Tiger Beat, August 1966

Tiger Beat, August 1966


TigerBeat-CoverAug66Magazine cover:

Exclusive Pics of World’s Greatest Show!

Starring: the Beatles, the Stones, the Who, Small Faces, Yardbirds, Spencer Davis, Walker Brothers, Herman’s Hermits, Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich, Dusty, Seekers.



The NME Awards:
The Stones were in happy moods as they received their NME awards.
Mick (below) pretended to read lyrics off a card and got big laughs. Dusty was at her glamourous best and wild, way-out Jimmy Savile (right) got cheers for his performance.


This year the program featured (in order of appearance) : the Overlanders, Small Faces, Spencer Davis Group, Roy Orbison, Walker Brothers (Best New Group), Yardbirds, Seekers, Alan Price Set, Clifford Richard and the Shadows, Sounds Incorporated, the Fortunes, Crispian St. Peters, Herman’s Hermits, Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mich and Tich (one group), Dusty Springfield (Best Female Vocalist), the Who.



Dave Dee (singing) Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich are the big new group in Britain and their gear outfits set them apart from other groups. Not only is their music fab, but their performances set the fans wild.


From London with Luv – Chrissie Shrimpton
I’ve been taking a look at some of the terrific groups that are around. The Who, for example, really are quite incredible. Their stage act may be a trifle unexpected, but it certainly is alive. […]
What about Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich then? And it isn’t just their name which is a bit unusual. I admire them because they really make an effort to be different. Their clothes are quite a mixture – trousers which are half bright pink and half lime green. And shirts which combine gingham and stripes. The whole effect is slightly mad, but it does make a change from the more conventional gear.
I tried to think up a competition for you this month. You know, something along the lines of: “What is your favourite pop group and why? Answer in five words or less.” The winner would receive a list of out-of-date, deleted Beatles telephone numbers. Or, alternatively, you could have the phone numbers of Buckingham Palace, Scotland Yard, or a London Underground poster telling you to avoid rush hours.


The Blooming Switched On British Scene

America’s loss is Britain’s gain as far as the Walker Brothers are concerned. Since their arrival just over a year ago, the Walker’s have become one of Britain’s hottest properties – in fact next to the Beatles and Stones, they make a pretty good third.


About a year ago the big shock of the pop world was that organist Alan Price was leaving the Animals. Being one of the top groups in the country, it was hard to understand. But Alan had his reasons – he hated flying. The very thought of getting on a plane was just too much for him.

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Another group who have had a slight re-shuffle are Manfred Mann. Originally there were five Manfreds’s – Paul Jones, Tom McGuiness, Mike Vickers, Mike Hugg and Manfred Mann, but recently Mike Vickers left to branch out in composing and arranging and they have now augmented the sound by adding Henry Lowther, trumpet; Lyn Dobson, sax and Jack Bruce, bass guitar.


Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch – how’s that for a mouthful. When people talk about them they get as far as Dozy and continue to say something like Fred, Bill and Bert! How did a group come to get such a name? It’s quite simple really. Dave Dee is more-or-less his real name, Dozy I think is quite obvious, Beaky – because of his nose, Mick – that’s his real name and Titch because he’s the littl’n.
This very entertaining group finally gained recognition after about three years with a record titled ‘You Make It Move’. They are visually very striking and are usually clad in two-tone trousers with different coloured tartan legs and their shirts are equally as colourful.                                END.

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Scans kindly donated by RL Daly

Sixteen-June66-CoverThe above pages from the August edition of Tiger Beat were the first real big report on Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich in the United States. There had been a first short mention of the group in 16 Magazine in June 1966:

Gee Gee’s Gossip
…DAVE, DEE, DOZY, BEAKY, MICK & TICH (on Fontana Records) couldn’t pull their English smash hit off here – but they will come up with one sooner or later (or their names aren’t DAVE, DEE, and ohwellyouknow)…

Gee Gee was Gloria Stavers, one of the first women rock and roll journalists, editor in chief of 16 Magazine since 1958.





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