The Herd

Tracks written for The Herd :
From The Underworld, I Can Fly, Goodbye Groovy, Paradise Lost, Sad, Something Strange, Diary Of A Narcissist, I Don’t Want Our Loving To Die.







The Herd deserve a chapter all of their own, being managed by Howard/Blaikley, produced by Steve Rowland and sharing the same label as Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich… Not to mention the many times the members of both groups performed and sang backing vocals on each other’s studio sessions.

A spin-off of The Preachers in 1964, the Herd were Steve Carroll (guitar, †1964), Tony Chapman (drms, ex-Rolling Stones), Terry Clarke (rhythm/voc) & Lewis Rich (voc/key). Andy Bown (bass) arrived in Summer 64, and Gary Taylor (gt) took over after Steve suddenly died in an auto accident. Managed by Billy Gaff, they released 3 records on Parlophone, in 1965-66. Carlo Little was part of the Herd at one point. 

Tony Chapman had left after the first disc, to reform another Preachers (which briefly contained Peter Frampton), and was replaced by Mick Underwood (ex-Outlaws) on drums. In October 1965, the group had become a quintet, and consisted of Terry Clarke (vocals), Gary Taylor (guitar), Louis Cennamo (bass), Andy Bown (keyboards) & Mick Underwood (drums).

In 1966, the line-up had settled to Andy Bown (key/voc), Gary Taylor (gt), Andrew Steele (drms) and Louis Cennamo (bass) for the 3rd single. Terry Clarke was gone, to found The Clockwork Oranges with Mick Underwood, Brian Curtis (bass) and Harvey Hinsley (gt, ex-Outlaws).

At the end of the summer ’66, when Louis Cennamo left, Peter Frampton was persuaded to join on guitar, instead of continuing his studies. Meanwhile, Andy had switched from bass to keyboards and Gary from guitar to bass. Famous for their live set, which mixed soul, pop and jazz, they got a residency at the Marquee, where Steve Rowland discovered them. The group left Billy Gaff for the management of Howard and Blaikley.
Their brilliant first single “I Can Fly” of ’67 went nowhere, but “From The Underworld” became a smash hit, quickly followed by “Paradise Lost” and an album that show-cased their talent. But Frampton, labelled as “The Face Of ‘68” in various Teenage magazines, could not cope with this side of success.

After another smash, “I Don’t Want Our Lovin’ To Die”, they left their management for Andrew Loog Oldham, replacing drummer Andrew Steele with Henry Spinetti.
In February 1969, Peter Frampton left to create Humble Pie with ex-Small Faces Steve Marriott, Greg Ridley (bass) and Jerry Shirley (drms). The remaining trio released “The Game”, another great pop song which didn’t make the charts, and the group dissolved in October.

In 1971, one last single under the name of the Herd emerged, featuring only Gary Taylor and original vocalist Lewis Rich. Being produced by Steve Rowland, for Fontana Records, and managed by Howard & Blaikley, these musicians often worked on other projects, most notably for Family Dogg or Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich. They demoed “Bang” and “Save Me” for DDDBM&T.

Goodbye Baby, Goodbye/Here Comes The Fool    (Parlophone R 5284) 28/05/65    
She Was Really Saying Something/It’s Been A Long Time Baby    (Parlophone R 5353) Oct. ‘65    
So Much In Love/This Boy’s Always Been True    (Parlophone R 5413) 18/02/66    
I Can Fly/Diary Of A Narcissist    (Fontana TF 819) 14/04/67    
I Can Fly/Understand Me    (US Fontana 1588) April ’67    
From The Underworld/Sweet William    (Fontana TF 856) 11/08/67     #6
Paradise Lost/Come On – Believe Me    (Fontana TF 887) 01/12/67     #15
I Don’t Want Our Loving To Die/Our Fairy Tale    (Fontana TF 925) 29/03/68     #5
Sunshine Cottage/Miss Jones    (Fontana TF 975) 04/10/68    
The Game/Beauty Queen    (Fontana H 1011) May ‘69    
You Got Me Hanging From Your Lovin’ Tree/I Don’t Want To Go To Sleep Again    (B&C CB 154) June ‘71    


PARADISE LOST    (Fontana STL 5458) 12/01/68    
From The Underworld / On My Way Home / I Can Fly / Goodbye Groovy / Mixed Up Minds / Impressions Of Oliver / Paradise Lost / Sad / Something Strange / On Your Own / She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not / Fare Thee Well

Another great page dedicated to The Herd (in German) : http://www.gerds-musicpage.de/juwelen/herd.html

I Can Fly from Beat-Club, 22 July 1967:






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