Zabadak (BBC)


Zabadak with its African rhythm appears twice in the “BBC Sessions” CD’s.
The first take was taped in October 1967, and the second in February 68.

The first version is very close to the original studio take. But “Zabadak #2″ is quite different, with a greater live feel.
It is also played quite faster, so much so that the whole song is finished in 2:50 mn instead of 3:30 mn for “Zabadak #1″.

The “Top Of The Pops” version of “Zabadak #1″ was preceded by an interview of Dave Dee by host Brian Matthew :
BM: Dave Dee and Co have a runaway hit with their latest “Zabadak” and Dave’s been advertising for language students to tell him what Zabadak means.
And Dave, in the first place, how could you record the song without knowing what the title meant ?
DD: Well, in actual fact, it wasn’t meant to mean anything. Zabadak was just a meaningless word and, you know, the Karakakorakak and everything else that goes with it.
BM: Yes
DD: But we stuck an advert in “The Times” and, one guy answered and he said that in Arabic, he said the word “Zabadak” means refuse, swill or rubbish you see ? So we thought, well that’s… Calling our new record “Rubbish”, but…
BM: Did you get any more funny words like that ?
DD: No, we… We went to Italy, and we sang it, in Italian you know, the actual lyric part of it, and there was some of the interpretations by the Italians of the “Karakakorakak” bits were much too nasty to even mention.
BM: Were they ?
DD: Yeah !
BM: I don’t know what you’re doing, do you ? […]
Well, this program is heard all over the world, so perhaps we get some interesting explanation in ?
DD: Yeah, from Outer Mongolia or somewhere like that, I expect.
BM: Highly possible, let’s hear it !





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