Cyril the Ghost

Cyril The Ghost


When Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich became famous, they started to raise the interest of music reporters. As early as 1965, the anecdote of a ghost haunting them appeared in their interviews and later spread from England to Germany. The story was particularly appreciated there and turned into a saga with many episodes, which lasted the whole year through, and even well into 1967.

Fri 10/12/65   
NME n°987: Third time lucky for Dave Dee, Dozy, etc…

Many people who claim to know pop music have been saying for months that groups are on the way out. But if these “experts” checked their facts they would find that many new groups made the NME Chart for the first time this year.
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich, who enter this week’s chart at n° 25 with “You Make It Move,” have proved that with talent, originality and a little bit of luck, a group can still become a success.
They come from the Salisbury area, where they met up after playing in different combos. At first they were known as Dave Dee and the Bostons, but they decided to get someting a bit different – hence Dave Dee, Dozy, etc.
Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley, managers of the Honeycombs, heard the group one day, and were so impressed that a management contract was drawn up.
Apart from writing “You Make It Move,” Ken and Alan also penned the group’s two previous records, but these failed to make the chart.
The group, David Harman (Dave Dee), Trevor Davies (Dozy), John Dymond (Beaky), Mick Wilson (Mick) and Ian Amey (Tich), adopted its name from the various nicknames tagged to them at school.
The boys also claim to be the proud possessors of a friendly ghost they’ve called “Cyril.” They all swear to its authenticity, and claim to have seen him many times.
(Norrie Drummond)

Friday 15/04/66    

NME n°1005 page 8: ‘In Crowds’ don’t exist, say Dave Dee, Dozy, etc.

A new group has swept up the chart, knocking conventions to the wind. The zaniest, most unpredictable outfit to appear on the scene since Doctor Crock and the Crackpots – Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich.
[…] I asked Beaky if there was any truth in the story that the group had a ghost.
“Everyone thinks we’re joking ,” he said, seriously. “But he honestly does exist. We first saw him after a date in Watford. We were staying the night in a shabby old doss-house.
“Dave wakened and saw this figure gliding around the room. At first he thought it was the old boy who ran the place, rooting about our pockets for loot. But when he got up and put on the light, there was no one there.
“Mick and I are the only two who haven’t seen him, but I felt him touch my ankle.”
(Mark James)


Monday 20/06/66   
Bravo n°26 pages 6-7: Auf nach Germany! – Dave Dee & Co.

Dave Dee & Co. . .
. . . freuten sich über ihre erste deutsche Stipp-Visite und über ihren Erfolg mit “Hold tight”. Dave Dee verriet BRAVO bei einem Humpen bayerischen Bieres ein seltsames Geheimnis: “Wir haben ein richtiges Gespenst. Seit drei Jahren erscheint es uns ab und zu. Nur Mick hat CYRIL, wie wir das Gespenst nennen, noch nicht gesehen. Es ist ein Mann, durchsichtig wie Nebel. So schnell wie er erscheint, verschwindet er wieder”, erzählen Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich mit ernsthafter Miene. Ob ihnen CYRIL auch nach Deutschland gefolgt ist? Beim BRAVO-Interview ließ er sich jedenfalls nicht blicken.



Dave Dee & Co were delighted with their first German flying visit and their success with “Hold Tight”.
Over a Bavarian beer mug, Dave Dee betrayed Bravo a strange secret: “We have a real ghost. He’s been appearing to us from time to time for three years. He is a man, as transparent as fog. He vanishes as fast as he appears”, Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich told us with a serious look. Did Cyril also follow them to Germany ? Anyway, he didn’t show up during the interview. 

Monday 25/07/66   
Bravo n°31 pages 6-7: “Es war einmal…” so fangen alle Märchen an – Auch das Märchen von Dave Dee & Co.

Sie scheinen von einem anderen Planeten zu kommen. Ihre Namen sind ebenso ungewöhnlich wie ihre Musik und ihre kunterbunte Kleidung. Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick und Tich muten wie fünf Märchenprinzen an. Und deshalb erzählt BRAVO den märchenhaften Weg ihrer sagenhaften Karriere in Form eines Märchens…
[...] Eines Nachts erschien ihnen zum erstenmal ein Geist. Sie nannten ihn CYRIL, denn er war ein freundlicher, ein guter Geist. Er lieβ sich immer für kurze Zeit in einem ihrer Hotelzimmer sehen und verschwand wieder.
„CYRIL ist die Verkörperung unserer Karriere, unser Talisman”, sagte Dave Dee geheimnisvoll. Und wenn er und seine vier Freunde und CYRIL nicht gestorben sind, so leben sie noch heute…

“Once upon a time…” That’s how the tale of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich began…
They seem to come from another planet. Their names are as unusual as their music and their multicoloured clothes. Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich move on as five charming Princes. That is why Bravo tells the story of their legendary career as if it was a fairy tale…
One night a ghost appeared for the first time. They named him Cyril, as he was friendly and nice. He used to show up briefly in one of their Hotel rooms and disappear again.
“Cyril is the incarnation of our career, our talisman”, says Dave Dee, assuming an air of mystery. And if he and his four friends and Cyril did not die, they all lived happily ever after…

See the same Poster in colour here: BRAVO-Poster 19 September 1966


Saturday 30/07/66   
Jackie – Courier Supplement : the DAVE DEE pop group

They’re Haunted By An Unknown Ghost

Dave says he was the first to see the ghost. He and Mick were in a hotel room in Watford. It was midnight . . .
“I saw this shadowy figure,” says Dave. “But it had vanished by the time I had nudged Mick awake. Maybe it wanted money and sheered off when it realised we were skint.”
Beaky and Tich say they have seen the ghost (or Cyril as they like to call him!) several times since. Dozy and Mick say they haven’t – but Mick adds, “Cyril once touched my ankle and I yelled blue murder.”


Saturday 8/10/66   
Jackie page 19: loves and hates of dave dee
• “In” clubs and “in” crowds
• Back-biting, a lot of if goes on in showbiz
• Talking shop, I like to relax and forget work
• Hangers-on • Wearing formal clothes
• Groups who dress alike
• People who don’t have a sense of humour
• Not eating
People who don’t believe in the group’s ghost, I know he’s there, I’ve seen him
• Not being able to tell jokes because of the fans screaming
• Groups who try to be pretentious about pop music
• Vanity and insincerity
• Cold toast
• Being caught in the rain
• Tours where you work so hard you don’t have time to sightsee
• Being broke.

Saturday 26/11/66   
NME n°1037 page 17:  Two Wacky Days Abroad With The Dave Dee Gang

                                                                                Very big
[...] Dave Dee and Co. are very, very big in Germany. Everywhere they went they were recognised and asked for their autographs. Over there boys appeared to be more enthusiastic about pop than girls. At the studio they clamoured round every act clapping and whistling.
Lee Drummond, another British act on the show, who looks like having a big hit in Germany with “Hi Hi Hazel,” was amazed by the reception he received there.
After the show Dave Dee, Beaky, Mick, Jay Vickers and I travelled to our hotel in the centre Of Bremen and checked into our rooms.
About half-an-hour later I went to Mick’s room and was confronted by the weirdest scene imaginable. Beaky was kneeling on the floor, blowing into a Coke bottle while attempting to charm imaginary snakes from a wastepaper basket.
Dozy – clad only in a towel – was covered from head to toe in white powder. Why? I’ll never know !
At the same time Mick was crawling around on his hands and knees cursing someone called Cyril, who had apparently stolen his comb. [...]
(Norrie Drummond)

Monday 12/12/66   
Bravo n°51 pages 4-5: Der Spuk ist aus!

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich haben ihren Geist CYRIL nicht mehr * BRAVO fragte: Was steckt dahinter?

Grusel, grusel! Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick und Tich sind buchstäblich “entgeistert”. Ihr Hausgeist CYRIL hat sie verlassen. Seit dem Beginn ihrer Karriere auf Schritt und Tritt allgegenwärtig, ist plötzlich der Geister-Spuk aus! – – – “So ein Quatsch! Wer glaubt heute noch an Geister”, sagte sich BRAVO-Korrespondent Henry Cooke und stellte die “entgeisterten” Beatstars in London zur Rede.
Aber da traf er Dave Dees empfindlichste Stelle: “Keine Beleidigung! Wir haben wirklich einen Geist gehabt!” Und dann sagte er tiefernst: “CYRIL war ein guter Geist. Als es uns dreckig ging, stand er uns immer treu zur Seite. Aber seit wir mit vier Spitzen-Hits überm Berg sind, ist er verschwunden. Wir brauchen keine Hilfe mehr. Vielleicht hat er uns deshalb verlassen. Und beschützt jetzt jemanden, der ihn nötiger braucht als wir…”

Zurück zu den Beat-Mannen aus dem nebligen geisterfreundlichen England! Jeder einzelne verriet BRAVO seine letzte Begegnung mit CYRIL • Beaky: „Als ich nach einem Auftritt todmüde ins Bett fiel, packte er mich am Fußgelenk und entschwebte dann durch die verschlossene Tür. So sagte er mir Ade!” • Tich: „Bei mir spielte er nachts auf meiner Gitarre…” • Dozy: „CYRIL zerriβ mir eine Pfundnote in 1000 Schnitzel. Vielleicht, weil ich zu sparsam bin?” • Dave Dee: „Bei einem nächtlichen Spaziergang durch Salisbury streifte er mich im Vorübergehen. Ich sah nur seinen Schatten.” • Nur Mick gestand: „Ich bin der einzige, der CYRIL nie sah. Dennoch glaube ich an seine Existenz. Meine Kollegen sind ja keine Spinner!” – Freunde, über dieses BRAVO-Geister-interview kann man denken, wie man will. Tatsache ist: Mit „Hard to love you” haben Dave Dee & Co ihren vierten Hit. Sie haben die Hilfe – oder den romantischen Schwindel – mit ihrem Flaschenteufel nicht mehr nötig!!!

Wie aus einer gespenstischen Flaschenteufel-Grusel-Szene – so stellten sich Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick und Tich der BRAVO-Kamera. Fünf Mann – ohne ihren Geist CYRIL …

The spell is broken!
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich have their ghost Cyril no more. What does it mean ?

Horror, horror! Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich are literally “disenchanted”. Their home ghost Cyril has left them. Following them everywhere since the beginning of their career, the spell has suddenly been broken! — “Nonsense! Who would believe in spirits nowadays ?” thought our London correspondent Henry Cooke before questioning the Beats Stars.
But that’s when he came upon Dave Dee’s most touchy side. “No harm done! We really did have a ghost!” Adding sternly: “Cyril was a nice ghost. When we went through bad times, he was always by our side. But since we’re over the top with four hit singles, he vanished. We don’t need help any longer. Perhaps that is why he left us. And he protects somebody else, who is more in need than we are…”

Back to the Beat-Men from the foggy ghost-friendly England. Each of them told Bravo their last encounter with Cyril.
Beaky: “As after a concert I fell exhausted in bed, he grabbed me by the ankle and then disappeared through the closed door. That’s how he bid me adieu…”
Tich: “With me he played my guitar at night…”
Dozy: “Cyril tore a pound note of mine in thousand pieces. Perhaps, because I am so thrifty?”
Dave Dee: “During a nightly walk through Salisbury he brushed against me while passing by. I only saw his shadow.”
Only Mick admitted: “I’m the only one who never saw Cyril, although I believe in his existence. My buddies are no loonies, are they?”
Friends, you may believe what you will about this Bravo interview. The fact is, Dave Dee & Co. have their 4th hit with “Hard To Love You”. They don’t need the help – or the romantic dizziness – of their bottled little devil any longer!!!

Monday 16/01/67   
Bravo n°4 page 15: Der Spuk geht weiter!

Die Geistergeschichte von Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich hat jetzt eine deutsche Fortsetzung! In BRAVO 51 berichteten wir, daß der langjährige Geist CYRIL seine Dave-Dee-Mannen verlassen hatte.
“Der Spuk ist aus”, schrieben wir. Aber wir haben die Rechnung ohne CYRIL gemacht! Schrieb uns doch die Beatband THE STREAMES aus Friedrichshafen: “CYRIL ist jetzt bei uns! Dave Dees guter Geist hat seinen Einzug bei uns gehalten. Drei Tage vor Erscheinen des BRAVO-Berichts kam Eddy, unser Schlagzeuger, ganz verstört zu uns. Er hatte einen verrückten Traum gehabt. ‘Ich sah Dave Dee und seine Freunde. Sie weinten. Dann erwachte ich. In diesem Augenblick sah ich CYRIL. ‘Hallo, Streames, ich komme zu euch’, sagte er und verschwand . . .’ Soweit Eddy. Seitdem passieren bei uns die tollsten Sachen. Ob uns CYRIL ebenso Glück bringen wird wie Dave Dee? Das hoffen THE STREAMES!”
Foto: Die neuen “Besitzer” von CYRIL: The Streames.

The spell goes on!
The ghost story of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich is now continued in Germany! We reported in Bravo 51 that Cyril the long time ghost had abandoned his Dave Dee men. We wrote: “The spell is broken”. But we didn’t take Cyril into account! This is what the Beat group ‘The Streames’ wrote us from Friedrichshafen:
“Cyril is now with us! Dave Dee’s friendly ghost has now moved in with us. Three days before this Bravo report, our drummer Eddy came to us looking very disturbed. He had made a crazy dream: ‘I saw Dave Dee and his friends. They were weeping. Then I awoke. At this moment I saw Cyril. ‘Hello, Streames, I’m coming to you’ said he and vanished…’ Meant Eddy. Since then, the most wonderful things are happening to us. Will Cyril bring us as much luck as Dave Dee ? The Streames hope so !”

Mon 28/08/67   
Bravo/OK n°36 page 53: Beaky (Dave Dee & Company)

I Love… People, who don’t have anything against my nose … Country & Western music … Lonely, white beaches without any radio or record player … Salmon fishing in Scotland … Fans who recognize me … Our invisible mascot Cyril, the ghost … Multi-coloured trousers

I Hate… Beat groups whose members are all dressed alike … People who search for a hidden sense in every pop song instead of enjoying the music … Guys who think my nose is an invitation for a fight … Girls who talk and laugh too loud … People who have more luck in fishing than myself
(From “Jackie”)

Sat 9/09/67   
Jackie: Do you believe in ghosts?

Do you believe in ghosts? Ever get the heeby jeebies or hear things that go bump in the night? Quite a few people aren’t quite so ready to scoff when they’ve had a brush with the supernatural.
In fact, some popsters even go ghost-hunting! Steve Winwood went along with a whole gang including brother Muff, Bob Dylan and Stephanie Wood to a haunted house near Great Whitley and stayed there most of the night in the ruins hoping to see the ghost.
“We didn’t actually see anything,” admits Stevie, “but it’s one of the creepiest scenes I’ve ever been in. And I must believe in ghosts, otherwise I wouldn’t have gone to look for one, would I ?”
Dave Dee wouldn’t be parted from the group’s pet ghost, Cyril, whom he regards as their lucky mascot!
Ever since Dave woke up in a hotel room in Watford and first saw a shadowy figure which vanished, the group haven’t stopped having hits.
“The others didn’t believe me at first. Then, Beaky and Tich saw him and Mick reckons he felt something touch his ankle. So even Dozy takes our ghost seriously now.”
“We’ve christened him Cyril. And we reckon he must like us-that’s why he’s tagging along!”
You still don’t really think ghosts exist? Well, you’ll find Herman swearing that he definitely saw a shadow on the wall walking just in front of him-yet there was no one around!
“I was in the corridor of a theatre alone. There was my shadow and this ocher one just in front of it! And I wasn’t seeing double. I was told later that the theatre was supposed to be haunted.”
But the supernatural sometimes has its uses-especially in foretelling the future.

The Making Of the story of “Cyril the Ghost”:





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