The Lions Of Juda


The Lions of Juda (also known as “The Lions” or more commonly “Lions of Judah”) were one of the top three most successful Israeli 60′s beat groups.

The group was formed in the mid 60′s and, like many groups of that time, their line up was very dynamic and group members have joined & left to play in other groups.
The music they played was more Pop Rock than the heavy underground style of the Churchill’s or Uzi & The Styles.
They played in Tel Aviv, Ramla, Bat Yam night clubs, mainly cover versions of the Beatles and other popular groups from the UK/US charts of that time.

Their first release was the EP ‘Mama’, released in 1968 on Eastronics/RCA.

In 1969 the group left to visit London and played a few gigs that eventually resulted in a recording contract with Fontana.

The group recorded one 7″ single for Fontana: “Our Love’s a Growing Thing” / “Katja” that was released in the UK, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Israel of course. It was written by Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley.

After their return to Israel, the group released many other single and EP’s.
Unfortunately, though being successful, the group never released a full length album during their classic 60′s and early 70′s years. Only in 1997 did a ‘Best Of’ CD gather all their songs and some rare material.

Info was adapted from: www.israeli-records.com

Billboard, Saturday August 2, 1969:
Local Group Top Israeli Chart
Tel Aviv – For the first time ever, an Israeli beat group has topped the Israel foreign chart. The group, the Lions of Juda, are under contract to Philips in Holland and the hit single, “Our Love’s a Growing Thing,” was specially written for them by the British songwriting team of Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley.
The song is published in Britain by Lynn Music and sub-published in Israel by Laurence Enterprises Ltd., an affiliate of Lynn run by Laurence Geller, son of Lynn Music managing director Harold Geller.
“Our Love’s a Growing Thing” was recorded in London and released world-wide through Philips on May 16. It is released on the Phonodor label in Israel.
Laurence Enterprises Ltd. is located at 82 Allenby Road, Tel Aviv.




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