January 1969



January 1969     Radio Sessions
30 Dec-3 Jan     Dave Cash Programme, BBC Radio One, London, England (2:00-4:15 pm)
13-17 Jan. 69    David Symonds Show, BBC Radio One, London, England (4:15-5:45 pm)
20-24 Jan. 69    Keith Skues Show, BBC Radio One, London, England (2:00-4:15 pm)

Dec.-Jan. 69    Dick Whittington Pantomime in Stockton (26 December 1968-18 January 1969)

January 1969    
Album release: Amory Kane – “Memories Of Time Unwound” (MCA MUP 348)
Mama Mama/Reflections “Of Your Face”/All The Best Songs And Marches/You Were On My Mind/Physically Disqualified Blues/New Light//Night/Maybe You’ll Stay/Candy Queen/Birds Of Britain/Perfumed Hand Of Fate
(Melody Maker Album of the Month)

Amory Kane, who wrote “Mama Mama” for Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich, came from California in 1967, and signed a 5 year contract with MCA in July 1968. Steve Rowland produced his first album. He would record a second one in 1969, then leave for the USA at the start of the 70s.

January 1969     
American album release: The Magic Lanterns – Shame Shame (Atlantic SD 8217)
Impressions Of Linda/Shame Shame/Brunette Lady/Never Gonna Trust My Heart Again/Sarah Wear A Smile/Give Me Love/Highway Of Dreams/Feelings/Missing Out On You/Out In The Cold Again/ Pussy Willow Dragon/When The Music Stops

Album produced by Steve Rowland, with “Never Gonna Trust My Heart Again” due to Howard Blaikley/Stephens and “Brunette Lady” penned by Gair & Mason.

30 Dec 68-3 Jan 69   
Radio Show: Dave Cash Programme, BBC Radio One, London, England (2:00-4:15 pm)
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich enter the New Year with Dave Cash

Fri 3/01/69    
British single re-release: Martha & The Vandellas – Dancing In The Street (Motown TMG 684) #4
The song was originally released in the UK by Stateside Records in late October 1964. It was the first hit for Martha & the Vandellas in Britain and reached # 28 on the charts. Re-released this week, it did much better and reached a # 4 position. Likely prompted by this success, Tamla Motown issued many other re-releases in 1969.

Sat 4/01/69    
NME n°1147 page 7: Gees, Dave Dee disc delays; Aretha, Family Stone Newies

The Bee Gees have decided NOT to release “Odessa” as their new single – it will, instead, be the title track of their next album, to be issued by Polydor on February 14. Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich have also changed their plans for a new single, which will not be released until after the group returns from its Japanese tour in mid February.
[...] Dave Dee’s “Run Colorado” will not now be coming out next Friday (10), although it will be released in America the following week. Instead, the group has decided to defer its next single until mid-February – and it is probable a completely different track could now be selected for the British market.
[...] Two rush-releases just announced by Fontana for next Friday (10) are Gary Walker’s “Come In, You’ll Get Pneumonia,” and Unit Four Plus Two’s “3.30.”

Sat 4/01/69    
Fabulous 208 Pages 8-10: Willkommen – Bee Gees

West Germany: the third largest record buying power in the world has a population of some 59 million. It earns a lot of money from the tourists who flock in every year to see the beautiful scenery and pine forests. The German people drink beer and buy Mercedes, love sausages, mini-skirts and Britain’s Bee Gees. Particularly Britain’s Bee Gees. The group discovered that during their two hectic German tours in 1968.

Page 15: Dave Dee Digs – Give Her A Good Spanking!
Blushing slightly, I quote a reader: “My sister says you’re very good at solving problems, so here’s my personal headache.” And what a massive aspirin job this one turns out to be – what’s more, it comes from an eighteen-year-old boy!
Tune in to this heartfelt plea from Barry, of Middlesex. “My girlfriend is the most spoilt person going and it’s getting me down. I can’t pack her up because I love her very much, but as soon as she can’t get her own way she goes into terrible tantrums, screaming until finally I give in.
“Last week I took her to a small restaurant in London where I bought her the best meal I could afford – I’m still at school. When the waiter put it in front of her, she started arguing with him, saying it wasn’t how she liked it. I told her to sit down and not to worry. She stood up, slapped my face, swore at me and left. I’ve never felt so small in all my life.
“The following day I went round to see her and her brother opened the door and said `Sis has made Mum cry’. I walked in and she was screaming at her Mother about things she wanted to do. She’s only fifteen and she smokes, drinks and swears because her Mother and Father have spoilt her so much. Don’t tell me to give her up, because I think the world of her.”
Oh Brother, have YOU got problems! For a start, I doubt if the affair will last anyway, because the girl is really a bit young. But that doesn’t help our mate Barry . . .
Personally I’d say that Barry has got to adopt a more aggressive attitude towards Lhe girl. If she’s been spoilt by her parents, is used to getting her own way, then there’s no point him saving “Yes, dear” and “No, dear” all the time when she is shouting her mouth off.
I’ve had this kind of trouble with girls who try to give me a hard time and I’m afraid that in the end I get provoked into giving them a spanking. I’m not prone to beating up women, believe me, but there comes a time when you have to take positive action. I don’t mean give them a merciless thrashing, obviously, but it’s amazing how much good comes from chucking them over your knee and giving a couple of sharp reminders with the flat of the hand.
Does this make me sound like a bully? I hope not. Rather more it brings a feeling of … sort of humiliation. Mark you I believe that it should be fifty-fifty in any relationship but at the same time it’s only right that the girl should take the lead from the man.
“That’s for all the lip you’ve given me so far”, you say firmly – and whack! “And there’s more where that came from if you go on behaving so badly!” Works wonders, honestly it does.
I don’t get many letters from the lads, but this one is worth quoting because it’s likely to get home to many of you. Do YOU put down your boyfriend – humiliate him or take him for all the money he’s got? If you do get out of line, then I’m sure that you’d respect him all the more if he took really firm action.
Surely birds like the blokes who can be masterful rather than the ones who just stand and take it while the girl blows her pretty top over everything? I’m not keen on yes-men in any walk of life and I must admit that I can be pretty tough with a bird who insists on showing me up.
I just wonder whether it may be a bit late for Barry to suddenly take the initiative, specially as he’s obviously nuts on the girl. But if he doesn’t, then I’m afraid that he is doomed. To be henpecked by a fifteen-year-old girl just isn’t my idea of romantic bliss.
Obviously if he’s still at school, he’s not exactly flush with money. All he can do is his best, in terms of being a gentlemanly escort – in being attentive and so on. If that’s not enough, then he’s really in for a hard time.
Try the flat of the hand, just once, Barry. It should work, judging from the few times I’ve been forced to assert myself.
But if it fails, there’s only one thing left.
Which is a quick exit, stage left. And don’t even bother to say Goodbye!
Now tell me, honestly, do YOU think my solution is the right one?

Address your letters to Dave, c/o FAB-208, Fleetway House, Farringdon Street, London E.C.4. (Please do NOT enclose a stamped, addressed envelope as Dave won’t be able to answer any letters through the post, though he will read every one and discuss some in his column.)

Mon 6/01/69   
(Germany) Bravo n°2 page 18: Kurz neu heiss
Dozy ist schlecht auf Beaky zu sprechen, weil er als einziger Dave-Dee-Mann nicht zu seiner Hochzeit kam und lieber zum Fischen fuhr – stop

Hot News: Dozy has a grudge against Beaky, who was the only member of the group not to attend his wedding and preferred to go fishing instead – stop

Fri 10/01/69    
Scheduled single release: Run Colorado – Fontana

NME (28/12/68): Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich also have a new single issued on January 10 – titled “Run Colorado,” it is another composition by the Howard-Blaikley team. The group will be undertaking extensive TV and radio promotion on the new disc.

Sat 11/01/69   
Jackie n°263: Why they didn’t award Dozy the C.D.M.

Candy Jones used to know Beaky and Tich before the group was formed. So she’s no stranger to them.
She used to live opposite Beaky and Tich, and went to the same school as they did – Highbury Avenue Junior School.
“Beaky’s mother had a sweet shop in Fisherton Street, and I used to help out there during the holidays and again after I left school.
“Beaky has always been very nice to me, although he’s never been seen very much in the shop itself. He’s always going off shopping.
“They all give me little presents, and when they come back home to Salisbury I go round to their homes and pick up little bits of information for the newsletter – sometimes when something big has happened, they’ll drop in on me and tell me about it.
“When they’re down here, I usually see quite a lot of them.”
Candy started the club two and a half years ago, when Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich were just another Salisbury group struggling to the top. Initially, she had just 17 members, all of them living in Salisbury – and twelve of those are still in the club.
Now, the membership has grown to 3.500 and one of the younger members, 13-year-old Linda Sudbury, helps Candy a lot by folding newsletters, answering mail and addressing envelopes.
“There’s a firm down here that duplicates the newsletter for us, four times a year – we always try to make it a very newsy one, usually running to about four pages.
“We ran a competition to see who could write the best little short story, including in it somewhere the titles of eleven hit songs the boys have done.
“The prize was a shirt, and Tich gave me one of his new shirts to give away as the first prize, together with a signed photograph of Tich. They’re all generous like that.”
Being so friendly with the group, she is often the first to hear about the funny things that happen to them when they’re working – or the adventures that they get up to when they’re not!
“You know how Dozy got his name, don’t you?” she said. “They were driving back from a ballroom date very early in the morning – about 6 a.m., it was – and Beaky passed Dozy a bar of chocolate.
“Dozy took the wrapper off the chocolate, threw the chocolate out of the window and started to eat the wrapper! They’ve called him Dozy ever since.”
And she is often the first to be told of their achievements. When fishing-mad Beaky went on a sporting holiday to Ireland, he caught a 2 ft. salmon – and Candy was the first to know.
“But he threw it back,” said Candy. “He always does. He only goes fishing for the sport of it.
“Mick’s great hobby is horse riding, and he’s now bought himself a red jacket and a huntsman’s hat – but he never goes hunting himself. He doesn’t believe in it, but he likes the clothes!”
Every time they are home, Candy goes round to see the group – though she hasn’t yet had time to go round to Dozy’s new home which is at Pewsey, twenty-two miles away from Salisbury.
“I’ve been round to Dave’s new place which is lovely. He’s got a great big garden for his dog, Oliver, to play in – Oliver has the time of his life chasing around the place. There’s a little river at the bottom of the garden too. Dave moved in there with his parents.
“Dave had the house specially built for him, and now Mick has moved in only about two hundred yards away. Tich still lives only about five minutes away from me, and Beaky lives about a mile and a half away at Tavistock.”
As well as seeing the group, Candy also sees quite a lot of the club’s members, too; whenever they are on holiday in the area, or passing through on their way to the coast, they drop in to see her.
“A girl came in just the other day with her mother. They’d driven up from Worthing, and Tich just happened to call in that day so we all sat down and had tea together.
“And I quite often get girls who are on holiday here from Holland and Sweden, and they’ve come down to Salisbury just to see where the boys live.
“It’s a very happy club, and I love doing it – I do it just for the love of it, and the boys are very kind to me. That’s why I like it so much.”
If you want to join the fan club, the address to write to is: Miss Candy Jones, 16 Water Lane, Salisbury, Wiltshire.

[“Candy Jones” was in fact Janet Dymond, Beaky’s big sister]

Sat 11/01/69    
TV Performance: Festival de Pop Music, ORTF, 1ère chaîne, Paris, France (10:40-11:30 pm)
Transmission of the First International Pop Music Festival at the Palais des Sports, Paris, June 1967
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich: Hold Tight, “Claustration”, Save Me, Watch Your Step
With Les VIP’s, Ronnie Bird, Les Pretty Things, John Walker, Jimmy Cliff and Les Troggs

Scan kindly donated by: Hardprog

[First scheduled on 7 December 68, but shelved following the death of popular Star Dario Moreno]
(The TV programme wrongly indicates “Dave Dee Dozy, Beaky Mick and Tich” as performing “When a man loves a woman” which was in fact sung by Jimmy Cliff.)
Watch the group on YouTube: “Dave Dee Dozy, Beaky Mick and Tich

13-17 Jan. 69    
Radio Show: David Symonds Show, BBC Radio One, London, England (4:15-5:45 pm)
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich attend the show every day of the week

Sat 18/01/69    
Melody Maker: DAVE DEE – by Clive Armitage

Many pop groups have found that the strange street of pantomime is not all paved with gold, but Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich now in their final week of Dick Whittington at the ABC Theatre Stockton are fully at home in it.
The famous five have adapted their catchy pop comedy routine with ease to traditional panto entertainment. There’s never a slack moment with Dave Dee as Idle Jack while Mick (Captain of the Saucy Sal), crewmates Dozy and Beaky and “Tich Ben Ali” as the Sultan of Morocco make the most of their roles.
Of course, the group’s seven minute beat spot is the show-stopper, but it won’t be their hit records alone that will make them in almost as much demand as Santa Claus when next Christmas comes around.

Sat 18/01/69    
ABC Cinema, Stockton, Cheshire, England
Last date of the “Dick Whittington” Pantomime (26 December 1968 – 18 January 1969)

Mon 20/01/69    
(Germany) Bravo n°4: Hochzeit bei Dave Dee & Co.

Beatstar Dozy fand durch Zufall eine Frau fürs Leben
Ein Schneeball traf Yvonne ins Herz

“Ich und heiraten – nie! Ein Beatboy und Ehe – haha.” Dozy sagte diese überzeugenden Worte jedem, der sie hören wollte. Jahrelang. Dabei war Dozys Beatherz schon lange vergeben. Er wußte es nur nicht. Oder wollte es nicht zugeben. Zehn Jahre ist es her, seit der 14-jährige Dozy zum ersten Male seine Yvonne traf. Mit einem Schneeball, den er ihr bei einer Straßenschlacht nachwarf. Und der anscheinend direkt in Yvonnes Herz traf. Im Lauf der Jahre wurde aus dem kleinen Schneeball eine Lawine. Am 24. 11. 68 fand das Wintermärchen sein glückliches Ende. In der kleinen Dorfkirche von Rushall (in der Nähe von Salisbury, wo Dozy seine ersten Fensterscheiben einschmiß und seine ersten Apfel geklaut hatte, hauchten Yvonne und Dozy ihr “Ja” fürs Leben.

20-24 Jan. 69    
Radio Show: Keith Skues Show, BBC Radio One, London, England (2:00-4:15 pm)
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich appear in this new afternoon show Monday to Friday

Sat 25/01/69    
NME n°1150 page 8: Peter Frampton Leaving Herd

Lead singer Peter Frampton leaves the Herd at the beginning of next month. He has not yet announced future plans, but it is assumed he intends to embark on a solo career. The depleted Herd is not seeking a replacement for the time being, and plans to fulfil all existing commitments as a trio. The group has already recorded without Frampton with a view to a new single being released at the end of February.
Frampton is expected to leave the Herd after its one-nighter date at Brentwood on February 1. The group will then spend a fortnight rehearsing its revised three-piece line-up before resuming dates at Norwich Industrial Club (14) and Margate Dreamland (15).
Widespread show business rumours have been speculating on the possibility of Steve Marriott leaving the Small Faces in order to form a group with Peter Frampton. But a spokesman for Immediate, the Faces’ agency, connnented: “We know nothing about it – although we have picked up the rumours.”

27 & 30 Jan. 69
Lansdowne Studios, Holland Park, London W11, England [Released on 21/02/69]
Recording session for Don Juan / Margareta Lidman (produced by Steve Rowland)

Recorded on 8-track tape. Inspired by the Spanish corridas, and “Carmen”, an Opera by Georges Bizet (1875). Bullfights were not unknown in Britain, and Brian Epstein even sponsored the first British Torero. But Steve Rowland had lived in Spain, and Albert Hammond came from Gibraltar. Introduction lifted from Herb Alpert’s “The Lonely Bull”.

Thu 30/01/69    
The Beatles’ Rooftop Concert, 3 Savile Row, London, England
The Beatles last ever public concert took place around mid-day and lasted a full 42 minutes
… while Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick Y Tich were recording “Don Juan”

Fri 31/01/69    
New Zealand Listener: The Wreck Of The Antoinette #15 (–)
While “The Wreck Of The Antoinette” has disappeared from all the European charts, it enters the NZ Listener Hitparade to peak at N°1 three weeks later.




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