Dozy Cut-Out Clothes Book

Dozy and Tich got married barely two weeks apart, in late November and early December 1968. The weddings are mentioned here, so fans of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich should know these items were marketed in 1969. This is the turn of Trevor Ward-Davies: the Dozy cut-out book.





Real name: Trevor Davies.
Born: Enford, November 27, 1944.
Hair: Brown. Eyes: Brown.
Height: 5 ft. 11 in.
Weight: 10 st. 7 lb.



Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich is not so much a group – more a way of life! Each member of the group is an individual in his own right, but he also has to blend perfectly with the other boys to produce the combined effect of an original and unique record sound.

Life has not always been a bed of roses for these Wiltshire-born lads. For many years they slogged around the country, playing gigs for peanut fees. After making two discs, which failed to achieve any kind of success, the whole group was set upon disbanding. Then, suddenly, like a fairy-tale dream, they met Alan Blaikly and Ken Howard, who took over their management. Persuaded to change their name from ‘Dave Dee and the Bostons’ to the present mouthful, they recorded a number called ‘You Make it Move’. Overnight, the group was a success, the charts bubbling with their zany kind of music. Dave Dee and Co. had arrived.


And their name helped them a lot! Mind you, I’m not suggesting that the Dave Dee boys have only found fame because of their collective name. They are very talented, but the ‘label’ did help to put the group on the tip of everybody’s tongues, where nobody could ignore them!

But where did they get their names, anyway? Well, Dave Dee has always liked to be called Dave Dee – it had a nice ring to it. Mick was called that from birth, and the other members used their nicknames. It certainly can’t be denied that Dozy does look a little bit sleepy, as if he’s about to drop off at any moment. But, in fact, as soon as you start talking to him, you discover that he’s more than wide-awake.


Dozy plays bass guitar in the group. Next to the drummer, he is responsible for providing the rhythm. He plays the solid, low notes which gibe the Dave Dee sound its vibrant depth.

Dozy started playing when he was at school. Skiffle was very popular at that time and that’s the sort of music he played. Like Dave and Mick, he was interested in history and good at games. But Dozy’s success with the group  hasn’t caused him to lose his interest in history. He is still very interested in archaelogy – digging up the remains of past civilisations to find out how people used to live.


The group were playing together for some time before they turned professional, and during that time, they all had jobs of one kind or another. Dozy was a batman.

That is, he worked in an army officers’ mess at a camp not far from his home, and he looked after the needs of the officers.

Then he got a job as a paint-sprayer – spraying houses. This job he did when the group really started working hard. They had to travel long distances to perform, getting home in the small hours of the morning, and then having to get up early for work the next day. Not surprisingly their employers thought they weren’t working as hard as possible during the day – they were too tired! The strain was tremendous – so much so that Dozy had a dizzy spell and fell down a flight of stairs.


There was only one thing to do – turn professional. The group realised that if they were to be successful, they must devote all their time and anergy to music. But even then it was no picnic. They were still making lengthy trips and getting very little pay.
Nowadays, they are one of Britain’s most popular groups and much wealthier than before, but they still have to work extremely hard for their money.
Dozy is the fun-loving one of the group. On stage, he is the one who gets mercilessly ribbed by the others. They pull his leg, tell him off and reveal his ‘secrets’ to the audience . . . but it’s all part of the act! It does create an impression that he lives up to his nickname. But off-stage, Dozy is the perfect gentleman, very intelligent and willing to talk to anyone and everyone on any subject they care to choose.


In December of 1968, Dozy was married to his home town ‘childhood’ sweetheart. He bumped into her on a bus – literally! And by way of apology, he took her out for a drink. From that day, Yvonne and Dozy have been inseparable. She went through all the hard times with him, and now she is able to share his success.

“Dozy immediately struck me as being very polite,” said Yvonne. “He didn’t even tell me he was in pop until a couple of weeks after we’d started going out together.


“Once a girl threw her arms around him and kissed him when we got off a bus. I was a bit startled!”
Dozy and Yvonne were married quietly in the small Wiltshire village of Rushall near Salisbury and they’re living in Dozy’s new house in Pewsey. Waht does Dozy think of marriage? Well, he doesn’t approve of people who say that marriage is out of date – and he doesn’t mind saying so. “It would be like going back to the Stone Age!”
Dozy is the second member of the group to get married. Mick was the first. And it’s interesting to know that in spite of his fame and success, Dozy hasn’t chosen a film starlet, or a singer, or somebody else in the public eye. He has stuck to the girl who stood by him when he was struggling.


I asked Dozy which was his favourite group, and like many other pop musicians, he said ‘The Beatles’. As far as Dozy is concerned, they’re the only group who have really ‘made it’. But as far as consistent chart successes are concerned, there is another group that isn’t all that far behind The Beatles – Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich, of course!


All the scans above have been kindly donated by Helmut.






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