November 1965



November 65
American album release: The McCoys – “Hang On Sloopy” (Bang S-212)
Contains “Meet The McCoys” and “Hang On Sloopy”

The first is a short introduction to the album, where the group members introduce themselves one by one. Instead, Howard and Blaikley resort to Kenny Everett to introduce Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich on their first album.
But the use of a Radio London Deejay added some connection to the In-sound of Pirate Radio, and to Swinging London 1966.

If you wonder what “Sloopy Let Your Hair Hang Down” means, please check here:

Fri 5/11/65
Single release: Les Fleur De Lys – Moondreams / Wait For Me (Immediate IM 20)
First record, a Buddy Holly cover, by this Psyche group from Southampton with a French name

Fri 5/11/65
Single release: You Make It Move / I Can’t Stop – Fontana TF 630 (267.512) [Recorded on 21/09/65]

Third time lucky : Top 10 on the pirate radio ships, and Top 20 in the music papers

Record Mirror (13/11/65): * * * *
An all-happening slice of modern-styled pop – both sides penned by the Howard Blaikley team of Honeycomb fame. Great big backing sounds behind what sounds like a massed vocal front line. Certainly good enough for the charts, with plenty excitement.


Fri 5/11/65
Single releases: Other Discs released the same week
Brian Poole & the Tremeloes: Good Lovin’ / Could It Be You? (Decca 12274)
The Small Faces: I’ve Got Mine / It’s Too Late (Decca 12276)
Billy J. Kramer with the Dakotas: Neon City / I’ll Be Doggone (Parlophone 5362)
The In Crowd: Why Must They Criticize / I Don’t Mind (Parlophone 5364)
Benny Hill: What A World / I’ll Never Know (Pye 15974)
Françoise Hardy: So Many Friends / However Much (Vogue 7004)

Sat 6/11/65
Music Press Advert: YOU MAKE IT/MOVE    TF 630
the most ludicrous fantastic appalling enigmatic nothing obscene heartwarming trendy degrading anti-smashing record of all time    dave dee, dozy, beaky, mick & tich    (fontana)

Melody Maker: Written by Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley members of the partnership which gave the Honeycombs their No.1 ‘Have I The Right’. They use the similar heavy beat but with fuzz box guitar, and “saloon bar” piano. These boys have an excellent act – which might help the sales on a well done record.

Thu 11/11/65
Rhodesian Parliament, Salisbury, Rhodesia
The white-minority government of Ian Smith unilaterally declares independence from the UK.
A trade embargo would soon be installed against Rhodesia

Fri 12/11/65
Single release: The Honeycombs – This Year, Next Year / Not Sleeping Too Well Lately (Pye 15979)
Released one week after Dave Dee & Co’s first hit single, both being reviewed together in the same “Record Mirror”. But The Honeycombs were to have no more hits.
(The A-side had been previously released by The Wolves as the B-side of “Now” in November ’64)

Fri 12/11/65
NME n°983: Platter Chatter
The quaintly named Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich offer a walloping thumper written by Howard Blaikley ‘You Make It Move’.

Sat 13/11/65
Radio Caroline Sounds of 65: You Make It Move by Dave Dee & Co enters the Top 65 at #65
First mention of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich in the national charts

Thu 18/11/65
Melody Maker: “You Make It Move” enters the Top 50 at #46
First mention of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich in the official sales charts
Melody Maker, dating from Saturday, goes on sale the previous Thursday

November 65?
Burton’s Ballroom, Uxbridge, Middlesex, England
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich

Starmakers & Svengalis (by Johnny Rogan) pages 183-184: The main problem that Howard and Blaikley faced in 1965 was getting the boys extensive airplay on radio. After two flop singles, ‘No Time’ and ‘All I Want’, a devious plan was hatched to cajole producers and disc jockeys into airing the group’s discs. The management threw an elaborate party at Ken Howard’s home in Swiss Cottage, attended by virtually every influential media figure in the music business. Mid-way through the evening, Ken and Alan ushered the bemused guests into a bus and transported them to the Burton’s Ballroom in Uxbridge where they watched the climax of a Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich concert. They were then shuttled back to the party and plied with more drink. At one stage, a semi-inebriated Radio London executive was heard to exclaim: ‘If they sound as good on record tomorrow as they did tonight I’ll make them rny pick of the week’.
The following morning he dutifully played their latest record, ‘You Make It Move’, and before long it crept into the Top 30, much to the relief of the songwriting duo.

Sun 21/11/65
Radio London Fab Forty: “You Make It Move” is listed as one of this week’s climber
Dave Dee later sent a letter of thanks to Radio London on behalf of the group

Fri 26/11/65
NME n°985 Advert: YOU MAKE IT MOVE

Later another advert was published in the music press:
The positively * ! ! ? ? * Record by the Group with the most outrageous act in the business
dave dee, dozy, beaky, mick & tich     fontana T.F.630

Fri 26/11/65
Salisbury Journal: “You Make It Move” is n°4 in the Salisbury Top Twenty (highest position)

Salisbury Top Twenty – Beatles’ New One Out Next Friday
Top spot in this week’s list of best sellers from Sutton’s Music Centre has been retained by The Seekers.

Salisbury’s Top Twenty (with last week’s positions in brackets) are:
1 (1) The Carnival Is Over (The Seekers) ; Columbia.
2 (5) Get Off Of My Cloud (The Rolling Stones) ; Decca.
3 (3) Tears (Ken Dodd) ; Decca.
4 (6) You Make It Move (Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich) ; Fontana.
5 (4) My Generation (The Who) ; Brunswick.

Sat 27/11/65
Melody Maker Pop 50: “DD,D,B,M & T – or in other words Dave Dee & the Bostons”

YOU have probably seen Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich already. They have played just about everywhere in England, Scotland, and Wales in their three professional years – but were previously known as Dave Dee and the Bostons. Remember now? [photo: In Pop 50 with "You Make It Move"]
Possibly if you were told about their well-planned guitar-swinging act, or their skit on the Western, “High Noon”, you’d recall having seen them between Land’s End and John O’Groats some time. Anyway these five Salisbury boys have been on the scene for quite a while, and now under the guidance of Ken Howard and Alan Blaikely, the writing wizards who penned the Honeycombs’ hits, and “You Make It Move”, they have hit the Pop 50.
The fuzz box and piano of “You Make It Move”, adds almost something different to their third record: “Fortunately we have kept each of our records different,” said Dave Dee, singer, with the group, “but basically we are a stage act. We mix comedy with beat and ballads, and believe in a lot of action on stage.”
How did their first two records fare’ “The first one, ‘No Time’, also written by Ken and Alan, was a hit just about everywhere except England. It got to number one in Singapore and number two in Cyprus by us; and a French geezer recorded it and got it into the French top twenty, which isn’t bad.”
Dave continued: “Our second one was also released in 1965, in July, called “All I Really Want”, but it was one of those–a miss! It disappeared into oblivion. With `You Make It Move’, we’re waiting to see what happens. No, we haven’t recorded a follow up.
“I think it is silly to record follow ups straight away. You need to look for a really strong number, and, of course, the market can change any time.”
We hear your stage act is reasonably far out. What does it consist of? “Well we do stories and skits; there is almost as much talking as singing. One of our favourites is a 15 minute skit on “High Noon,” which is a pretty ‘blue’ number. We write our own lyrics like: ‘I just blew into town–but I ate a can of beans and blew out againl’ Then they get a bit bluer naturally!
“We also do ‘Ahab The Arab’, but that ends up nothing like the original. “The trouble with our stage presentation is that, for instance, we can’t really put it over in one short number. We did RSG with our first record but just couldn’t put much into the one number. I wonder, if ‘You Make It Move’ is a big hit if the TV shows will let us do a fifteen-minute comedy one. That’ll be the day!”             Norman Jopling

Sat 27/11/65
Birthday: Trevor Leonard Ward ‘Dozy’ Davies celebrates his 21st birthday













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