The Tide Is Turning covers



The Barrier – The Tide Is Turning / A Place In Your Heart (Philips BF 1692) 8/68

They started in 1966 out of the London suburb of Fulham. Eric Francis (key/voc), his brother Alan Francis (bass), Del Dwyer (guitar) &  Alan Brooks (drms) made a demo of the song “Tomorrow Of Yesterday” under the name “The Purple Barrier”.

The group shortened its name to “The Barrier” to avoid conflicts with Deep Purple. After Eyemark belatedly issed their ’67 recordings, Howard & Blaikley were responsible for their two A-sides. “The Tide Is Turning” being a cover of the Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich track from the “If No-One Sang” album, while “Uh!” (actually sung “Ooh!”) is typical of their late 60s output, a fast Pop-song with lots of Ooh!’s and Hey!’s over the guitar riff, something between the late Herd and up-and-coming Slade.

Part of their live act was to set fire to their equipment, and they had more success in Northern Europe than at home.

Georgie Brown / Dawn Breaks Through (Eyemark EMS 1013) April ‘68
The Tide Is Turning / A Place In Your Heart (Philips BF 1692) August ‘68
Uh! / Spot The Lights (Philips BF 1731) Dec. ‘68

Spanish cover: Los Fakirs – Debes ser mia EP (Mexico: Peerless EPP-1097) 1969






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