I’m On The Up (BBC)



In December 1966 appeared “If Music Be The Food Of Love…”, the second album from Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich.

It started with a “Bang” and was full of Rock’n’Beat numbers, presumably enough to cause an “Indigestion”. But there was much variety too: some humour, a slow beater, even psychedelics! …and one uptempo number which has always been a favourite: “I’m On The Up”.

The group presented the song at the BBC on 11 January 1967, for “Easybeat” broadcast on January 15th, and the show was then waxed on a Transcription Disc issued on February 17th.

It was later revived in German by one “Ken Howard”, an ex-German Blue Flames guitarist in disguise. But the real Ken Howard, together with Alan Blaikley, found their song so good that they sang it themselves, on a single released under the alias of “Gaylord Flock”.

Along with the Troggs, Dave Dee & Co. were the main exponents of sexy songs and suggestive lyrics. “You Make It Move” or “Bend It” do have a double meaning.

“I’m On The Up” does not – or does it ? In fact, it is reminiscent of “Snake In The Grass”, likewise it hints at more than words express. The two songs, fast-paced and swinging, are also musically similar.

The studio version of “I’m On The Up” is led, unusually, by some piano playing, maybe thanks to Ken Howard, as he is credited on the first album. That same piano melody is heard throughout the BBC take of the song, all 2 mn 18 sec of it. But clearly, Dave Dee’s singing and the group’s harmonies have been re-recorded, although the lyrics remain exactly the same.

The track was included in the 4th – and last – French EP released in April 1967: “Touch Me, Touch Me”.
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