Japan EP’s


1.a Hold Tight (Howard/Blaikley)
1.b Bend It (Howard/Blaikley)
1.c Save Me (Howard/Blaikley)
1.d Hair On My Chinny Chin Chin (Blackwell)

Philips SFL 3175

Releasedate: 1967

2.a Okay! (Howard/Blaikley)
2.b Touch Me Touch Me (Howard/Blaikley)
2.c DDD-BMT (Howard/Blaikley)
2.d Frustration (Howard/Blaikley)

Philips SFL-3191
Releasedate: 1967

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3.a The Legend Of Xanadu (Howard/Blaikley)
3.b Hideaway (Howard/Blaikley)
3.c Zabadak (Howard/Blaikley)
3.d marina (Harman/Davies/Dymond/Wilson/Amey)

Philips SFL-3222

Releasedate: 1968    

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4.a Last Night In Soho (Howard/Blaikley)
4.b Mrs. Thursday (Harman/Dymond/Davies)
4.c Hold Tight (Howard/Blaikley)
4.d Bang (Martin/Coulter)

Philips SFL-3238

Releasedate: 1968

5.a Run Colorado (Howard/Blaikley)
5.b Margareta Lidman (Harman/Davies/Dymond)
5.c The Wreck Of The Antoinette (Howard/Blaikley)
5.d.Here’s A Heart (Tubbs/Segal)

Philips SFL-3246

Releasedate: 1969


In Japan Hold Tight also was released on a ‘Various Artists’ EP, named Beat Scene Best, volume 4

Philips SFL-3155, released 1966
A Side: The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore – Walker Brothers / Hold Tight – DDDBM&T
B Side: Somebody Help Me – Spencer Davis Group / A Groovy Kind Of Love – The Mindbenders


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