Okay (BBC)



This BBC take is very cheerful, and the performers seem to enjoy the session. While Beaky plays the accordion, Tich is delicately adding touches of his balalaika around the melody. And everyone joins in the middle-eight, whistling and shouting.

Starting with “Touch Me, Touch Me”, Howard and Blaikley seemed to delight in offering one slice of tongue-twister in each one of their lyrics. In this case, the unpronouceable rhymes are:

Go and live your life and let him treat you – His way,
But I’ll spend my days and hoping maybe – One day,
You’ll come running back and show me that it’s Okay!

“Okay” was their last Number 1 in Germany (where “Xanadu” only made the Top 5), as the group slowly stopped touring this country, although they continued promoting their new releases on TV.
But it was not featured on Radio Bremen’s Beat-Club, so “Okay” is also the only one of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich’s hit singles that is not preserved on video.
Even though they did perform it both on French and German television, on Rendez-Vous on the Rhine, in Summer ’67.

Promo pictures made on the set of Beat-Club 24, filmed in August 1967 (for the first time in colour), imply that DDDBM&T may have been planned, but their contribution was excluded from the show (broadcast 23 September 1967).

Pictured above:

1 – Go-Go Girls Sandy Sarjeant and the twin sisters Karin & Gitta
2 – Deejay Dave Lee Travis and Uschi Nerke
3 – Michael Leckebush, Beat-Club Producer, talking to Keith West
4 – Keith West rehearsing
5 – Manfred Mann
6 – Anita Harris
7 – Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich
8 – Beat-Club Host Uschi Nerke





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