(By Thor Rune Haugen)

The first time Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich grabbed serious attention in Norway was in the spring of 1966 when “Hold tight” was tested as a newcomer on “Ti I skuddet” – our most popular pop radio show in those days. It was a chart show based on the taste of two juries consisting on young musicloving kids. It got to number two, but unfortunately got voted out the next time.They played three concerts in Norway – all of them in 1967. Two of them were on the same day, on January 8 at the Edderkoppen Theatre in Oslo. That day they also managed to squeeze in a TV Special for NRK (Norways stately owned TV channel) called “Hi kids!”. Most of those (miming) appearances can be seen on the Greatest Hits DVD. The third Norway gig was in Bergen in the summer of 1967.

Their only major sales based chart success in Norway was, rather unsurprisingly, “The legend of Xanadu” which got to number three in the VG charts. The closest they got a VG Top ten spot with any other record was with “Bend it”. But “TLOX” won the Ti I skuddet chart three times.They featured several times in Norwegian pop magazines like the glossy Popnytt and the more newspaper-like Pop-revyen.

Chart positions on the Ti i Skuddet Radio show:

Hold tight (number 2)

Hideaway (number 10)

Bend it (number 5)

The legend of Xanadu (number 1)

Okay and Zabadak were both voted out on their first attempt.


1.a You Make It Move (Howard/Blaikley)
1.b I Can’t Stop (Howard/Blaikley)

Fontana 267 512 TF
Releasedate: 1965
(The first two recorded singles (No Time en All I Want) were never released in Norway)

2.a Hold Tight (Howard/Blaikley)
2.b You Know What I Want (Howard/Blaikley)

Fontana 267 550 TF
Releasedate: 1966

3.a Hideaway (Howard/Blaikley)
3.b Here’s A Heart (Tubbs/Segal)

Fontana 267 593 TF
Releasedate: 1966

4.a Bend it! (Howard/Blaikley)
4.b She’s So Good (Harman/Wilson/Dymond/Davies/Amey)

Fontana 267 625 TF
Releasedate: 1966

5.a Save Me (Howard/Blaikley)
5.b Shame (Harman/Wilson/Dymond/Davies/Amey)

Fontana 267 659 TF
Releasedate: 1966

6.a Touch Me Touch Me (Howard/Blaikley)
6.b Marina (Harman/Wilson/Dymond/Davies/Amey)

Fontana 267 686 TF
Releasedate: 1967

Unfortunately we have not been able to track down the vinyl scan of this 7″ Norwegian single.

7.a Okay! (Howard/Blaikley)
7.b He’s A Raver (Harman/Davies/Dymond/Wilson/Amey)

Fontana 267 719 TF
Releasedate: 1967

8.a Zabadak (Howard/Blaikley)
8.b The Sun Goes Down (Harman/Dymond/Davies)

Fontana 267 770 TF
Releasedate: 1967

9.a The Legend Of Xanadu (Howard/Blaikley)
9.b Please (Harman/Davies/Dymond)

Fontana 267 803 TF
Releasedate: 1968

Week 12-1968: nr. 5
Week 13-1968: nr. 3
Week 14-1968: nr. 3
Week 15-1968: nr. 4
Week 16-1968: nr. 4
Week 17-1968: nr. 5
Week 18-1968: nr. 5
Week 19-1968: nr. 7

10.a Last Night In Soho (Howard/Blaikley)
10.b Mrs. Thursday (Harman/Dymond/Davies)

Fontana 267 863 TF
Releasedate: 1968

11.a The Wreck of The Antoinette (Howard/Blaikley)
11.b Still Life (Harman/Davies/Dymond)

Fontana 267 888 TF
Releasedate: 1968

12.a Don Juan (Howard/Blaikley)
12.b Margareta Lidman (Harman/Davies/Dymond)

Fontana 267 921 TF
Releasedate: 1969

13.a Snake In The Grass (Howard/Blaikley)
13.b Bora Bora (Dymond/Davies/Harman)

Fontana 267 939 TF
Releasedate: 1969

14.a Tonight Today (Howard/Blaikley)
14.b Bad News (Amey/Dymond/Davies)

Sung by: D.B.M.&T

Fontana 267 970 TF
Releasedate: 1969


15.a My Womans Man (Howard/Blaikley)
15.b Gotta Make You Part Of me (Dee/Mason)

Sung by: Dave Dee Solo

Fontana 6007 003
Releasedate: 1970

17.a Mr. President (Dymond/Amey/Davies)
17.b Frisco Annie ( Dymond/Amey/Davies)

Sung by D.B.M.& T.

Fontana 6007 022
Releasedate: 1970

18.a Annabella (Arnold/Martin/Morrow)
18.b Kelly (Dee/Mason)

Sung by: Dave Dee Solo

Fontana 6007 021
Releasedate: 1970

19.a Everything About Her (Howard/Blaikley)
19.b If I Believed In Tomorrow (Dee/Mason)

Sung by: Dave Dee Solo

Fontana 6007 061
Releasedate: 1970

21.a Festival (Davies)
20.b Leader Of A Rock’n Roll Band (Dymond/Davies)

Sung by D.B.M.& T.

Fontana 6007 066
Releasedate: 1970




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