In the Netherlands Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich became populair áfter Hold Tight. And there the two greatest hits were Don Juan and Tonight Today (DBM&T). So, when the group decided to split up they were at the top of their popularity in Holland!

On the left a Dutch postcard, distributed by ‘t Sticht-Utrecht.

The best CD-releases of DDDBM&T come from the Netherlands. All the credits go to Bert van Breda of BR Music.
We asked him to write a foreword for this Dutch section:


Through the years this band with it’s funny name is one of my favourite bands; while my friends were all for the Beatles and The Stones, I was mad about Dave Dee & Co.

The Legend Of Xanadu, Last Night In Soho and Don Juan are my three favourites, which indicates that they grew on me, as they are all from their last year in recording with the five of them.

But also the solo songs like Swingy and My Woman’s Man or the DBMT tracks Mr. President and Tonight Today are high on my all time top 100.

I have now collected about a hundred different albums and 257 different 7”singles, demo’s and acetates. Also on BR Music I’ve released singles, cd’s and dvd’s and it’s a great privilege to find unreleased songs in the vaults such as “Castle Far” and “Sarah”, released on several cd’s now. Also for dvd releases I have found many clips in the vaults of the tv companies, recently even performances such as “Okay” and “Here’s My Heart” in Berlin, and I’m sure there will be another dvd release one day, as I find everyday something new.

In the meantime the boys have become friends, I’ve recorded with them in 1985 as well as in 1991 and the great spirit of Dave as well as his great sense of humor, the friendship of the others as well as their appreciation of my releases, it has been and will continue to be a great inspiration for me in my life.

And my daughter already pronounced the band’s name perfectly since she was 4, another highlight for me.

Keep going guys!







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