DDDBM&T appeared with the song Zabadak on the IV Festival delle Rose in Italy 1967.
This Festival takes place each year in October at the Hilton Hotel, Roma.It was founded in 1964 by RCA-Italiana, to promote their own artists.
This is where Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich came to sing “Zabadak” at the end of 1967.
So, this is not as famous as the San Remo Festival, which takes place three months later. That one, displaying only original songs, also started to invite foreign artists in the mid-sixties.
In January 1967, the Hollies came to present “Non prego per me”, along with the Bachelors, the Happenings, Los Bravos or Sonny & Cher.
In 1966, the Yardbirds were there with “Pafff… bum / Questa volta”.
Other foreign entrants were the Renegades, Pat Boone, Gene Pitney or Chad & Jeremy.
In both cases, the final round of the festival is displayed on National Television, so is a worthwhile show for newcomers.
Other foremost Italian festivals are the “Cantagiro” that follows the bicycle race around the country in summer. And the Festival di Napoli, for Napolitan folklore.
That is where l’Equipe 84 presented their song “Notte senza fine” in 1965, which later came in Dave Dee’s repertoire as “After Tonight”.

Festival delle Rose 1964

Festival delle Rose 1967






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