Trevor “Dozy” Davies Obituary


OH WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WORLD WE’D BE LIVING IN…TREVOR “DOZY” DAVIES R.I.P. 27 November 1944 – 13 January 2015 (written 16 Jan’15)

It seems just like yesterday that we were sadly doing an obituary for Dave Dee and now it is one for Dozy. It was via Tich & Alan Blaikley (provided virtually simultaneously) that I first heard the very sad news even if done in beautiful ways. This was then followed by condolence conversations with Alan Clayson, Yvonne & Tich. In fact slow to get any obituary out as have been taken aback & was in complete shock. Other than all their many excellent hits & spending 141 weeks in the UK singles charts (Dozy providing the solid bass guitar foundation plus the bass register vocals for those full bodied harmonies on such hits as ‘Last Night In Soho’ & ‘Snake In The Grass’) coupled with Dozy‘s ever reliable “live” work with (DD)DBM&T over the last 50 years, then Dozy left behind a magical recording legacy that one may not immediately notice. Always the positive one, both serious & cheeky, eager to please (the twinkle in the eye) plus his prominent hard driving bass lines, but Dozy also had a really fine vocal and did the leads on many great (DD)DBM&T tracks: ‘Josephine’, ‘Hands Off’, ‘Just Dropped In’, ‘Zabadak’ (he was presented on TOTP as virtually the lead vocalist with his bass vocal a very prominent part of this number), ‘Where From Where To?’, ‘Mama Mama’, ‘Tonight Today’ (bass vocal lead), then 7 brilliant numbers ‘Bad News’, ‘World’ (the heading of this obituary contains a snippet of the fine lyrics from this track which pre-dated John Lennon‘s ‘Imagine’ & which outlined that similar idea but with more powerful & interesting imagery), ‘Soukie’, ‘Festival’, ‘I Want To Be There’, ‘They Won’t Sing My Song’, ‘Sarah’. Many of the faithful DDDBM&T fans over the years have championed each of these 7 songs. In retrospect they come closest to the more recent indie Britpop that bands like Oasis & Blur developed in the early 90s.When ‘Sarah’ finally/belatedly emerged it also immediately entered in various fan’s Top 10s listings. Dozy (Davies) was also a fine songwriter &was co-credited with writing 7 enigmatic quasi psych DDDBM&T B sides including ‘Margareta Lidman’ where he did the rave-up vocals at the end. Then after 1972 very little was recorded with Dozy on lead…though he did some excellent tracks via the shamefully neglected Tracker like ‘Til I Die’ & the incredible ‘Get Up You’re Down’. Beaky then really took over the lead vocal chores. But there were certain tracks that Dozy recorded in the mid 80s including ‘Boogie Eyes’, ‘Taking Time Out’ & ‘Do You Miss Me’. In our top tracks voting listings sent in by Zabadak readers then some voted that ‘Do You Miss Me’ was their favourite track that DDDBM&T ever did. I know that Dozy would be extremely happy to be remembered by this number though in the end chose ‘World’ as his swansong. Dozy had a nice period with Woodsmoke (duo with Phil Boardman)during 1977 but after Polydor cancelled at the last moment their brilliant version of ‘Slow Dancin’ then Dozy became very disillusioned with the music industry. Let us also not forget ‘Dennis The Menace’ (go to youtube and type in “Dennis The Menace Dozy” :o) Dozy always gave me personally special attention in the early days (it was as if he was a family member…perhaps something to do with him being a Sagittarius) & he was a major inspiration/motivation for the beginnings of the Zabadak magazine. He was the last of the famous 5 that I actually spoke with. I was told that he was probably in a pub in Chirton & as I burst into the pub…I asked if anyone knew a Trevor Davies & one of the drinkers said that’s him as Dozy was just about to throw a dart…and a very good throw it was. Afterwards we had a great conversation & Dozy said that DBM&T were about to reform (this was 1978). To be honest I have no idea what the future with DBM&T will now be with Tich now retired & with just one original member remaining in JohnBeakyDymond. DBM&T (with new Tich in Ray Frost) were still performing not long before Dozy was diagnosed a week before his passing with acute pancreatic cancer. Even the day before his decease he was singing to his vast & supportive family ‘Always Look On The Bright Side Of Things’ from his hospital bed. Dozy is survived by his wife Yvonne, children Darren & Sarah, five grandchildren plus one great grand-daughter. These few words here hardly tell the full impact on our lives but yes Trevor Davies we will surely miss you & that now you have reached that beautiful world that you allowed us to dream about. [the full version of this obituary will appear in Zabadak #29 April 2015] Ron Cooper (Zabadak Magazine)




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