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Dave Dee had for some years (1980-1981), his own recordlabel: Double D. records. Various fine productions were made, but unfortunately this label folded because of financial problems.

On this pages: All the recordings
D DEE 1: Dance Band: Stacks Of Tracks / Do You Wanna Dance (7″ April 1980)

Also released in Netherlands on Ariola:
102.380 (see on picturesleeve mentioning of Double D records)


D DEE 2: Sweat: Why’d Ya Have To Lie / Hey Little Girl (7″ May 1980)


D DEE 3: Features: Go Now / Make Me Wanna (7″ June 1980)


D DEE 4: Marianne Chase: Love Amnesia / Ghosts Of Love (7″ Aug 1980)

Also released as 12″ (D DEE 4X)

D DEE 5: Dance Band: Three Strings / I’ve Got You & Barefooting (7″ Sep 1980)







D DEE 6: Kraze: Say Hello To My Girl / Friday Night (7″ Oct. 1980)

This song was earlier released in 1978 by the band ‘Lips’, probably containing of the same member as who appear in The Kraze. That song was banned by the BBC due to “ambiguous” lyrics.

D DEE 7: Sweat: I Must Be Crazy / Ginny Don’t Cry (7″ Oct. 1980)


D DEE 8: Atrix: Treasure On The Wasteland / Graphite Pile (7″ Dec 1980)

D DEE 9: Zed: Energy / Sharing YourLove  (7″ April 1981)


Never actually released. Only this test 12″ pressing, credited to Double D records.


A side: Rainbow, B side: I’m Coming Home

















DDLP 1: Dance Band: Fancy Footwork (LP Sep 1980)

Three Strings, Beat Of The Street, Stacks Of Tracks, What You Gonna Do About It, Soul Shake

Happy Hour, Adultery, Runaway, A Little Bit Of Soul (And A Whole Lot Of Rhythm And Blues), Trouble On The Weekend

Also released in Germany on the Ariola label
203 048-320

DDLP 2: Sweat: No More Running (LP Dec 1980) Double D released this album in the U.K. (Sleeve left) and Ariola in Germany. Both hard to get nowadays.
In 2007 in Japan was also a vinyl release on the 1977-records label.
It was due to a concert The Sweat gave in Tokyo in 2007.
In Japan it was also released on CD


Isn’t Anything Scared, Her Goes Another Lonely Night, No More Running, You Gotta Lotta Nerve, I Can Hardly Wait, Can’t Help Myself


B-side: I Must Be Crazy, Please Don’t Say You Love Me, We All Make Mistakes, Why’d You Have To Lie, Do You Wanna Break My Heart, How Much Longer


DDLP 3: Zed: Zed (LP Apr 1981)

This is the Double D albumsleeve. The album was also released in Canada on Atlantic (XSD 19299).
Noticable is that in Canada the track ‘Save My Life’ is not included!! And the tracks on the A-side on Double D are on the B-side in Canada.  vice versa

A-side: Universe, Human, This Time, Energy, Save My Life
B-side: Dark Horse, Luckless Romantic, Right Now, Casino, No Prisoners

DDLP 4: Motion: Motion (LP July 1981).

Walk On By, Rainbow, No Man Is An Island, Basshoven, I’m Coming Home
Love Uprising, Let Go, Crazy Beat, You Love Me Only, Hawian Hi!







A special place is reserved for the band Fatal Charm. They signed to Double D Records, but never released vinyl on this label. However…. As a marketing promotion they released a flexi single ‘Western Laughter’ which was given away during their 1980 tour supporting Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark.

Their 7″ vinyl  Christine / Paris (1981) is said to be released by Double D also, but the label on the vinyl states: Fatal1. The name Double D is not mentioned.
But Paul Arnall, member of Fatal Charm in that time, answered on the question: “
Was the Christine/Paris single actually issued by Double D?  The tour flexi has the logo and postal address, but the single has no label info, just the catalogue number FATAL1/FC1.  Can you confirm that this was actually a Double D release?”
His answer leaves no room for doubt:
“yep, it was on double d”
(Information: Steven Panter)
And to be absolute sure, Ron Cooper has asked Dave Dee and he also confirmed it to be a Double D recording.

In 2011 Fatal Charm released a CD, titled Plastic (zimbabel08). There is stated that Christine/Paris was actually released on Double D Records. (www.fatalcharm.co.uk)


London Cowboys: a band who signed up to the Double D label, but never got to a release in the U.K.

Fortunately one 7″ single was released in France:
Hook Liner & Sinker / Saigon, on the Underdog label: 13117, released in 1982 as: ‘An Original Double D Records Recording’
Also contributed to Double D is the London Cowboys album: Animal Pleasure

A side: Hook Line And Sinker, Going Thru The Motions, That’s Luxury Man, Doris Day, Reggae Cop, Animal Pleasure
B side: Catcher In The Rye, Rockin’ On A Bad Beat, Wow Wow Oui Oui, Long Goodbye, Design For Living, Saigon

And to leave no doubt of Dave Dee’s involvement: On the back side the group thanks (among others) Dave D. (See below here)




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