’, New Young Pony Club ‘Chaos’, Pete & The Pirates ‘Jennifer’, Lady Gaga ‘Telephone’, Local Natives ‘Airplanes’, The Twang, Marina & Diamonds etc; R*E*P*E*A*T Records – Fear Of A Black Kennett; Gag Spores & Flitwick Records; Fiel Garvie; Ken Howard & Alan Blaikley; Endless Beat New Sarum Sound; Dean Ford; Devereux & Porcelain; Belexes; Alan Kearns; Aaron Woolley; Robin Gair; Alan Clayson; DDDBM&T Top 10; Honeybus; Stealers Wheel; DBM&T, Manfreds & Marmalade Live; The Honeycombs – This Year, Next Year; Stop Look & Listen To….Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders; Crispian St Peters…The Rise And Fall Of The Pied Piper; The Byrds – To Everything Turn Turn Turn; Without Reservations Yeah…Simon Dupree & The Big Sound; The Turtles Meet Surfer Dan…Or David Marks, Hoyt Axton; Kool & The Gang….Fatima’s Night; R.I.P. Section.


Our hearts & deepest sympathy goes out to Japan & the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear victims there –we are totally stunned. As a little reflection on this world tragedy please check out the wonderful music of the ZABADAK duo of Yoko Ueno & Tomohiko Kira with amongst their beautiful numbers ‘Harvest Rain’ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLOV9OzfGqk&feature=related)

After a bit of a lull there are now some brilliant 7″ vinyl singles coming out:ANNA CALVI ‘Blackout’,CROOKES ‘Godless Girl’,DIZZY EYES ‘Lets Break Up The Band’, WILD PALMS ‘Delight In Temptation’,CLOUD CONTROL ‘There’s Nothing In The Water’.



Our top album awards for 2010 were

1.) BLONDE REDHEAD ‘Penny Sparkle’;

2.) GREENHAUS ‘A Fool’s Paradise’;

3.) WARPAINT ‘The Fool’;


ANNA COOGAN who is working in the nu-country bittersweet Americana field has an album out called ‘The Nocturnal Among Us’ with standout tracks: ‘Crooked Sea’, ‘Dreaming My Life’, ‘Away Holy Ghosts Of Texas’, ‘The Nocturnal Among Us’, ‘So Long Summertime’, ‘Love Again’.Really tremendous stuff. Powerful beautiful & very impressive sounds.

Then we move onto recent CD/LP releases which will keep your 7″ vinyl company:GEMMA RAY ‘It’s A Shame About Gemma Ray’,MASON ‘Starting As We Mean To Go On’, LITTLE RED ‘Listen To Little Red’, VAMPIRE WEEKEND ‘Contra’, PENELOPE SWALES ‘Legacy’, SANDY NEWMAN ‘Golden Years’, PETER DALTREY ‘Heroine’ / ‘Tattoo’,LINK BEKKA ‘Erinnern’,GARY WRIGHT ‘Connected’, JUDY COLLINS ‘Paradise’, PSYKICK HOLIDAY ‘Forever Pop Noir’, VARIOUS ‘Love Music Hate Racism’, MEET CITIZEN K ‘Somewhere Up North’, VARIOUS ‘I Like It Better Here – Music From Home’, FANTASTIC PEOPLE ‘Fantastic Music For Fantastic People’.

Some wonderful 7″ vinyl single releases this past year which hopefully Santa will leave at least one in your Xmas stocking– & so let’s go: THE CROOKES ‘Bloodshot Days’,NEW YOUNG PONY CLUB ‘Chaos’, PETE & THE PIRATES. ‘Jennifer’ / ‘Blood Gets Thin’,LADY GAGA (featuring BEYONCE) ‘Telephone’, THE TWANG ‘Barney Rubble’MARINA & DIAMONDS ‘I’m Not A Robot’, THE RAVEONETTES ‘Bang!’ / ‘Last Dance’, DELPHIC ‘Doubt’, BRAKES ‘Worry About It Later’ / ‘Why Tell The Truth (When It’s Easier To Lie)’, LADY GAGA ‘Bad Romance’,CAMERA OBSCURA ‘Sweetest Thing’ / ‘Tougher Than The Rest’, ATHLETE Superhuman Touch’, DRUMS ‘Forever And Ever Amen’, KYLIE ‘All The Lovers’, THE CRIBS ‘We Share The Same Skies’,ISOLATED ATOMS ‘Tell Me What I Want’, ALPHABEAT ‘Hole In My Heart’, A PLASTIC ROSE ‘Kids Don’t Behave Like This’, EDITORS ‘Papillon’, LOCAL NATIVES ‘Airplanes’,GEMMA RAY ‘Hard Shoulder’.


Recent wonderful BITTER SPRINGS maxi single downloads (& some promo CDs) have been ‘TV Tears’ c/w ‘Sirens Every Day’ and ‘My Life As A Dog In A Pigsty’ c/w ‘The Hospital Run


The launch of the new Salisbury music book Endless Beat (Voices Of The New Sarum Sound 1970-1999) took place at The Chapel, Milford Street, Salisbury on Friday 22nd October 2010, and apparently was a great success. In Endless Beat are contributions from Tich (including the foreword), John Hatchman, Peter Mason, Robin Gair, Alan Blaikley & Steve Collinson (of both Tracker#2 & Band Of Gold fame). The following Friday, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich, supported by the Salisbury College music students History Of Rock played at The Chapel (29th October). The Walls Of Sound exhibition covering 60 years of popular music in Salisbury, including a section on DDDBM&T is on at the Salisbury & South Wiltshire Museum until 15th January 2011. (with special thanks to Richard Nash)

The wonderful Answering Machine (‘Rose’, ‘Lightbulbs’, & ‘Obviously Cold’ fame) are about to tour France/Germany with Tokyo Police Club. Here are their dates:Uebel & Gefaehrlich, Hamburg 17th November; Botanique Rotonde, Brussels 18th November; Bus Palladium, Paris 19th November Headline Show; Luxor, Koln 21st November; Lido, Berlin 22nd November; 59tol, Munich 23rd November; Das Bett, Frankfurt 26th November; Sonic Vision Festival, Luxembourg 27th November 2010. Go check them out as they are excellent.

“But by the time we’d come off stage we all agreed it was just about the best show we’d played in Europe so far. Koln had that effect on us all I think. Like a chilled out older brother, we can’t wait to return!” please go check out http://www.theansweringmachine.co.uk/

The US cartoon programme Futurama (made by the same team who make the Simpsons), which features a character called Bender, used ‘Bend It’ in the finale of its 100th programme. There are several comments about it on YouTube ‘Bend It’ videos. (with special thanks to Alan Blaikley)

AT NUMBER 23 THE BOULEVARD DES REVES…LINDA WILLIAM R.I.P. 20 November 1964 – 28 March 2010 (written 2nd April 2010)

We announce the very upsetting & sad news that French chanteuse Linda William’ has passed away (28th March 2010 at Orvieto Italy aged 45). We stated very briefly in our Zabadak#24 introduction that Linda was not in a good way “French singer Linda Williams is going through a difficult patch at this moment & we hope that she will pull through this such that we can listen to her music & singing once again. Our thoughts go out to her” and then in our #24 Newsletter (12th Aug 08) was stated You might recall French chanteuse Linda William’ see pages 1, 20-21 #11; 10 #12; 48 #14; 1, 2, 45 #17; 35 #20 & perhaps visit YouTube where Linda‘s fine ‘Traces’ video is. Here is the link or copy into your browser.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UspubsXQs8 (‘Traces’ video)

Linda‘s fine songs were always such a great inspiration for the continuation of Zabadak… a small discography of roughly 20 numbers (including 3 remixes) but they each & all were brilliant and will continue to live on. The album ‘Traces’ had 4 hit singles at least on it and the album deserved far greater recognition. Linda had a brilliant mind, wonderful personality and a deep sensibility making her loss even more tragic.  Her funeral service was held at the chapelle Sainte-Colombe de Villejuif, Paris on Good Friday the 2nd April.There is though really quite a feeling of despair & tragedy about all of this but Linda is now finally in peace. From the readers of Zabadak then our love & condolences go out to Linda (plus her family, close friends & fans) where she is resting at “number 23 the boulevard of dreams”. God bless you Linda. (Ron Cooper)

Two other fine videos of Linda‘s can be found/seen at (please if you each could pay some final respects for/to her by at least visiting each of the 3 YouTube links then this would be greatly appreciated)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RX70dAWl6Uc(‘L’Autre Soleil’ video)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MaiT5yFJwGs(‘Traces’ live playback)

Footnote. Linda liked very much DDDBM&T‘s ‘Together’ CD. Their music bought a smile to her face – she found it happy, positive & melodic (a lot like The Beatles she said).

Linda William’ ‘Traces’ liveA wonderful & beautiful new video hommage has recently been put up for Linda (some magical clothing outfits there – six different)


Linda William’ ‘L’Autre Soleil’ live


Linda William’  ‘Rebelle’




Obviously there’s a lot devoted to Dave Dee within, with plenty of obituries and a tribute article. Dave’s passing was a really sad event but we have tried to remain positive on this. Though things have generally been pretty quiet (no more those odd little tracks that Dave would always sneak out & surprise us with), it still seems as if Dave is with us. The #25 cover has been carefully chosen (hopefully) and as with most then when you fully open it out then the back cover section becomes also a part (of it). Packed as usual with 48 pages of info then #25 continues on with the 7″ New Wave Top 20 Singles July’07 – June’08 with The Coral, Hard-Fi, Dykeenies, Sounds, Wombats, Athlete, Polytechnic etc; and also the period July’08 – June’09 with Maccabees, Killers, Answering Machine, Kaiser Chiefs, Pigeon Detectives, Presets, Last Shadow Puppets, Grammatics, Blonde Redhead, etc. Other articles, critiques & CD/LP reviews are: A Moment Of Being…The Critters; DDDBMT; Heavy Metal Kids; Honeycombs; America; Gemma Ray; Triffids; Fiel Garvie; Dean Ford; Long Blondes; Gyroscope; Penelope Swales; Glenda Collins; Eskimo Joe; Link Bekka; Tells; Greenhaus; Pills By Post; Bitter Springs; Little Birdy; Interview – Roger Simian of Dawn Of The Replicants; Stark Palace; Stone Ghost Collective; Tarzen; Lilith’s Army; Missy Higgins; an interview with Keith Hopwood of Herman’s Hermits; Back To The Sixties In Stockholm (25th October 2008 – Downliners Sect, Searchers, Mungo Jerry); Pebbles; DDDBM&T Top 10s; Double D Records; Oldies Festivals; Alan Blaikley; Cheep Boots; Woodsmoke; Robin Gair; Mason; Colin Hare; Marianne Segal; the R.I.P. section (a section which unfortunately seems to be getting larger each year with former NME writer (and also a Zabadak reader) Derek Johnson sadly passing away). In closing if & just to give a slight overview of the printing process then it is a slightly strange (almost painful) experience after working with virtually a coloured magazine for a year (seeing all the time most of it in colour) and then at the end converting it to black & white. One reason why we have to do this is for financial as going to colour (with the excess costs) would have meant we’d have folded years ago. In saying that (as many have also noted) there is a sort of magic & abstractness which unfolds when you see it in black & white – it takes on a freshness & mystique of its own. Of course this is our 25th year anniversary issue. Fasten seat belts. (Ron Cooper April 2010)


Hello & how are you all… a long gap & now 22 months since the last. In this issue there is a short history of Double D Records A Case Of Unfinished Business – The Sweat Features Dance Band Marianne Chase Fatal Charm, The Story Of Herman Van Gaal – A DDDBM&T Fan, There’s Gonna Be A Storm – The Left Banke, Manfred Mann – The Fontana Years, Wishbone Ash, Lois Lane, Shapes & Sounds – The Mirage Alan Bown The Gun, Fab Daze – Singles Of The 60s & 70s Strawberry Alarm Clock Thorinshield Sunshine Company Chad & Jeremy Angel Pavement Lynne Randell Sagittarius The Greatest Show On Earth 5th Dimension etc, Casuals Clippings – Toy + Lucky Sarah + Best New Group, Death Proof & Hold Tight, Keith Bickerton Zab#22, 60s Weekend Pontins, Normie Rowe & Playboys 30 Of The Best, Little Birdy Hollywood, Sonny & Cher The Beat Goes On, The Morning Set, The Class Of 64, Peter Mason, The Scorpions Now, Hank Marvin, Pebble Brian Johnson & The Howard Blaikley Songbook, 7″ New Wave Top 20 Singles July’06 – June’07 Bloc Party Keane Killers Editors Panic At The Disco, DDDBM&T BBC + Blue Plaque + Concert Salisbury + The Other Versions + The Sarum Sound book + Dozy 69 Interview Clipping, Mungo Jerry Dawn Anthology, Colin Hare, Alan Clayson, Bitter Springs, The Byrds Very Best, Amey Gair Mason Reform, Rod Allen R.I.P, Paul Revere & The Raiders The Spirit Of ’67, Groovin’ With The Young Rascals, Wilde & Hazzard, Hermits, Clockwork Oranges, 50s – 70s Norwegian Rock Book – Thor Rune Haugen, Dannii Minogue, Kylie, Shakira, Judith Berard Itineraire, Jennifer Lopez Rebirth. Hope that you enjoy. Wishing a Merry Xmas & all the very best in 2009. Cheers. Thanks. Ron





Here are The Complete Herd (Sunshine Cottage), Beach Boys Pet Sounds, DDDBM&T Listen Listen Listen, Penelope Swales Monkey Comfort, The Fun & Games Close To Carmel, Bitter Springs, Cast & Dodgy Collections, Hard-Fi Stars Of CCTV, Gemma Ray Ritual, Ballroom Day After Day, Spectralist, Lemongrowers Ultimate Mutation, Liliths Army Feel The Rage, Geneva Weather Underground, Starsailor Love Is Here, Crosby Stills & Nash Suite: Judy Blue Eyes (John Tobler), Around Grapefruit, The Association Jim Yester & Requiem For The Masses (Part 3), Peter Mason A Long Haul & Every Minute, Thieves Like Us Do It For the Rest Of Your Life, Bob Dylan Chronicles, Aaron Woolley Keep On Tryin’, After Tonight – Who Were The Clockwork Oranges, Lollipops Naked When You Come, Renegades, Miguel Angel Villanueva, Mascots 1964-1968, Psykick Holiday, Eskimo Joe A Song Is A City, Colin Hare Life’s A Dream, Mungo Jerry Blues Band, 7″ New Wave Singles July’05 – June’06 with Bloc Party, Organ, Radio 4, Editors, Pipettes, Kaiser Chiefs, Maximo Park, Killers, Keane, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, etc, Casuals Cool Talk & When We Had £1 Between Us, Nancy Sinatra Greatest Hits, (DD)DBM&T Together + Fresh Ear, Dave Dee Big Send Off, Few People Ever Ask Mick, Bob O’Brien RIP, Solid Silver 60s Show – Wayne Fontana / DDDBM&T / PJ Proby / Gerry & Pacemakers, Hollies, Salisbury Scene (Richard Nash), Les Braid (The SBJ’s) RIP, Unit 4+2, Cymbaline’s Matrimonial, Herman’s Hermits, Bill Cowsill RIP, Obie Benson RIP, Bubblegum & Tampa Florida, Syd Barrett 1946 – 2006.




20 Year Anniversary issue with The Association Trials And Triumphs Of A Six Man Band (Part 2), Mamas & Papas Complete Anthology, Family Dogg A Way Of Life, Marmalade BBC, Various Clippings – Wishful Thinking etc, 7″ New Wave Top 20 Singles Jul’04 – Jun’05 (Keane, Franz Ferdinand, Athlete, Paul Weller, Morrissey, Embrace, Feeder, Zutons, Green Day), Kylie & J.Lo, Carl Wayne, Shel Macrae, Cosmics, Honeybus, Jim Kelly, David Daltrey Wayfarer, Kristina, The Hermits, Stevie Wright Hall Of Fame, Paul Ewing (News, Mark IV, Bakery, Jets, Ice), History Of DDDBM&T Part 22…In Search Of Tracker & Lost Dave Dee album, Bickerton’s Papers Part 22 – A Stroll Through Zab’s 19, 20 & 21, Salad & Cowboy Racer, Tages Fantasy Island, The Renegades, DVD’s Top 40 1965-66, Tremeloes, Demis Roussos, Brotherhood Of Man, Pierre’s Plastic Dream ‘The Garage Tapes’, Ollie Halsall ‘Caves’, Cowsills Harmonies American Style, Fiel Garvie, Fortunes BBC & Heroes Never Die, Blonde Redhead, Kasey Chambers, Jet, Blonde Redhead, Little Birdy, Saucerful Of Secrets Pink Floyd, ALAB Eddie Hardin, The Badge, Unit 4+2 (Part 2) Concrete Extensions, The Casuals A Letter Every Month, Fanzine’s, Troggs Times, Songwriters, Small Faces, Association Top 10s, and more.


Self Penned Songs Of Herman’s Hermits, Where Echoes End Aussie Prog Rock, Association & ‘Just The Right Sound’ Anthology, New Wave 7″ Singles (Blonde Redhead, Franz Ferdinand, The Coral, Limp Bizkit, Lostprophets, Coldplay, Libertines, Starsailor, etc), 60’s Show In Aid Of Dave “Shaky” Morris Of Salford Jets,Stevie Wright & Hard Road Concert, Peter Daltrey & Damien Youth ‘Tattoo’, Link Bekka ‘Pittsburgh Warhola’, Kaleidoscope & BBC Sessions, The Marbles, Lindisfarne, Blues Section, Maurice Gibb, Peter Cowap, Hitmakers Tour 2004, Tranquility, Gracious, Castaway In The Harmony Grass, Steve Marriott ‘All Too Beautiful’, Colin Hare ‘Free Together’, Vanity Fare ‘Hitchin’ A Ride’, Reflections Of His Life An Interview With Marmalade’s Dean Ford, Interview With Marty Wilde – Energy & Ideas, For A Moment….History Of Unit 4 + 2, Dave Dee, Dozy, B, M, & T, Repertoire CD’s & ‘Greatest Hits’ DVD + Historical Clippings Section, Flash Cadillac & The Continental Kids Deserved A Better Break, The Troggs ‘From Nowhere’, Garlic, Vinyl, Gemma Ray Ritual, Delicate AWOL ‘Heart Drops’, The Kylie & J.Lo 12″ Section, 25 Records Ooer Missus To Out Of Order + Onion Fresh, Dr. Jan (Guru), Phoenix J ‘Junkk’, Kristina Hautala.




Vanity Fare, Canterbury Tales, Harmony Grass, New Wave 7″ Singles (Blur, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Coral, Supergrass, Idlewild, Coldplay, etc), Steve Darbishire & The Yum Yum Band, Grant Tracy & The Sunsets, Honeybus, Lace, Pete Dello, Colin Hare, Paul Bennett, Tony Rivers, Grass Roots, The Turtles, Cryan’ Shames, Buckinghams, The Music Machine, Gary Puckett & The Union Gap, Marie Laforet, Herman’s Hermits, Lindisfarne, Peter Daltrey, Maurice Gibb, The Bee Gees, John Farnham, Stevie Wright, Billy Thorpe, Normie Rowe, Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue, Linda William’, Romano Musumarra, Fortunes, Rare Bird, Jay & The Techniques, Jason Crest, Renegades, Troggs, Gracious, Dakotas, Wayne Fontana, Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich, Barry Ryan, Searchers, Hollies, Ray Davies, James Taylor, SSH Band, Books, Fanzines, Fans Top Tens, and more.


Hollies, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Grass Roots, Turtles, New Wave 7″ Singles (Spearmint, Dodgy, Travis, Cosmic Rough Riders, Goldrush, Electric Soft Parade, etc), Lindisfarne, Herman’s Hermits, Sylvie Vartan, Jess, Mylène Farmer, Cryan’ Shames, Rockin’ Horse, Nirvana/Lyons, Dave Berry, House, Peter Daltrey, Book Reviews (Pet Sounds, Sandy Denny, Hollies, Lillian Roxon, etc), Elton John & Tim Rice, Spearmint, Bitter Springs, Tages, Top 40 Hitdossier 60′s / 70′s, Birds, Gracious [Martin Kitcat (keyboards) Robert Lipson (drums) Alan Cowderoy (lead guitar) Paul Davis (vocals, guitar, drums) Tim Wheatley (bass)], Status Quo, Shangri-Las, Traffic, Wishbone Ash, Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue, Fortunes, VIP’s, Pretty Things, Heroes & Villains Hammersmith 1982, Spencer Davis Group, Troggs, Yardbirds, Long John Baldry, Manfreds, Colin Blunstone, Deep Purple, Moody Blues, Vernons, Eden Kane, Joe Brown, John Leyton, Marty Wilde, Dakotas, Wayne Fontana, Peter Noone, Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich, Honeybus, The Rain Park & Other Things, Marmalade, English Contemporary Chanson, Rare French 60′s Records, Fanzines, Fans Top Tens, and more. Respected writers John Tobler and Alan Clayson have helped with this, along with some sterling work from Gary Tibbs.





The Tale Of Tich Amey & His Ten Guitars, Eurydice & The Snake In The Grass, A Concert For Colin, Oldies Im Schenze, Sixties Sing Nineties, The 7″ New Wave Top 20 Plus Others – July’00 To June’01, Starsailor, Travis, Dandy Warhols, Coldplay, Ash, Clearlake, The Hollies, The Casuals, Flaming Youth, Book Reviews, Jacques Brel, Masters Apprentices, Catatonia, Wishbone Ash, The Spice Girls, Kim Wilde, Kylie Minogue, Moody Blues, Herman’s Hermits, The Five Day Week Straw People, Steve Ellis, Mr Big, P.J.Harvey, Gene, Bitter Springs, 25 Records, Delicate AWOL, Solid Silver 60′s (Wayne Fontana, Dave Berry, DDDBM&T & Peter Noone), Jennifer Lopez, Dave Dee, The Beatles, Peter Daltrey, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Alessandro Safina, Diana Ross, Four Tops, Strawbs, Web Sites, Shirley Bassey, Fortunes, Top Tens, Fanzines, Heroes & Villains Concert – Radio 1′s 15th Birthday Sep’1982


The Sixties Solid Gold 2 Tour, Morgan, Cranberries, Catatonia, British Lions, Gillan, 60’s Nirvana, Andromeda, Fairfield Parlour, Saxon, Warhorse, Atomic Rooster, Gene, Flaming Youth, The New Rave Of New Wave 7″ ZAB Top 20 Plus Others – Spearmint, Coldplay, Longpigs, Eels, Clearlake, Sing Sing, Medal, Supergrass, Snafu, Pirates, Led Zeppelin, Renegades, Dave Clark Five, Four Tops, Jennifer Lopez, Casuals, Linda William’s, Jeanne Mas, Cowsills, 60′s Sings 90′s (Newman, Hawkes, Dee, D’Abo, etc), Mylène Farmer, Bitter Springs, N.W.F.O.F., Just Others, Supremes, Troggs, Tremeloes, Fortunes, Delicate AWOL, Baxendale, Dawn Of The Replicants, DDDBM&T, The Beatles, Oasis, Tales Of Justine, 25 Records,  Top Ten Acts Votes, Fanzine Reviews, DDDBM&T Top 10′s, and wot’s more, there’s a lot more.


Prepare for the millennium with ZABADAK 16 – The Masters Apprentices, Catatonia, Billy Thorpe & Aztecs, Twilights, 40 Years Of Oz Rock’N’Roll, Stevie Wright, Ray Brown & The Whispers, Freedom, Tee Set, Gillan, Mick Ralphs, Mott The Hoople, Steve Hyams, Verden Allen, Fairfield Parlour, The New Rave Of New Wave 7″ ZAB Top 20 Plus Others – Subaqwa, Ballroom, Sea-Fruit, Puressence, Blur, Velocette, 60′s Storybook Marmalade, Hawkes, Dee, D’Abo, Mylène Farmer, Bitter Springs, No Wings Fins Or Fuselage, Rare Bird, Suede, Elite, The Magicians, Box Office Poison, Honeycombs, Glenda Collins, Delicate AWOL, Baxendale, Molotova, Theaudience, Salad, The Bluetones, Dawn Of The Replicants, Kinks, Mansun, DDDBM&T, The Beatles, Pretty Things, Peter Daltrey, Whistler, Hermans Hermits, Jethro Tull, Oasis, The State Of Art Today, Steve Rowland The Producer, Bee Gees, Top Ten Acts Votes, Fanzine Reviews, DDDBM&T Top 10′s, and there’s more. Read in more than 30 countries – and so be a part of this exciting global experience (sorry but the champagne’s not free) as we surf the zeitgeist.


ZAB 15 Jan24 02The Easybeats – Hello How Are You, Loved Ones, Normie Rowe, Glen Ingram With The Hi Five – Skye Boat Song, Vibrants – Something About You Baby, The Mixtures – (They Call The Wind) Maria, ‘97/’98 New Rave 7”, Ballroom, Bitter Springs, Theaudience, Black – The Wonderful Comedy Of Life, Marty Rhone & The Soul Agents, Salad – Yeah Yeah & Ice Cream, Verve, Monkees – Justus, Caravan, Rare Bird, Mover, Geneva, Four Tops – Still Waters Run Deep, The Gibsons – Jeff Dart John Rigby John Kaye John Brommell & The Magic Book, The Casuals – Jesamine A Butterfly Child (Part 3), DDDBM&T, Company Caine, Catatonia, Superstar, Twilights – I Won’t Be The Same Without Her, Bluetones, Ultrasound, Feline – Just As You Are, Gene – Speak To Me Someone, Kaleidoscope, July, Turquoise, 23rd Turnoff, Selena – Dreaming Of You, Searchers, Hollies, Sleeper, Stereophonics, Paul Kelly & The Messengers – So Much Water So Close To Home, Gordon Haskell – Serve At Room Temperature, Box Office Poison – Heavy Breathing Decade, There Was Noone Like Peter Cowap & The Hermits, Fanzine Reviews (REPEAT, The Indiependent, The Songwriters, A Hostage To The Beat, Mohair Sweets, The Original Sin), etc


DDDBM&T – The Complete Collection, ‘96/’97 New Wave 7”, Kaleidoscope, Salad, Catatonia, Lush, The Strangers – Terry Walker Is A Stranger No More, Jeanne Mas – Depuis La Toute Premiere Fois, Crowded House, Blur, Monaco, Real People, Pulp, Backwater – Angels Are Cool, Manic Street Preachers, The Who – Join Together With The Band, Strain, Longpigs, Archive – Londinium, Future Sound Of London – Lifeforms, Kula Shaker, Honeybus, The Gibsons, Turquoise, Johnny Farnham – Sadie, Doobie Brothers, Khaled – Aicha, Mylene Farmer, Peter Daltrey – When We Were Indians, The Hollies – The Distant Lights Of Rickfors, The Kinks – Only A Dream, Suede – Coming Up, The Troggs – After Athens, Swinging Blue Jeans – Come On Everybody



‘Thommy’s Christmas Party’ in depth review, The Fortunes…Fortunately Part One), Linda William’…L’Autre Soleil(Ha-Ha)(Part Two), Top Ten Acts Voted So Far, Notable Singles, Box Office Poison, New Wave Of New Rave 7″, Eleanor Rigby…Take Another Shot Of My Heart, Peter Cowap…A Whale Of A Tale, Lek Leckenby…Gold Mandela, House Of Keith; White Faced Lady, Casual White Jeans, The Casuals…Jesamine (A Butterfly Child), Barclay James Harvest…Once Again, The Strawbs…Bursting At The Seams, Dave Dee & Rosy…Berlin Rendezvous, the Exploits Of D,B,M,& T, + Dave Dee & Marmalade, Dave Dee ‘Unfinished Business’, Dave Dee & Jean Musy ‘Few And Far Between’, A House ‘Wide Eyed And Ignorant’, The Family Cat ‘Magic Happens’, Joan Baez, Rockin’ Berries, Early Quarry Men Recordings…R’N’R’s Holy Grail?, The Quarry Men ‘Open For Engagements’, Sylvie Vartan…La Maritza; Nirvana…Travelling On A Cloud, Peter Daltrey ‘Dream On’, The Church…The Unguarded Moment, Whatever Happened To Joey Levine (Part Four), Tommy Boyce 1939-1994…Last Train To Clarksville, Aaron J Woolley ‘Aaron J Woolley’.ZABADAK NO.11 JULY 1994



#11 showed a slight change of direction as we began to include females in our coverage and with French songstress Linda William being the first (femme) on a Zabadak cover. Linda had been yet another reason for resurrecting Zabadak because her and French music were beginning to make an impact (and motivation on the magazine) and there was quite an in depth piece on her. One of the major articles in #11 was on the Ohio Express which was in fact Part 3 of our Bubblegum story – there were many really interesting new discoveries on their career reported. Via that history then our connections with The Casuals (and John Tebb) started and ever since we have also championed that band. #11 continued with various singles analysed from the 60s/70s – then also notable singles by sixties artists released during the period May’93 to May’94 (there were only 6 singles to report this time – noticeably getting less during the confusing changeover from vinyl to CD singles); there was a major article on Mungo Jerry; a live review of Procol’s 15th July 1993 Southend On Sea gig; 3 Beach Boys albums reviewed; a critique on underrated New Zealand 80′s band Mi-Sex; White Plains; Marmalade; Hollies were well represented; Swinging Blue Jeans; McGuiness Flint; Idle Race; Moody Blues; Bee Gees; readers Top 10 Acts listings (had actually started in #10) and were now gathering speed (giving us an idea on what acts we should be writing about!). Naturally enough we detailed the latest events on DD & DBM&T (3 pages). Dave Dee’s solo album was progressing well – he’d now already been working for 20 months on this moving away from the original heavy rock orientated direction into more mellow sounds.  We’d been hoping that DBM&T would come out with something startlingly new but in 1994 – even if Tony “Beaky” Carpenter was making excellent contributions & there were ideas being kicked around on doing new recordings – this was seemingly not going to happen. For #11 it had been a very positive year (and also with a marriage) but a difficult finish as we had once again (since our arrival in Cannes, France) to change printers and then even worse to change one more time after that 2nd messed things up…with the eventual 3rd time lucky (& final) printing company saving matters. So much has happened since this issue but nevertheless this remains an important early chapter. (Ron Cooper February 2010)


Then came a rather turbulent year for Zab#10 with both the interruption caused by a fairly difficult house move which resulted in the changing of the printing firm halfway through production, plus with also the news of Paul Bennett being now replaced by Tony Carpenter (who now assumed the role as the new “Beaky”). In fact after the really good vibes present in Zab#9 concerning Paul then things seemed to go quickly downhill for him & so in the end it was actually no real surprise to see Tony now entering the band. #10 was more of an issue for Moody Blues and Procol Harum fans with in depth articles for each of them. Both bands had just now released new LPs which captured our fancy and inspired those articles – for example Dave Dee was listening and enjoying very much Procol’s then current ‘Prodigal Stranger’ LP. There were though plenty of other interesting aspects within with articles on The Move, Scandinavian 60s pop rock, Herman’s Hermits, plus plenty of retrospective (from original vinyl) LP reviews – Jethro Tull, Wayne Fontana, McGuiness Flint, Allan Clarke, Gerry Rafferty, Downliners Sect, Zed, Tremeloes, Magic Lanterns, Marmalade, Cat Stevens, Beatles, Ringo Starr, Animals, Lindisfarne, etc. DDDBM&T were again well represented with some in depth retrospective analysis for both the ‘If No One Sang’ and ‘Fresh Ear’ LPs plus also the latest news in both the DD and D,B,M&T camps. Some big news was that Dave Dee had (then 9 months previously) started work on his solo album – so much so that he’d in fact recorded 12 tracks but that there had been quite a change of direction during this process (six of which had already been thrown out i.e. ‘No Guts No Glory’ as no longer fitting in with the concept) – Dave was really throwing himself 100% into this project with help from Export’s Steve Morris & Marmalade’s Sandy Newman. Then there was the Story Of Bubblegum Part 2 (really quite amazing some of the new info that our readers had come up with after Part 1); then continuing with notable singles by sixties artists released during the period May’92 to May’93; continuing also with notable singles from the sixties/seventies “in general” (i.e. Barry Ryan) and some very fine & thoughtful DDDBM&T top tens from various readers were presented. Looking back now at #10 even if perhaps overall not quite as good as #9 it still turned out OK (with plenty of nostalgia & enjoyment within) & a special thanks to Aicha for her encouragement that we were able to continue on during this tricky period. (Ron Cooper February 2010)



After a refreshing lay-off period (a 3 year gap from June 1989′s Zab#8) then our ninth issue came out (April 1992). The magazine had quickly evolved after #1 into a fairly general 60s magazine (even if still concentrating on DDDBM&T) with now bands like Troggs, Tremeloes, Hollies, Marmalade etc also under the spotlight). Mario Sienknecht and I though had decided to finish the magazine up after #8 mainly because when main heroes DBM&T had returned back to the UK from their Spanish sojourn, that they had seemingly split up (Beaky Dymond now wishing to stay on in Spain and not to continue on with the DBM&T cause). Frankly there did not seem to be many positive things happening in the world of DDDBM&T back then (early 1989 that is). Then events slowly or even quickly began to happen in a positive way with 1989 ending up being quite an excellent year. DBM&T reformed with Paul Bennett taking over the role of “Beaky” and with also the release of Dave Dee & Marmalade’s excellent ‘Scirocco’ single, then things were looking up. Both the sad passing of Steve Marriott and Rex Woodard (a staunch USA supporter of DDDBM&T and Zabadak) were also strong motivations (we wished to dedicate something for them). There was also now more feedback from fans and readers and #2 through to #8 were all sold out. Therefore with all these events then decided to resurrect and continue on to produce another edition. Articles that stand out in #9: Murray Head – seemingly one of the more significant ever on him (quite surprising considering the number of albums that he has released and his important role in stage musicals); Bubblegum – we took this short lived fad into thought provoking realms and through one Gerd Rochel even inspired an Ohio Express resuscitation (plus also in a convoluted way a 1910 Fruitgum Co one); Steve Marriott; The Herd; Gary Brooker; Four Seasons; Gladys Knight & The Pips; Ten Years After; some French music discussion; various Alan Clayson books (it was quite a golden period for him); notable singles by sixties artists during the period May’89 to May’92; notable singles from the sixties/seventies in general; Searchers; Beach Boys; top groups in Western Australia November ’66 to May ’70 (3.5 year chart history); plus more. Within this context we continued the DDDBM&T Appreciation Society with the aim to devote roughly 7 pages each issue (if ever there would be an explosion of interest then we would increase this coverage). We also covered the career of the new “Beaky” Paul Bennett in great detail (we thought that he was going to help revive DBM&T’s career into a higher circle). Amongst others Aicha & Françoise Lajat both presented their fine DDDBM&T Top 10 tracks choice within. Looking back now at #9 then it was really quite a fine issue – and luckily enough there are a few copies still left & available today. (Ron Cooper February 2010)


This first issue of Zabadak (#1 December 1985) was totally dedicated to DDDBM&T and briefly covered bits & pieces of most of their career within. We had a lot of fun making it though looking back now it is a bit rough & ready but there was an innocence & an enthusiasm which still lends a certain charm today. When Mario Sienknecht & I began this adventure (of producing a fanzine dedicated to DDDBM&T and running their Appreciation Society) we did have slightly higher expectations of what would happen. This is one of the reasons why copies (of this original issue #1) are still available today! Yes we thought that there would have been more fans out there! One of the initial problems was that the fanzine really probably came out a couple of years too late. The band had been slowly evolving into something that seemed to be set to achieve some sort of a reasonable “comeback success”. Between 1979 and 1983 (DD)DBM&T had released 6 singles ‘You’ve Got Me On The Run’, ‘In The Coven’, ‘Ballad Of Bulldog Bobby’, ‘Doo Wah Diddy’, ‘Xanadu (live H&V)’ and ‘Staying With It’ – with each indicating a certain continuing positive upward trend. Discussions had been ongoing also with Howard & Blaikley for a new song and there were quite a number of their unreleased demos (original songs) in the vaults awaiting finalisation & a possible album release. The scene had now been set for a Top 40 hit. But then after ‘Staying with It’ things frankly began to become really rather reversed because 1984′s Heartbreak Hotel covers LP then came out, then ‘Here We Go’ only ever happened in promo vinyl versions (Atlantic knocked it on the head and as boldly original as it was, it was the weakest single so far), plus ‘Matthew & Son’ for all its promise (fine production & performance) was never going to achieve much (a cover version without a UK release and with no Dave Dee in the band – plus almost 3 years after ‘Staying With It’!). Much of this interesting scenario is presented within #1.  Perhaps if #1 had have come out in December 1983 things may have been different for the band – creating a little more added media interest at the time. In fact we began working on the first issue in April 1984 and eventually produced enough parallel info to produce the next 4 issues (in a quicker time framework). Further to this then when our first issue came out it unfortunately coincided when Dave Dee had just been asked to leave the band (by the others) because he wasn’t devoting 100% of his energy (to the band) – this was because he was also involved in band management (Tarzen & Export) plus charity organisations etc. Though 1984 & 85 had in any case been a slightly barren time zone (for DDDBM&T fans) this was now really quite a major setback. Perhaps if we’d received more feedback & participation from fans back then this may have helped DDDBM&T’s subsequent career somewhat – but many were nowhere to be seen. Looking back now it seems a case of only if that happened then this may have happened etc. In any case #1 still makes for a fine first chapter of one of the greatest & most unsung bands from the sixties. A copy recently went for more than 30 Euros on eBay which is quite strange because there are still some available here for 6€!!! (Ron Cooper January 2010)




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