The Honeycombs



Songs written for The Honeycombs :


Colour Slide,
Once You Know,
Without You It Is Night,
That’s The Way,
How The Mighty Have Fallen,
Have I The Right,
Just A Face In The Crowd,
Me From You,
This Too Shall Pass Away,
Is It Because, Eyes,
I Can’t Stop,
I’ll See You Tomorrow,
This Year Next Year,
All Systems Go,
Something I Gotta Tell You,
Love In Tokyo,
Who Is Sylvia,
It’s So Hard.

The group was founded by guitarist Martin Murray, who ran a hairdresser salon, and his employee Anne Lantree, nicknamed “Honey”, on drums. Hence the name “Honeycombs”, as in the Jimmie Rodgers hit. Her brother John played bass, Alan Ward played rhythm, and Denis D’Ell (Dalziel) was on vocals. Managers Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley discovered them in an East-End pub, and took them to producer Joe Meek.

Their first single “Have I The Right” was a smash hit, UK n°1 in August ‘64 and US Top 5. Their first album in September was commercial but exciting Pop. Peter Pye replaced Murray, and at the start of ’65, “That’s The Way” became a Swedish n°1, and the US-only “I Can’t Stop” made the Top 50. But further big hits eluded them. Their second album in December ’65 was as good as the first. It contained only 4 Howard / Blaikley tunes, (against 9 on their first LP), but two of them were covered by Dave Dee & Co.

All the while, the group was constantly touring around the world, and gained a big following in Japan, where they released a third Live Album, “Honeycombs In Tokyo”. In 1966, “Honey” replaced D’Ell, Ward and Pye with three new members, including Colin Boyd, who was to find fame with Honeybus as Colin Hare. They released their three last singles in ’66, including “It’s So Hard”, single version of “Hard To Love You”, before Honey Lantree started a solo career in cabaret.


Singles :

Have I The Right / Please Don’t Pretend Again    (Pye 7N 15.664) 19/06/64    #1
Hab’ ich das Recht / Du sollst nicht traurig sein     (Germany: Vogue 14.210) Sep ’64   
Is It Because / I’ll Cry Tomorrow    (Pye 7N 15.705) 9/10/64    #38
Eyes / If You’ve Got To Pick A Baby    (Pye 7N 15.736) 20/11/64   
I Can’t Stop / How The Mighty Have Fallen    (US: Interphon 7713) Dec ’64    US #48
That’s The Way / She’s Too Way Out (Sweden: Pye 7N 301) Jan ’65   
I Don’t Love Her No More / I’ll See You Tomorrow    (Pye 7N 15.781) 12/02/65   
Something Better Beginning / I’ll See You Tomorrow    (Pye 7N 15.827) 26/03/65   #39
Color Slide / That’s The Way    (US: Interphon 7716) 1965   
That’s The Way / Can’t Get Through To You    (Pye 7N 15.890) 9/07/65    #12
This Year, Next Year / Not Sleeping Too Well Lately    (Pye 7N 15.979) 12/11/65   
Who Is Sylvia? / How Will I Know?    (Pye 7N 17.089) 18/02/66   
It’s So Hard / I Fell In Love    (Pye 7N 17.138) 15/07/66   
That Lovin’ Feeling / Should A Man Cry    (Pye 7N 17.173) 23/09/66   

Albums : 


Colour Slide / Once You Know / Without You It Is Night / That’s The Way / I Want To Be Free / How The Mighty Have Fallen / Have I The Right? / Just A Face In The Crowd / Nice While It Lasted / Me From You / Leslie Anne / She’s Too Way Out / It Ain’t Necessarily So / This Too Shall Pass Away (Pye NPL 18.097) 25/09/64    


I Can’t Stop / I Don’t Love Her No More / All Systems Go / Totem Pole / Emptiness / Oo-ee Train / She Ain’t Coming Back / Something I Gotta Tell You / Our Day Will Come / Nobody But Me / There’s Always Me / Love In Tokyo / If You Should / My Prayer    (Pye NPL 18.132) 17/12/65   


Color Slide / I’ll Go Crazy / She’s About A Mover / There’s Always Me / Wipe Out / Lucille / If You Should / Have I The Right / Goldfinger / Kansas City / My Prayer / What’d I Say / That Loving Feeling / Should A Man Cry? / Hurricane / Music Train / Goldfinger (JAP: Pye PS 1277) 1965 (LIVE)   

“Have I The Right” was later covered by Petula Clark (1965), Dead End Kids (1977), Dead Kennedys (1979), Tav Falco’s Panther Burns (1995)
“Just A Face In The Crowd” was also sung by Lynn Holland (1966)
“This Too Shall Pass Away” was featured on an LP by World Of Twist (1991)
The original version of “This Year, Next Year” was done by The Wolves (1964)






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