Save Me covers



The Four Kings – Save Me / Nose For Trouble (Germany: Vogue DV 14.598) 1/67 ?

For more info: See covers Nose For Trouble

The Four Kings – LP Beat aus England Vol. 15 (Germany: Pop Schallplatten ZS 10.015) 1/67 ?

Group 66 – LP Summer Blonde Beach Party (South Africa: Clairol) 1967

Side One
   1. Papa Do Ron Ron (Wilson): The Fantastic Baggys
   2. I’m A Believer (Diamond): Group 66
   3. You Baby (Sloan/Barri): Four Jacks And A Jill
   4. Mellow Yellow (Leitch): Los Toros aka Dunny and the Showmen
   5. The Great Pretender (Buck Ram): Beau Brummell
   6. The Whole World In His Hands (Trad): Jody Wayne

Side Two
   1. Summer Blonde (Sam Sklair): The Falling Leaves
   2. Dancing In The Streets (Stevenson/Gaye): Los Toros
   3. I Can’t Control Myself (Presley): The Falling Leaves
   4. Hooray For Hazel (Roe): Jody Wayne
   5. Surfer Girl (Wilson): The Fantastic Baggys
   6. Save Me (Howard/Blaikley): Group 66
   7. Secret Love (Webster/Fain): The Staccatos

Dan Hill – LP Music To Watch Girls By (South Africa: CBS ASF 1188) 1967 [instrumental medley]












French cover: Tony Mark & Les Markmen – Je vis comme je vis (France: Disc’AZ 1105) 3/67

Of Italian origin, Tony Mark started singing with I Trovatori in the North of France (like Adamo did in Belgium).

Les Markmen released two EPs plus Tony Mark one solo EP before continuing his career in Italy.

Les Markmen also sang the Italian version of this song, “Follemente Vivo“, as did Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich themselves at the end of 1967.


James Last Band – LP Non Stop Dancing ’67 (Germany: Polydor 249.122) 4/67 

Italian cover: Tony Mark e I Markmen – Ah, Ah! Quanti clowns / Follemente vivo (Italy: Philips 363 721) 1967

The Charing Cross Boys – LP Dance To The Songs Of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich (Germany: Decca ND 186) 1968 ?




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