Run Colorado (BBC)



The song that was released as a Japan-only single.
But it was considered to be issued in England before, scheduled for release on 10 January 1969, until managers/songwriters Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley came up with a stronger A side, “Don Juan”.

In this version, the strings and brass of the orchestra only serve to enhance the backing vocals which are brought forward, allowing the listener to enjoy the friendly voices of Beaky, Dozy and Tich.

The country and western guitar intro has disappeared, and there’s a very nice keyboard tune “in the church”, instead of a few bell tolls.

…To remind us the song belongs to this series of Dave Dee & Co. Death Discs, like all their singles from “Xanadu” to “Don Juan”, only the issue here remaining open. Dave Dee & The Bostons had featured “High Noon” in their repertoire in the early 60′s, and the themes are not dissimilar.

They often stated that they were real fans of Western movies, and the never-released-film “The Legend Of xanadu” shows them riding horses in a Wild West Town, dressed as cowboys. They also used the theme of “The Magnificent Seven” to introduce their show during 1968.

The song is one of the highlights of their last album “Together”.




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