Malaysia 7″ vinyl


In Malaysia in the beginning they followed the Dutch sleeves. Later on they printed there own picturesleeves and.. sometimes used. the Dutch sleeves again. We found the following Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick and Tich vinyl from Malaysia:

Bend It! (Howard/Blaikley)
She’s So Good (Harman, Wilson, Dymond, Davies, Amey)

Fontana 267 625 TF
Releasedag: 1966


Zabadak (Howard/Blaikley)
Nose For Trouble (Howard/Blaikley)

Fontana 267 770 TF
Releasedate: 1967

The Legend Of Xanadu (Howard/Blaikley)
Please (Harman/Davies/Dymond)

Fontana TF-267 803 
Releasedate: 1968

Last Night In Soho (Howard/Blaikley)
Mrs. Thursday (Harman/Dymond/Davies)

Fontana 267 863 TF
Releasedate: 1968

The Wreck of The Antoinette (Howard/Blaikley)
Still Life (Harman/Davies/Dymond)

Fontana 267 888 TF
Releasedate: 1968

Don Juan  (Howard/Blaikley)
Margareta Lidman (Harman/Davies/Dymond)

Fontana 267 921 TF
Releasedate:  1969

Snake In The Grass  (Howard/Blaikley)
Bora Bora (Harman/Davies/Dymond)

Fontana 267 939 TF
Releasedate:  1969


Tonight Today (Howard/Blaikley) D.B.M. & T.
Bad News (Amey/Dymond/Davies) D.B.M. & T.

Fontana 267 970 TF
Releasedate: 1970



My Woman’s Man (Howard/Blaikley) Dave Dee Solo
Gotta Make You Part Of Me (Dee/Mason) Dave Dee Solo
(Look how the B-side is misspelled as: Gonna Make You Part Of Me)
Fontana 6007 003
Releasedate:  1970





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