Hit magazin, Mai 1969

hitmagazine-6905Dave Dee liebt alle Mädchen

(Dave Dee loves all “Mädchen”)

A very interesting Dave Dee interview printed in the German “Hit” magazine, May 1969 edition, only a few months before the group’s lead singer announced that he was starting a solo career.

For five years, Dave Dee and company have been churning out non-stop Hits. First they were wild, then they were tame. Then things became a little quiet around the boys from Salisbury, and now they’re back. “Don Juan” is their latest record and their motto.




(Throughout 1969, “HIT” magazine was published only with sexy covers)

To summarize the following report, Dave Dee says that their glory years, playing to packed audiences in Germany, were two years ago. Things calmed down, maybe because they had too many hits ? But now it comes back, like in the “Hold Tight” times.

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich are working like mad and saving their money. They live away from London, in a small town atmosphere, tinkering around their houses, or having a pint of bitter at the local pub.
Dave Dee spares his money in shares and buying houses and apartments. Dozy collects antiques. Tich wants to build a giant Pop Center in Salisbury. Beaky has started a Taxi company in the city with his father. Mick has become the owner of a horse riding school.
Privately, Dozy and Tich have celebrated their weddings, but Dave thinks pop stars shouldn’t be married.
After the Greek-sounding “Zabadak” (sic) and “Antoinette” with its French tones, “Don Juan” is a wink to Spain. It should be bigger than their greatest hit, “Zabadak”.

Finally, Dave Dee says he would like to bring a cow on stage, to mime a bullfight for “Don Juan”. Easier to manage than Don Juan’s actual favourite occupation ? But this he will do with any fan after the show…


Dave Dee likes it hot


Dave Dee loves the gesture


Fans even tear Dave’s shirt apart


Dave Dee (right – not left) and company: Beaky, Tich, Dozy and Mick (from right)

Hot news printed elsewhere in the magazine:


Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich are fully booked this Summer. From 13th to 20th May they visit Israel. In June they will appear in Hungary and in August in Majorca. They will be accompanied on their trip to Hungary by the Idle Race.
(There is no evidence that these tours really took place)

Other pictures on the page above show Engelbert, Barry Ran and some Beatles.




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