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The first DDDBMT CD came from the Netherlands. It was released in 1987, by K-Tel, and  to promote this CD a TV-commercial was broadcasted. The CD even appeared in the Dutch album charts for eight weeks. Highest position: nr. 34.

Labelnr: KTCD 240-2

Tracks: The Legend Of Xanadu, Bend It, Save Me, Tonight Today (DBM&T’s hit in 1970), Snake In The Grass, Hideaway, Break Out, Zabadak, Don Juan, Okay, Wreck Of The Antoinette, Hold Tight, You Make It Move, Hard To Love You, Touch Me Touch Me and Last Night In Soho

It was also released on LPl and even a 7″ single accompanied this CD (Legend Of Xanadu / Tonight Today)
Ron Cooper in Zabadak #5, december 1987: “The CD offers some improvements, but don’t expect too much from it… … I’m sure a CD could offer some better sounds when the original mono masters are digitally transferred onto CD”

In the same year Japan released a CD.



The second Dutch CD is released in the Diamond Collection serie.It is produced by Steve Rowland, Ellis Elias and Bert van Breda. The songs are re-recorded and sound refreshing! At least, that is my opinion (HvG). Ron Cooper in Zabadak #9, April 1992: “Oct. ’91: DDDBMT’s 8th compilation CD is released. Arcade (Holland) are the culprits as it contains diabolical versions of the re-recorded hits. Terrible! Avoid at all costs.”
I disagree.

Also on this CD is the DBM&T song: Matthew And Son.

Diamond (Arcade) CD-01 6600 61

Tracklisting: You Make It Move, Hold Tight, Hideaway, Bend It, Save Me, Touch Me Touch Me, Okay!, Zabadak, Legend Of Xanadu, Last Night In Soho, Wreck Of The Antoinette, Don Juan, Snake In The Grass, Matthew And Son.







A release on Great Musiclabel: GREAT028

This CD contains 1984 re-recordings.

And there is nothing more to say.








1995 GOLD


The same for this one. 


Also the 1984 re-recordings

One difference: On this CD you can find the 3,58 min. version of Matthew And Son (DBM&T)








1996: SAME



You can get angry about it, but this is the third re-recordings CD from the Netherlands, released in 1996.

Wise Buy WB866932


Wise Buy?? Don’t think so









Thank God we have Bert van Breda in The Netherlands. He stood at the basis of this double CD-release.
All original recordings.


Mercury 534 069-2

A 48 track collection. Wow! That was worth waiting for. 24 of the songs were until that time never released on CD.
Okay, it is not entirely the COMPLETE collection, but the fans were very pleased with lots of solo tracks from Dave Dee and a lot of DBM&T songs.

A must-have for all the fans!!






Bert van Breda did it again. This time by his own record company: BR-Music.
The last DDDBMT’s album Together digitalised on CD.

BR Music BX 436-2

On this CD some big surprises! Never released tracks are to be found on this one: The wonderful songs Sarah (DBM&T), Goodnight Ma (Dave Dee Solo) and Stars (Dave Dee solo). Also two songs, originally recorded for the album “If No-One Sang”, but missed the final selection: Castle Far and Charlie Farns Barns has Won The Pools.

Also on the CD the ‘David’ song “I’m Going Back”. The backing group of Dave Dee (named David) sing this song. Dave Dee is also present ‘in the back’.

Also a must-have for alle the fans!!



1997: SAME



Here we find a CD with the re-recordings of 1991.

Remind 5300210 -1997- Netherlands


And there is nothing more to say.








1999: BOXED

And then there is nothing more to wish.
Bert van Breda’s BR Music releases a 4CD box with 100 tracks of (DD)DBM&T.

BR Music BOX 1009-2

In Zabadak #16, /August 1999 Ron Cooper writes:
“This is a DDDBM&T fan’s dream: all the singles, all the albums, the whole of Fresh Ear, the DBM&T singles, a selection of Dave Dee’s solo tracks, some previously unreleased material… …an excellent 64 page booklet with pictures, background information on the songs, chart placings…









For those, who think the 4CD Box is too much, BR Music released also a single CD-release with all the singles. At least, the singles released in The Netherlands.

Also for the Dutch fans the DBM&T singles Festival, I Want To Be There and They Won’t Sing My Song and the Dave Dee solo singles Annabella, Wedding Bells and Hold On. All these 7″ had no release in the Netherlands and could be imported from the UK.

BR Music BX 518-2








The exact year of release is unknown. But that doesn’t matter. 

Again the re-recordings of 1984. Haven’t we heard them enough??

(Left) MCPS LT-5302

(Right) Music Opions MO3049

Even Zabadak is misspelled!! ->







Oh No! Not again!

Yes, you can’t get enough of the 1984 re-recordings.
How many buyers are disappointed that they didn’t buy the original songs??

Special Music SPCD360 (left)

ARC Records MEC949003 (right)









The biggest surprise since years!!

It took Bert van Breda some years to get the rights but it was worth it!
On this double CD we find almost all the BBC Session tracks of Dave Dee, (Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich)

With this CD the Netherlands (again) were the first to release them on C.D.

















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