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Dave Dee started writing a regular column in the weekly magazine Fabulous 208 on June 15th, 1968; this feature lasted until late 1971. He was not the only star to do this, as George Best had begun at about the same time, and Robin Gibb would do the same a little later. Here are a few carefully chosen sample copies . . .
In the previous edition of the magazine (June 8th 1968), this is how Fab 208 presented Dave Dee’s Column:

Next week Dave Dee begins an exclusive series of articles in which he comments frankly on the things that most interest him and you.

Here is this first contribution:


Scan kindly donated by RL Daly

The following week, June 22nd, Dave Dee discussed the wedding of actress Hayley Mills (22) with producer Roy Boulding (54).

On August 24th, 1968, Dave Dee mentioned his group mates:
The Right Honourable David Dee, Member of Parliament for Popsville, has been elected Prime Minister and has reshuffled the Cabinet to include new Ministers in Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich…


The following week, August 31st, Dave Dee Digs concentrated on Pop fan-clubs, some of which seeming to have a lot to be desired.

The September 7th edition of Fabulous 208 tackled the problem of relationships with parents.


And on September 14th, Dave Dee reminisced his days as Police Constable 68, in Swindon, Wiltshire.

The next Dave Dee page on September 21st was devoted to answering an array of readers questions.

Back and front cover of Fab 208, 28 December 1968

Dave Dee wrote about showbiz romance on September 28th, triggered by rumours about his alleged engagement found in some newspapers.

On October 12th, 1968, the subject of the Dave Dee Digs was violence.

And the column featured on November 2nd was bandwagon jumping by some pop groups, instead of pushing genuine talent.

Dave Dee Digs were concerned with capital punishment on December 14th.

For Christmas, the December 21st page was devoted to Dave Dee’s pyrenean dog, Oliver.

The last Dave Dee Column of 1968 on December 28th was about pop marriage, starting with Mick, Dozy and Tich…

Dave Dee’s column was entitled “Dave Dee Digs” until the end of 1968, whereupon his weekly feature was published without any specific name. The first column on January 4th, 1969 was entitled: ‘Give Her A Good Spanking’.



Scan kindly donated by RL Daly

On February 1st, Dave Dee’s feature was called ‘Breaking The Ice’.

The February 8th subject of Dave Dee’s Column was ‘The Big Send Off!’

And on February 15th, Dave Dee called: ‘Join The Anti-Valentine Brigade’.

‘Can You Beat Them?’ Dave Dee asked on February 22nd, 1969.

These February columns can be found in the ‘February 1969′ Chronicles page. Find some more elsewhere on this website.

Smoking was the point of the article written on March 1st as ‘Just One Long Drag’.

‘How Will You Know He Loves You?’ was the title of Dave’s page on March 8th.

Dave Dee stated ‘You Shock Me’ in Fabulous 208 on April 5th.

On May 10th, ‘Heard It Through The Grapevine’ headlined his story.

And May 31st was time for the question: ‘Where Have All The Nice Boys Gone?’

Followed on June 7th by another one: ‘Love? Love? Love?’

The subject of the column on June 21st was ‘Jealousy’.

‘The 64000$ Question’ was the title of the Dave Dee page on June 28th.

The previous DD Column is available in the ‘June 1969′ Chronicles page. Find some more elsewhere on this website.

‘It IS Your Business’ pointed out Dave Dee on July 18th in Fabulous 208.

Here is a special announcement from August 2nd, 1969:


On September 20th, Dave Dee’s Column said: ‘Give Him The Brush Off’.

But the September 27th edition of Fabulous 208 saw Daveshout ‘I Need A Challenge!’

On October 11th, 1969, Dave Dee decided: ‘Men Are The Stronger Sex’.

Dave Dee’s page on October 25th was about the question: ‘Does Your Mum Have A Problem?’

Dave Dee asked the readers ‘What Me A Heartbraker?’ on November 1st.

The spirit of Christmas appeared in ‘There’s Still The Old Magic’ on December 27th, 1969.

A new year and a new decade and the Dave Dee Column wondered ‘Who Wants the Sexy Seventies?’ on January 31st, 1970.

‘Face The Music’ was the title chosen by Dave Dee on November 28th in Fabulous 208.

And finally, Dave Dee introduced his future bride on 9 February 1971:


David Harman and Carol Dunning

Dave hasn’t always been for Valentine cards, but he’ll certainly be sending one this year – and expecting one in return…

Actually I spent quite a bit of time picking out the card – even if I did feel an idiot reading all those rhymes about ‘please be my Valentine’. I’d known the girl for a year or so, and I felt a wee bit romantic about her.
Then I got into my ‘angry young man’ era and decided that Valentine cards were a super-commercial hype. I thought: it’s all just a load of rubbish. These manufacturers have just found another reason to sell more of their tatty cards. I’ll have nothing to do with them . . .’
But I still felt very hurt when I didn’t actually RECEIVE any Valentine cards! I figured that I must be losing my touch . . . with the chicks, anyway.
Mind you, if I know Carol, she’ll probably disguise her writing on it and play it all innocent when I try to find out if she DID send it. She could even take the joke a stage further. That is, see the card on display somewhere, then pump me for information, as though she’s very hurt, about which girl is sending me that kind of card.
Excuse me a moment – I’ve just jogged my elbow out as I’m writing this column and tipped what looks like a ton of water over my record player. Oh well, the rust is up to me, I suppose.
But as I’ve looked out a suitable card for Carol, I’ve been thinking how different this particular St Valentine’s Day is for me. My first one as an engaged person. The last stage on the way to marriage.
Well, let ‘s own up that things must have changed. It must change anyone when you realise that you have to consider someone else, not just yourself. Actually it hasn’t been particularly painful for me – but I can see how tricky it is for some people to give up a sort of individual freedom.
I can also understand those who take the easy way out and just live together. They just ignore those responsibilities and go into a relationship that they can pull out of at any time. I’ve had my moments when I’ve thought that way but now I’ve actually got engaged I realise that there were a lot of ideals bout married life which have always appealed to me. But you are bound to be changed, as a person, to some extent.
While I’ve said why I went off the whole Valentine card thing, I must say I can understand how buying them can give pleasure, maybe a little excitement, to people – especially girls. I get quite a few from fans, and I honestly appreciate the thought and time that went into picking them out.
And without them, of course, I’d still feel that I was somehow losing my touch!
But don’t you honestly think it’s ridiculous the number of cards you can buy to cover any sort of thing. Even ones apologising for forgetting soemone’s birthday – or maybe even ones for changing your mind about having sent someone a Valentine card.
I’ve no real objections to Mothers’ Day cards because it’s nice for mums to be remembered in that way. But when they stretched it to Fathers’ Day, too, then I thought: “It’s those con-men in the card industry up to their tricks again.”
Still, soon I’ll be getting married. And in a couple of years, given luck, a Fathers’ Day will come round and there will be a card for me.
And if I don’t get one, then I’ll feel very disappointed. Or be convinced that I’ve REALLY lost my touch!

Address your letters to Dave, c/o FAB-208, Fleetway House, Farringdon Street, London E.C.4. (Please do NOT enclose a stamped, addressed envelope as Dave won’t be able to answer any letters through the post, though he will read every one and discuss some in his column.)

David Harman married Carol Dunning on 18 October 1971.


There were more Dave Dee Columns to come, two were featured in the Fab 208 Annual 1971: ‘Heartbroken, Luton’ and in the Fab 208 Annual 1972: ‘The Birds And The… Birds!’ published around Christmas time.


If you have any more Dave Dee Digs to add to the above list, please let us know.

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Do you know when this Dave Dee Column was published?




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