France E.P.’s

France EP’s

If you look at the vinyl label you find the print 2nd series or 3rd series.

2nd series means it is the second EP by the artist/group. This was generally done in France — for EP’s !
Especially on the Philips/Fontana label.
We suppose the label would not use “1st series” on a record, not knowing if there would ever be another one ?
For Manfred Mann, “Semi-Detached” was their 2nd series on Fontana.  For the Troggs, they went until 4th series for “Anyway You Want Me” on Fontana.

Later in 1967, they stopped counting and printing these “series”, presumably because they had already decided to stop manufacturing EP’s. So, for Manfred Mann, there’s no mention for “Ha Ha said the Clown” (3rd EP).
And the Troggs released two more: “Give It To Me” and “Long Grass” without counting them as 5th and 6th French EP’s.

But it was the same for French artists, like Sheila and Johnny Hallyday, both on the Philips label.
Sheila had 22 EP’s …until 1969 ! And Johnny’s cover of “Black is Black” was his 26th on Philips, after which they stopped printing the count

Here are the Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky Mick and Tich EP’s from France:

EP Hideaway: (Fontana 465 312 ME)


Hideaway (Howard/Blaikley)
You Make It Move (Howard/Blaikley)
Hold Tight! (Howard/Blaikley)
Here’s A Heart (Tubbs/Segal)

Released: August 1966


EP Bend It! (Fontana 465 324 ME)


Bend It!  (Howard/Blaikley)
Hard To Love You (Howard/Blaikley)
Frustration (Howard/Blaikley)
After Tonight (Howard/Blaikley/Chelotti/Russo)

Released: October 1966

Charts: Bend It was nr. 7 in Disco-Revue’s Top 30 on 15-10-1966


EP Save Me (Fontana 465 349 ME)


Save Me (Howard/Blaikley)
Shame (Harman/Wilson/Dymond/Davies/Amey)
Hands Off (Howard/Blaikley)
All I Want (Howard/Blaikley)

Released: january 1967



EP Touch Me Touch Me (Fontana 465 372 ME)


Touch Me Touch Me (Howard/Blaikley)
Marina (Harman/Davies/Dymond/Wilson/Amey)
Bang (Martin/Coulter)
I’m On The Up (Howard/Blaikley)

Released: April 1967


touch me ep franceB

touch me ep france vinyl A

touch me ep france vinyl B


EP Classic Cuts Philips 6205 055 CUT 105



Legend Of Xanadu (Howard/Blaikley)
Hold Tight (Howard Blaikley)
Bend It (Howard Blaikley)
Zabadak! (Howard/Blaikley)

Released: october 1980




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