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The Four Kings – Save Me / Nose For Trouble (Germany: Vogue DV 14.598) 1/67 ?

The Four Kings – LP Beat aus England Vol. 15 (Germany: Pop Schallplatten ZS 10.015) 1/67 ?

There was a German group by this name in the sixties, with songs like “Kleine Sonja” and “Brötchen und Milch” (No Milk Today).
But the groups featured on the various “Beat aus England” albums were studio musicians. The Beat songs were attributed to “The Beat Kings”, including Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich covers on Volumes 12, 13 and 14. This apparently changed here, as “Save Me” and “Nose For Trouble” were credited to The Four Kings, who might have been the same musicians anyway. This was repeated on Volume 17 where “Touch Me, Touch Me” was featured as by The Four Kings on the album, but as by The Beat Kings on the accompanying EP extract.
Most internet research point to “John Smith & the New Sound” as being the anonymous studio musicians performing these covers. The group also officially released “Winchester Cathedral” and can be seen performing the song on Beat-Club in November 1966.
John Smith was singer David Byron, who later found fame with Uriah Heep.


Les Cruches – It’s Always Me / Nose For Trouble (Holland: CBS 2560) 1967

A Dutch group from the town of Tilburg formed in 1965. Founder members were Evert Verkuik (guitar), Piet Van Acker (bass), Ton Van Berkel (drums), Johan Berkens (guitar) & Frans Biezen [aka Frank Duzzle, Frank Ashton] (vocals). They made two singles in 1966, sung in English as was customary for most Beat-groups, from Sweden down to Italy, in the mid-sixties.

In early 1967, they released the single “It’s Always Me / Nose For Trouble”.

After many changes of personnel, and a Live LP in 1968 (CBS S 52499), they disbanded in 1970.

The singer became famous as solo star Frank Ashton. And the group is still a feature of the city of Tilburg’s webpage.




Here their whole singles discography:
1966    I’m Gonna Be A Father / Walking And Strolling    (CBS 2276)
1966    Keep Off / I Try To Find    (CBS 2425)
1967    It’s Always Me / Nose For Trouble    (CBS 2560)
1967    Will You Always Love Me / Mum And Dad    (CBS 2766)
1967    Whiskey Bar / Good Times Gonna Roll Again    (CBS 3073)
1968    Lulu / Do You See The People    (Delta 1292)

Miriam Karlin – Celebration! / Nose For Trouble (UK: Columbia DB 8220) 23/06/67 [different lyrics]


British actress Miriam Karlin was born 23 June 1925 in London. She started her career in the fifties on television, and starred in a sitcom: “The Rag Trade”, before getting a major part in “The Millionairess” with Peter Sellers (1960). In 1967, she played in the London cast of “Fiddler On The Roof” alongside Topol, who sang “If I Were A Rich Man”. That same year, Howard and Blaikley wrote a single for her: “Celebration!”  which was backed with the funny cover of another Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich track from their 1st album : Nose For Trouble” Imagine Miriam Karlin singing: “I’m the kind of girl who’s never looking for a fight”… She later played a part in Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange”. She also participated in numerous films and TV comedies.

NOSE FOR TROUBLE       (Howard/Blaikley)

I’m the kind of girl who’s never looking for a fight
But no matter what I do my life just won’t go right
Queued all night out, find a sale to buy a bit of skunk
Walked home in a damp pool and blow me my skunk had shrunk
I’ve got a nose for trouble, Double Trouble is my name
Always me who gets the blame, Double Trouble is my name
Thought my hair looked scarfly like I just got out of bed
I took myself to Mayfair to be styled by M’sieur Fred
He said for you I will create something you’ve never seen
He was right, when I came out my hair was fockle green
I bought a brandnew cookbook, thought I’d ask some friends to dine
Planned a thing called spam quids and I ordered crates of wine
We sat around till nearly twelve all getting slightly tired
And then one starving guest inquired “I suppose the stoves are light”
My friend Rosie phoned me up to make a double date
She said she’d come with Bill and bring a guy who sounded great
He was tall and blond and slim and things went fine until
I caught him as he tried to make a part at Monsieur Bill

The Charing Cross Boys – LP Dance To The Songs Of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich (Germany: Decca ND 186) 1968 ?

Nose For Trouble is the only song on this album which is actually a vocal track.














German cover: Ray Miller – Immer Trouble (Trouble-Trottel is my Name) [LP Ray Miller] (Germany: Columbia 23.818) 10/68 ?

Every country has a tradition of sexy naughty songs. In Germany, Ray Miller was quite successful in this genre at the end of the sixties and the early seventies. His hits included : Antoinette, Gina, Caroline, Antonella, Sophia Loren… So of course, Dave Dee & Co’s comedy song becomes here a story of adventurous encounters with various species of the opposite sex.









Czech cover: The Rangers – Nos pro trable (Czechoslovakia: Panton 44 0403) 1972  [+ LP Rangers III 1971]  





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