Zabadak gimmick

Zabadak Gimmick

Cliff Richard did it with the Young Ones and had a huge hit with the alternative song of The Young Ones (Fies my soul??). Cher did a version of I’ve Got You Babe with Butthead

Dave Dee made a cabaretesk version of Zabadak in 1989 with the German couple: Klaus & Klaus. The result: an amusing version of Zabadak.

7″ version:
Teldec LC 3706
Zabadak (Karakakora) (with Dave Dee)
Trunkenbold (Klaus & Klaus)


12″ version:
Teldec 247 005-0
Zabadak (Karakakora) long version: 5:22
B side:
Trunkenbold / Dim Da Di Du Da Wir Segeln Nach Bermuda





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