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The only country all around the world with DVD-releases of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich. Of course with many thanks to Bert van Breda’s BRMusic. In 2003 this fantastic DVD was released: BR Music, BD 3010-9

1. Hold Tight (Blue Peter 15-03-1966)
2. You Make It Move (BBB 01-07-1966)
3. Hideaway (Beatclub 28-05-1966)
4. Hard To Love You (Beatclub 19-11-1966)
5. Bend It (Inside The Playboy Paradise 03-11-1966)
6. Save Me (Special 01-02-1967)
7. Frustration (Special 01-02-1967)
8. Loos Of England (Beatclub 20-05-1967)
9. Touch Me Touch Me (Beatclub 20-05-1967)
10. Zabadak (TOTP 26-12-1968)
11. The Legend Of Xanadu (TOTP 15-02-1968)
12. Last Night In Soho (Beatclub 31-08-1968)
13. The Wreck Of The Antoinette (Tous En Scene 27-06-1969)
14. Don Juan (La Grande Bouscalade 02-07-1969)
15. Snake In The Grass (Set ‘Em Up Joe! 21-06-1969)
16. Tonight Today (Beatclub 31-12-1969)
17. My Woman’s Man (TOTP 26-02-1970)
18. Wedding Bells (Disco 05-06-1971)
19. You’ve Got Me On The Run (Disco 25-02-1980)
20. Staying With It (Rod & Emu Show 28-01-1984)

A Whole Scene Going
1. Hideaway / A Whole Scene Going (08-06-1966)
2. Zabadak (Private Filming in Paris by Ken Howard 08-06-1966)

1. Hold Tight (28-05-1966)
2. Bend It! (19-11-1966)
3. Zabadak! (30-12-1967)
4. The Legend Of Xanadu (09-03-1968)
5. The Wreck Of The Antoinette (16-11-1968)
6. Don Juan (26-04-1969)
7. Snake In The Grass (28-06-1969)

Beat Beat Beat
1. Hideaway (01-07-1966)
2. Hold Tight (01-07-1966)
3. Why Do Fools Fall In Love (01-07-1966)
4. Watch Your Step (29-05-1967)
5. Touch Me Touch Me (29-05-1967)
6. Bend It (29-05-1967)
7. Save Me (29-05-1967)

1. Hideaway (Live + Interview)

(Special 01-02-1967)
1. Hands Off
2. Hold Tight
3. Help Me

Moef Ga Ga
(Netherlands, 25-02-1967)
1. Bend It
2. Save Me

(Vilvoorde Live 10-12-1968)
1. Hold Tight
2. Last Night In Soho / Interview Dave Dee

1. My Woman’s Men (13-11-1971)

Some revies on the website of Amazon.com:

A great compilation dvd featuring black and white and colour footage from the archives of various European tv stations. Most of their well known hits are included at least once and there are a few more songs besides. Highlights include eight tracks performed completely live on the German show “Beat Beat Beat”, lip-synch performances from “Top of the Pops” and Blue Peter” and a full colour clip at The Playboy Paradise. This is highly recommended viewing for all 1960s pop pickers and great value for money. My only gripe is that “Okay” is not one of the hits included on the dvd.

All the below is based on my unreliable memory so please do not sue!
Dave Dee – Great singer/ex-PC cadet who saved Eddie Cochran’s guitar from looters/now a magistrate
Dozy – Good bassist/amazing bass vocal – for my money the best ever in UK pop
Beaky – The John Lennon of the band/multi-instrumentalist/brilliant vocal/funny (backed by Dozy usually)/attitude (years before punk)/star of the show for me /retired from music now – living in Spain
Mick – Great drummer/looked best in a beard (sorry Mick) retired from music now – living back in Salisbury
Tich – Great lead guitar/voted best/jammed with Jimi/great backing vocalist
OK – the songs/legends/hearsay – Bend It – done at playboy – love the dance – Xanadu – Dave took a chunk out of Dozy’s cheek with his whip! – see the scar! Run, Dozy, run! (copyright Janet & John cf Terry Wogan) – Last Night in Soho – Beaky and Dozy larking – dodgy editing leading to first x-cert video! – Tonight/Today – I’d love to see it live!
As a whole absolutely the best ever dvd of a band – all the songs (except Mr President – but I don’t think there is a video recording of that) – funnier than the Beatles – more attitude than the Stones – what more could you want?

The second Dutch DVD (Legend Of Xanadu), released in 2005 by BR Music/Universal  was also very interesting. Some video’s were already shown on the first DVD but lots of new stuff on it also. *)=New
Universal 982-948-2
1. You Make It Move *)
(New Musical Express Pollwinners Concert 01-05-1966)
2. Hold Tight *)
(New Musical Express Pollwinners Concert 01-05-1966)
3. Hideaway
(A Whole Scene Going 08-06-1966)
4. Bend It! *)
(A Tous Vents 19-02-1967)
5. Save Me *)
(A Tous Vents 19-02-1967)
6. Touch Me Touch Me
(Beatclub 20-05-1967)
7. Zabadak!
(Private filming in Paris by ken Howard 08-06-1966)
8. The Legend Of Xanadu
(Top Of The Pops 15-02-1985)
9. Last Night In Soho *)
10. The Wreck of The Antoinette
(Tous en Scene 27-06-1969)
11. Don Juan
(La Grande Bouscalade 02-07-1969)
12. Snake In The Grass
(Set ‘em Up Joe! 21-06-1969)
13. Tonight Today
(Beatclub 31-12-1969)
14. The Windmills Of Your Mind *)
(Meet Judith Durham 29-08-1970)
15. My Woman’s Man
(Disco 13-11-1967)
16. Wedding Bells
(Disco 05-05-1971)







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