Something I Gotta Tell You covers



Original: The Honeycombs – Something I Got To Tell You [LP All Systems Go] (Pye NPL 18.132) 26/11/65 [voc: Honey]










Glenda Collins – Something I’ve Got To Tell You / My Heart Didn’t Lie (Pye 7N 17.044) 11/02/66

She was popular but without success. Glenda was only 16 when she left Decca for HMV, where she was produced by Joe Meek. Her career was stopped after the suicide of her manager.


1960    Take A Chance / Crazy Guy            (Decca F 11.280)
1961    Oh How I Miss You Tonight / Age For Love    (Decca F 11.321)   
1961    Head Over Heels In Love / Find Another Fool     (Decca F 11.417)   
1963    I Lost My Heart at the Fairground / Feel So Good (HMV POP 1163)
1963    If You’ve Gotta Pick a Baby / In the First Place     (HMV POP 1233)
1964    Baby It Hurts / Nice Wasn’t It        (HMV POP 1283)
1964    Lollipop / Everybody’s Gotta Fall in Love    (HMV POP 1323)
1965     Johnny Loves Me / Paradise For Two        (HMV POP 1429)
1965     Thou Shalt Not Steal / Been Invited to a Party    (HMV POP 1475)
1966     Something I’ve Got To Tell You / My Heart Didn’t Lie (Pye 7N 17044)
1966     It’s Hard to Believe It / Don’t Let it Rain on Sunday    (Pye 7N 17150)

The Firestones – Something I Gotta Tell You / Take Your Time (Norway: Columbia GN 1794) 1967 ?

A Norwegian beat-group from Trondheim. They were composed of Ole Dragsten (guitar), Øystein Rian (guitar), Kjell Ekle (bass/voc), Atle Gjersvold (drms) and Leif Leinum (guitar).

The group lasted from 1964 to 68, and was featured on a Columbia compilation album “POP ‘67”  recorded live on a Battle of the Bands Finale on 19 February 1967. There were 14 groups and the Firestones played two songs : “I’ve Been Wrong” / “Here I Go Again”, two covers of the Hollies, proving they were a harmony group.

They also released the single : “Something I Gotta Tell You” / “Take Your Time” on the same label. They followed the Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich arrangement of the song, with an organ playing the melodic line.
This is the fourth cover of this Howard/Blaikley track, after the Honeycombs, Glenda Collins and Dave Dee & Co.








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