November 1969


D.B.M.& T. Tour dates:

Mon 10/11/69    D.B.M. & T. Tour of Holland.

November 69    
(USA) Teen Pinups: Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich
Dave Dee – Born Dec. 17, 1943 in Salisbury, Eng. 6’ 1” . . . 166 lbs . . . Single
Dozy – Born Nov. 2, 1944 in Enford, Eng. 5’ 11” . . . 147 lbs . . . Married
Beaky – Born July 10, 1944 in Salisbury, Eng. 5’ 8” . . . 140 lbs . . . Married
Mick – Born March 4, 1944 in Amesbury, Eng. 6’ . . . 168 lbs . . . Married
Tich – Born May 15, 1944 in Salisbury, Eng. 5’ 8” . . . 140 lbs . . . Single

These five guys have one thing on their minds this time of year – and that’s getting a head-start on their new wardrobes for Fall. If you didn’t say anything else about Dave and his friends, you’d have to say they’re right up there in the fashion world. Some of the things they’re planning to buy will give you an idea of what’s coming into style – like flowered ties, wide, wide belts studded with metal, sheer see-through shirts with heavier cuffs and collar, straighter-legged pants (with cuffs again) and boots with smaller heels. Another idea? Hats! Speaking of hats, we’ve got to take ours off to them. They’re one group that’s managed to stay on top record after record without doing any major tours on either side of the Atlantic. While they’re still “relaxing on their laurels,” do write to them at Fontana Records, 35 E. Wacker Drive, Chicago, 111.

The article mixed up Tich and Beaky’s marital status.
Although Teen Pinups ran the article in their November 1969 issue, it may have been written at an earlier time.

November 69    
Album release: Family Dogg – “A Way Of Life” (Bell SBLL 122)
Julie’s Just Gone/All the Best Songs and Marches/In the Ghetto/Today I Killed a Man I Didn’t Know/ Pattern People/Save the Life of My Child/Love Minus Zero (No Limit)/Reflections (Of Your Face)/Run Run Run Fly Fly Fly/Moonshine Mary/You Were On My Mind/A Place in the Sun/A Way of Life

The Family Dogg’s debut album was released after two years and produced by Steve Rowland. The same session musicians used on P.J. Proby’s LP “Three Week Hero”, are playing here too, namely John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, and John Bonham. Some tracks are also common to P.J. Proby and Amory Kane: “All the Best Songs and Marches”, “Today I Killed a Man I Didn’t Know”,  “Reflections”, “You Were On My Mind”.

November 69    
Australian single release: The Easybeats – I Love Marie / Gonna Make It (Polydor 56357)
Easybeats Australian Discography : March 1965 – November 1969

Sat 1/11/69    
Fabulous 208 Page 3: Dave Dee column – What Me A Heartbraker ?

All stars break their fans’ hearts and don’t care – that’s what one of you wrote. But Dave Dee thinks differently . . .

I’m a heartbreaker. I’m the sort of character who leads girls on, then leaves thern . . . bump! Like that. I don’t think about the fans at all. I’m the type who sees so many human beings as just numbers in the fan club book.
Who said that? Well, I didn’t. But a reader did – so stand up and put your case, Sharon of Stockton-on-Tees.
“I hate you. I hate all pop stars. All they do is break people’s hearts. There are the fans, mad over you, longing for you, mad about you even looking at us. But no, you pop people are too proud and almiphty to even give us a look, a wink or a whistle.
“In the end you break your fans’ hearts. You decide to get married and settle down and have children. Write songs, make a few records and have hits now and again. And your fans are heartbroken. They think their life has come to an end. They mope ahout the house, chuck their boy-friends, argue with everybody – all because of you and pop stars like you.
“You’re all the same. Fans adore you but the fans always end up the same way – heartbroken. Is any star worth that? Just because of you, a girl’s life just about comes to a stop. Think about it, Dave.”
Oh dearie me. That sounds like a terrible onslaught but I can see the basic reason behind it, except that I hate being called a pop star. Personality, okay; artiste, okay; but star . . . that’s a very presumptuous word and is used very lightly these days.
Well, Sharon love, first of all I should say that few people in pop music set out to deliberately break anyone’s heart. But the fact is that there are a lot of problems facing anyone who is in the public eye, for whatever reason, and especially for the one who tends to appeal to the feminine sex. It is, to me, obvious that in the end those people are going to let fans down.
Take me. Basically I’m just an ordinary, normal person. That air of ostentation – okay star appeal if you like – that is there in some people’s minds is really created outside. It is created because people tend to like to look up to somebody in the public eye, simply because those “stars” are doing what other people would like it to do. Okay, that sounds a bit involved, so let’s dig a bit deeper into the subject.
Secretly, fans want their idols to be in real life what those fans would like to be. That’s it in a nutshell. We read about Tom Jones and his cars – a £12,000 Rolls just for a run-around – and it’s all a bit flash. But fans like it because they nurture a secret desire to be somebody else.
So it’s partly the fans’ fault. They latch on to somebody in the public eye and expect that somebody to reflect what they themselves want out of life. It comes as a bit of a shock to find that the so-called star is in fact perfectly ordinary with perfectly ordinary tastes and plans and ambitions.
Those “stars” are put on a pedestal, then suddenly something “ordinary” happens and bang! It’s down to real life. The aura goes because those up-in-the clouds characters suddenly decide to get married, or quit, or separate private from public lives – and so become ordinary.
Well, the sheer truth is that it’s not our fault that people should think this way. We are only human, only normal, only ordinary. That people see in us the dreams of their own lives is not really our affair. Personally I believe in marriage to the right person, in having children, in all the basic things of life. I like security. I like working because I couldn’t just do nothing.
The fact that some people may see me in a different raised-pedestal light, just isn’t my fault.
But I can say this, to Sharon and anybody else who doubts. We also know our responsibilities – it’s just that we can’t pay due respects to everybody who feels we owe something for being in the position we are.
That’s asking a bit too much. The fact that people are misled into feeling the way Sharon does is sad. I feel sad about it – as I feel guilty about people using the word “star”.
I’ve never deliberately set out to be a heartbreaker. I don’t want to cause anguish among fans. I don’t want to be declared guilty about things that are outside my control.
I just want to be ordinary, normal and personally happy.

Address your letters to Dave, c/o FAB 208, Fleetway House, Farringdon Street, London, E.C.4. (Please do NOT enclose a stamped, addressed envelope as Dave won’t be able to answer any letters through the post, though he will read every one and discuss some in his column.)

Mon 3/11/69    
Radio Show: Dave Cash Radio Programme, BBC Radio One, London, England (5:15-7:30 pm)
D.B.M.& T. : Bad News / Talk To You / Tonight Today (Live Performance) [Recorded on 23/10/69]
Presented by Dave Cash with The Velvet Opera
“Talk To You” is an otherwise unreleased D.B.M.& T. song originally done by Moby Grape in 1967 as “Can’t Be So Bad”

Thu 6/11/69    
Record Mirror: Life without Dave Dee
“Tonight and Tomorrow”, the first record by Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich without their former lead singer Dave Dee, will be released tomorrow. The group will be guests on the Dave Lee Travis Show on Sunday and on Monday, the group fly to Holland for a series of promotional dates.

Fri 7/11/69    
Single release: D.B.M. & T. – Tonight Today / Bad News – Fontana 1061 (267 970) [Rec. Sept. 1969]

First record for the group without its frontman, still with a Howard/Blaikley track. Their last Sixties single, it is a great success, especially in the Netherlands (Top 3)

Record Mirror (15/11/69): CHART CERT.
Tonight Today; Bad News (Fontana TF 1061). Clever use of voices, including an unidentified bass gimmick. Song is definitely strong enough and the more I hear it the more I commend it for the sheer cleverness in the harmonies. Like cascades of sound.

Sat 8/11/69    
NME n°1191: Go For These – Fontana/Philips Advert  
D B M & T    Tonight Today        TF 1061

D B M & T: Tonight Today (Fontana)

This, of course, is what is left of the Dave Dee group now that Dave has departed. It’s a bubbling Howard-Blaikley number very much in the tradition already established by the Dee outfit.
There’s an intriguing solo that sounds like a cross between Val Doonican and Johnny Cash, plus a sing-along chorus by the rest of the boys and a bouncy beat. A cheerful blues chaser.

Sun 9/11/69    
Radio Show: Dave Lee Travis Show, BBC Radio One, London, England (10:00 am-12:00 noon)
Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich meet former Beat-Club host who has been replaced by Dave Dee

Mon 10/11/69    
D.B.M. & T. Tour of Holland
D.B.M.& T. start a second Tour of Holland

Mon 17/11/69    
(Germany) Bravo n°47 Page 32: Dave Dee drückt wieder die Schulbank – er lernt Deutsch



Dave Dee goes back to school – he is learning German.
From Apple Stew (stewed apples) to Zärtlichkeit (tenderness)
These are 26 words. The most important words Dave Dee learned in Germany, since he is co-presenting Beat-Club with Uschi Nerke. He explained their meaning for Bravo.

Apfelmus (stewed apples). It is virtually unknown in England. But I like it a lot – especially to grilled liver.
Bremen. For me, the most important German city, because that is where Beat-Club is produced.
Celle. Five years ago I appeared there on stage. It was a terrific flop. Therefore never forgotten. [South of Hamburg, this is the city where John Lennon had his hair cut before shooting “How I Won The War”]
Dufte (terrific). I particularly cherish this word. It is so succinct and yet expresses so much.
Erbsensuppe (pea soup). For years my main dish – because it’s cheap. Out of habit I still eat it at least once a month.
Fräulein (Miss). I think it’s stupid to talk to a girl like that. Young people should address one another using “du” and call themselves by their first names. [In German – and French, using "du" is familiar, otherwise politeness imposes to use "sie"]
Geld (money). Belongs to the most important things in life. Lots of money means a lot of success – but also a lot of work.
Hamburg. The first German city that I visited. Here I earned – like the Beatles – my “Master’s Certificate in Beat”.
Ich liebe dich (I love you). This sentence I can already speak fluently. But unfortunately the opportunities to use it are far too rare.
Jürgens. Udo Jürgens is the best German singer for me. I’ve even bought one of his LP’s.
Kartoffelklöße (Potato balls). There’s no such thing in England. It turns me on. Potato balls with roast pork is my favourite German dish.
Lufthansa. My favourite airline. They have such nice stewardesses.
Michael Leckebusch. The Beat-Club director is my best friend in Germany.
Neugierig (curious). I will soon make a tour through Germany. I’ve got to know the country and the people of my second homeland.
Oktoberfest in München (October feast in Munich). Next year I’m determined to attend. Barry Ryan raved about it so much.
Paß doch auf, Mensch! (Watch out, man!) Funny that so much respect is paid for that saying in Germany. It would be impossible in England.
Quatsch (nonsense). Cf “dufte”.
Reeperbahn. (Hamburg’s Soho) Unfortunately, to be found in Germany only in Hamburg. I like the bedlam.
Salisbury. Not a German word, I know. But it should become one. I was namely born in this English town.
Tee (tea). Now I’d rather drink it in London. What is brewed here in Germany, really is dishwater.
Uschi Nerke. She is the calming influence in the hectic Beat-Club atmosphere. A Supergirl.
Volkswagen. At home in England, I drive a Bentley, but for Germany I’m gonna buy me a brightly colored “Beetle”.
Weihnachten (Christmas). Nowhere in the world is this feast more celebrated than in Germany. I love a “White Christmas” with fir tree, snow and roast goose…
Xanadu. We had more success with this song in Germany than in England. And besides, it’s my favourite hit.
Ypsiloneule (black cutworm). Funny name for a rare bird. ["Eule" is an owl]
Zärtlichkeit (tenderness). There is no English word for it. Only German girls can really be “tender”.

Page 20: Kurz • Neu • Heiss
The Herd haben sich getrennt, weil sie keinen gleichwertigen Nachfolger für Peter Frampton fanden, der jetzt gemeinsam mit Steve Mariott die Humble Pie leitet – stop – Manfred Mann hat seine neue Gruppe „Chapter III” auf zehn Mitglieder verstärkt und verfügt nun über einen Bläsersatz aus Trompete, Posaune und vier Saxophonen – stop –

Fri 21/11/69    
Album release: The Small Faces – The Autum Stone (Immediate IMSP 012)
A posthumous double album featuring 10 live tracks and unreleased material:
Rollin’ Over/If I Were A Carpenter/Every Little Bit Hurts/All or Nothing/Tin Soldier/Collibosher/Call It Something Nice/Red Balloon/Wide Eyed Girl On The Wall/The Autumn Stone
[Small Faces Lifespan: 10/07/65 – 25/10/69]
They too used “If I Were A Carpenter” in their live repertoire. In October 1969, The Small Faces had changed their name to “The Faces” when Rod Stewart joined them following Ron Wood.

Fri 21/11/69    
Single release: Pancho & Cisco – Follow The Leader / Time Of Your Life (Bell BLL 1083)
A new duo consisting of Steve Rowland and Albert Hammond. They tackle a great commercial song, but The Herd had made a better Pop version of it, and it was to be the title of their unreleased album. (see Bravo Magazine n°38, 15 September 1969)

Sat 22/11/69    
(Holland) Radio Veronica Tipparade:
Tonight Today – Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich #21 (–)
The “Tipparade” is like a “Bubbling Under” list of new tracks about to enter the Dutch Top 40
Radio Veronica’s Hit Parade is widely recognised as the most accurate sales chart in the Netherlands

Sat 22/11/69    
Royal Albert Hall, Westminster, London, England
The 19th annual Miss World pageant was held for the first time at the Royal Albert Hall on BBC. 50 delegates vied for the crown won by Eva Rueber-Staier of Austria.

Record Mirror (29/11/69): face
Dave Dee helpless at the reception for the Miss World contestants – none of the chaperones fancied him….

Mon 24/11/69    
(Germany) Bravo n°48 page 13: Musik express
Aus den Studios
Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich machen ohne Dave Dee weiter: Tonight, today heißt der Song, mit dem sie sich demnächst im Quartett vorstellen.

Thu 27/11/65    
Birthday: Trevor Leonard Ward ‘Dozy’ Davies is turning 25 this day

Sat 29/11/69    
TV Show: Beat-Club 49, ARD Radio Bremen, Bremen, Deutschland
Host: Dave Dee and Uschi Nerke (4:00-5:00 pm)

With Yes, Caravan, Babylon, Delaney & Bonnie & Friends, Man, Champion Jack Dupree, The Beatles: Something (film); Report on the New York Rock’n Roll Ensemble; Interviews of Robert Stigwood and Billy Graham





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