Chronicles: The Year 1964



Dave Dee & The Bostons
were much in demand for live engagements all over the country. But they were unable to get signed with any record company.

Read more about DJ Johnny Dymond @ Southampton Royal Pier Memories:


Dave Dee interviewed for the BBC (Where are they now?) :
DD: We did Hamburg along with the Searchers, Gerry And The Pacemakers and Billy J. Kramer but when the Beatles took off in 1962 we got left at the starting point. We were known as Dave Dee And The Bostons then and working five or six days a week but we just couldn’t get arrested when it came to record companies. We went to most record companies, because in those days you didn’t send anything in, you had to go in and do a record test. You used to pile up outside the studio where there would be about ten other bands waiting to be auditioned. They’d give you fifteen minutes to set your gear up, strut your stuff and get out. We had comments like, “Don’t call us, we’ll call you”, “Gentlemen, we suggest you cut your instruments up because you’ll never have a hit record.” We didn’t let it put us off though as we knew one day we would make it. In those days you had dance halls and we would be the support to the top of the bill. When we were on, noone would dance because there was so much going on on stage, humour, action, all sorts of stuff.

Radio Luxembourg
is the only commercial station powerful enough to reach as far as Great Britain. On 208 m, it is broadcasting in German by day, Dutch in the evening and English at night. That was the situation with the BBC monopoly over the airwaves prior to Pirate Radio.

January 1964    
Second Trip to Germany: Storyville Club, Cologne (1 month)
Dave Dee & The Bostons (with Mick Wilson) go back for a second season in Germany

Southern Entertainer Issue 2 Page 5: Groups Galore
Southampton’s top professional group The Lonelyones, are forced to come back from Germany a month earlier than expected owing to the fact that one of their singers Johnny Keeping has contracted laryngitis . . . however, their date sheet is rapidly filling up . . . Gary and Lee and Dave Dee and the Bostons are being flown over to take their place in Cologne for the month of January . . . Salisbury’s group, Clive Shane, Ricky Lewis and The Avengers previously with the James Dodson Agency now solely represented by Avenue Artistes . . . More and more Clubs are opening up in Germany, France and Spain requiring groups, but please note, the hours are long, living high and very hard work . . .
(from http://www.davidstjohn.co.uk/entertainer2.html)

An Oral History of the Wolverhampton Group Scene of the 1960’s by Keith Farley
Finders Keepers went out to Germany in the mid-60s, as both Roy ‘Dripper’ Kent, the lead singer, and lead guitarist Alan Clee remember:
“The first time we went out to Germany it was for about five weeks and we had to work like cart horses. We did the usual stint of 45 minutes on and 15 minutes off throughout the night and matinees at the weekends. It was killing but as so many other groups discovered, it made us a better band and a closer group of blokes.”
“We played in Wuppertal, Frankfurt and Cologne. Unfortunately we never made it to Hamburg. That was a great disappointment to all of us. The circuit of clubs we played in Frankfurt and Cologne was called the Storyville and was owned by a feller called John Marshall. The Frankfurt club was the more successful because it was near to the American base so we had loads of Americans coming into the club. They demanded different stuff from us.”

One of the other Wolverhampton groups to play in Germany was Steve Brett and the Mavericks. The bass player with the ‘new’ Mavericks was Pete Bickley:
“We played at the Storyville clubs in Frankfurt and Cologne. Both of those clubs were full of some of the dregs of humanity. There were pimps, prostitutes, gangsters and drug dealers, all carrying on their trade in full view of the group. So, there we were miles from home in a foreign country, aged about 17 or 18 and surrounded by that. It was horrific.”

In 1964 one of the town’s most successful groups was formed, the Montanas. Within a relatively short time they had been over to Germany to perform. The lead guitarist was Bill Hayward:
“Like most every one of the British groups who went to Germany we wanted to play in the same places as the Beatles and we did get to play on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg. We also played in Frankfurt, Cologne and Wuppertal. Each of the clubs we played had their own individual characteristics. For instance, the club in Frankfurt was called the K52 and had a line of Mercedes Sports cars outside the club, each driven by a female chauffeur or at least that was what we thought the girls were. They turned out to be a little ‘more’ than that, offering other services to patrons.”

(From the book: ‘N Between Times written by Keith Farley – available online at:

Wed 1/01/64   
TV Show: Top Of The Pops, BBC Television, London, England (7:30-8:00 pm)
Presented alternatively by Alan Freeman & Jimmy Saville – Premiere
The BBC compiled a Top Twenty based on the Charts from ‘N.M.E’, ‘Melody Maker’ and ‘Disc Weekly’ (later Disc and Music Echo), soon broadcast every Thursday

Fri 3/01/64    
Southern Entertainer Issue 2 Page 6: Here he be – Mr. R. and B.

It’s great—it’s new—ITS THE SOUTHERN SOUND—and all played for your discerning ears by none other than Manfred Manne and his group. Now Manfred is no stranger to these Southern shores—playing at the Concorde, (Bassett Hotel, Southampton), the Southampton University, Bournemouth, Portsmouth—in fact any venue where his ” swingo style ” of R and B is in great demand.
The lads have appeared twice on Southern TV—in October on Day by Day and on December 29th.
Last year they recorded a number, ” Why should we not ” for H.M.V.
Four of these five musicians have links with the South (Andover, Bournemouth, Brighton, Portsmouth and Southampton). For the Day by Day sequences they were filmed at the Concorde Jazz Club, Southampton.
The leader of the group has connections with the South as well, South Africa—Manfred Manne comes from Johannesburg. When he was playing in a holiday camp over here he met Mike Hugg and they formed the Mike-Hugg Blues Brothers from which the quintet has grown.
Mike was born at Andover and was brought up in Bournemouth. Paul Jones, singer and compere, hails from Portsmouth. He had his own skiffle group when he was 12 and later formed his own jazz band. Dave Richmond, bass guitarist, was born at Brighton and was in the R.A.F. as a musician. He worked later with a ship’s orchestra.
Mike Vickers, sax, was born at Southampton. He played with various bands when he was at school and was semi-pro with local dance bands before turning pro. He has been commissioned by Johnny Dankworth to produce an arrangement for his band.
If you are an R and B fan you can’t afford to let yourself down before your friends and say you have not been to hear this chart-chasing group — it’s worth a hundred mile trip on a slow camel to get there.
(from http://www.davidstjohn.co.uk/entertainer2.html)

Page 2: Letters To The Editor
I would like to know if Dave Dee has a fan club, if he has, could you possibly send it to me. Dave Dee has been down here in Romsey three times at the Crosfield Hall and I thought he was fab. This is the first time I bought the “Southern Entertainer ” and I saw Dave Dee’s photo so I thought perhaps you would know his fan club.
Sandra Jackson, Romsey, Hants.


Sat 4/01/64    
Billboard Chart entry: The Exciters – Do-Wah-Diddy (United Artists 662) #78
Original version of this Sixties standard made famous by Manfred Mann

Fri 17/01/64    
Single release: Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders – Little Darlin’ (Fontana 436)
Second vintage hit common to The Bostons and The Mindbenders repertoire

Fri 17/01/64    
City Hall, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England [No DDDBMT involvement]
The Rolling Stones supported by Johnny Carr & The Cadillacs

January 1964    
Southern Entertainer Issue 3 Page 5: Dave Dee And The Bostons
One of the South’s most popular show groups who strongly emphasise comedy and showmanship in their act. They have just returned from second residency in Germany, where they were playing every evening at the Storeyville Club of Cologne, backing another local duo Gary and Lee.

Page 7: Groups Galore
. . . following groups signed for Leicester – Threeways, Falcons, Trendsetters, Lonelyones, Bostons . . .

Page 7: South Beat in Germany
You know you can say what you like—the South has got a big following in the nightclubs of Germany. In Frankfurt-am-Main there are three nightclubs all featuring British groups—and TWO OF THESE GROUPS WERE FROM SOUTHAMPTON.
Read more on David St. John’s page:

Page 8: Avenue Artistes Band Directory
AVENGERS 5 pce with CLIVE SHANE/Voc. RICKY LEWIS/VOC. /Piano/Rhythm, plus Lead, Bass, and Drums. Semi pro./Salisbury.
BOSTONS 5 pce. incl. DAVE DEE/ Vocal, plus Lead, Rhythm, Bass and Drums. Established comedy and vocal group. (Prof/Salisbury.)
DOWLANDS and SOUND-TRACKS duo and 3 pce. Lead, Bass and Drums. Duo play guitars. (Duo and Group record for Oriole.) (Semi pro/Bournemouth.)
EMERALDS 4 pce. with vocalist DANIEL BOONE and Guitar, Bass, Drums. Group record for Columbia. (Semi pro/Camberley.)
LONELY ONES 4 pce. incl. vocalist JOHNNY KEEPING with Guitar, Bass, Drums. (Pro/ Southampton.)
TRENDSETTERS 5 pce. incl. vocalist GENE ANTONY with Lead, Rhythm, Bass, Drums—Group vocalise. (Semi pro/Southampton.)
TROJANS 6 pce. incl. 2 vocalists NICK TROY and ESME DUVAL with Lead, Rhythm, Bass and Drums. (Semi pro/Fawley, So’ton.)

(More bands on David St. John’s webpage. The Avengers included Peter Mason. Note: there are only two fully professional groups.)

February 64    
Mildmay Tavern, 130 Balls Pond Road, Islington, London, England
Ken Howard & Alan Blaikley discover The Sherabons: Denny d’Ell (Denis Dalziel, vo), Honey Lantree (Anne Margot Lantree, dr), Alan Ward (gt), Martin Murray (rh) & John Lantree (bs)

The group, formed in 1963, will change name to The Honeycombs, inspired by their girl drummer Honey, a hairdresser, and in reference to the Jimmie Rodgers’ 1957 US n°1 Hit “Honeycomb”. Pye will sign up the group after HMV rejected their first song “Have I The Right”.

February 64    
Royal Pier, Southampton, Hampshire, England
Dave Dee & The Bostons won the Southern Area heat of the National Beat Contest sponsored by Walls Ice Cream at the Royal Pier Pavilion in Southampton, with a £25 reward.

Southern Entertainer Issue 3 Page 1 (January 1964): Big Beat Contest
News of a great new beat contest is in the air and what a stir it is causing. Sponsored by Walls Ice Cream and Mecca Dancing Ltd., this National Beat Contest is the largest ever. There are some fifteen areas each having four or five heats and an area final.
All the final winners will compere at the New Mecca, the Empire at Leicester Square in May. Groups attracted to Southampton’s Royal Pier already number 10 and come from as far away as Reading. First heat is on Wednesday, February 5th. Who can tell—it might well be a Southern group to win the £1,000 and a recording contract.
(from http://www.davidstjohn.co.uk/entertainer3.html)

Fri 14/02/64    
Valentine Dance, Imperial Ballroom, Eastleigh, Hampshire, England
Dave Dee & The Bostons

Sat 22/02/64    
Gayeway Club, Northampton, Northamptonshire or Bedford, Bedfordshire, England
Dave Dee & The Bostons

Sun 23/02/64    
Gayeway Club, Northampton, Northamptonshire or Bedford, Bedfordshire, England
Dave Dee & The Bostons

March 1964    
Single release: Johnny Kidd & The Pirates – Always And Ever / Dr Feelgood (HMV Pop 1269)
British cover of “Dr Feelgood”, with Frank Farley (dr), Johnny Spence (bs) & Mick Green (gt)
Note: Rory Storm & the Hurricanes were the first to cover “Dr. Feelgood” in Dec. 1963 (Oriole 1858)

March 1964    
German single release: Die Beatles – Komm, gib mir deine Hand / Sie liebt dich (Odeon 22671)
Proof that the German market was important (bigger than Britain), and easier to access in the native language. One month later they would be n°1 in the USA and wouldn’t need such tricks anymore.

Wed 4/03/64   
Michael ‘Mick’ Wilson, drummer of The Bostons, is 20 years old
Bobby Womack, singer with The Valentinos, was also born this day in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Sun 15/03/64    
Dreamland Ballroom, Margate, Kent, England
Dave Dee & The Bostons

Wed 18/03/64    
City Hall, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England [No DDDBMT involvement]
The Rolling Stones supported by The Outlaws (their last gig with Ritchie Blackmore)
The other ‘Outlaws’ are Chas Hodges, Ken Lundgren and Mick Underwood (future Herd drummer)

Thu 19/03/64    
City Hall, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages
Supported by Dave Dee & The Bostons ‘Prior to their Scottish tour – appearing on Grampian TV’ (The Advertiser’s entertainment page)

March 1964   
Dave Dee & The Bostons Tour of Scotland
Assuming the group did play a few dates in Scotland 

Fri 27/03/64   
Radio Caroline
The first British Pirate Radio, on 199 m. is launched by Ronan O’Rahilly on board the MV Fredericia

Sat 4/04/64    
Billboard Chart N°1: The Beatles – Can’t Buy Me Love (Capitol 5150)
This week the Beatles hold the Top Five singles in the American charts, after having been n°1 since February 15th, both in the singles and albums charts. Moreover, they place seven more songs in the Top 100. That was the beginning of the British Invasion, with scores of other British groups getting success in America and consequently the whole world over.

Fri 10/04/64    
Single release: Manfred Mann – Hubble Bubble (Toil And Trouble) (HMV Pop 1282)
“Double, double toil and trouble” is a Scottish witches incantation in Macbeth. Shakespeare quotes are everywhere to be found in pop music (1964 was Shakespeare’s quatercentenary).

Fri 10/04/64    
City Hall, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Dave Dee & The Bostons supported by Jack Simmons & His Band

Sun 12/04/64     
Fairfield Hall, Croydon, Surrey, England (2 shows)
The Rolling Stones, Dave Dee & The Bostons,
with The Squares, The Barracudas, The Worryin’ Kind, The Rattles and The Overlanders

Dave Dee on Radio 2 23 Aug ’86: I remember going to the Fairfield Hall Croydon as the support on a tour with this particular band… and a few other bands like the Searchers, and various other artists. l’d never heard any audience scream as loud as this. I didn’t know about the worship that all these pop stars had… and I was totally deaf when this band walked on stage, and of course they were the Rolling Stones.

Fri 17/04/64    
NME n°901 Cover: Dave Dee and the Bostons !
Starlite, Britain’s Fastest Growing Booking Organisation – 41 Kingsway, London, W.C.2
First mention of the group in a national magazine ?

We’re Moving At STARLITE: Breakaways * Brian Poole and the Tremeloes * The Brooks * Contrasts * Dave Curtiss and the Tremors * Dave Dee and the Bostons * Vandyke …

Tue 5/05/64    
Restaurant, Edgware Road, Westminster, London W2, England
The Who audition for Chris Parmenter, A&R man for Fontana Records, and producer Jack Baverstock. Keith Moon had only played one gig with the group. They would be signed for a one-off single on the Fontana label, released in July as “The High Numbers”.

Fri 8/05/64    
Single release: The Pretty Things – Rosalyn / Big Boss Man (Fontana TF 469)
Their first single (#41 in the charts) was produced by Bobby Graham, future Dave Dee & Co producer

In early 1964 Graham began production for Fontana. “Jack Baverstock, head of A&R, didn’t want to work with The Pretty Things. He said ‘I don’t want to work with these animals, I can’t listen to that crap, take them if you want to’. They were extremely difficult, especially when they’d all been drinking”. Graham managed to reign in The Pretty Things’ excesses and struck up such a rapport, that not only did he produce them and stand in for the often awol Viv Prince. he also co-wrote with them. Graham’s credits include “Can’t Stand The Pain”, the B-side to “Midnight To Six Man and “You Don’t Believe Me”, from their second album “Get The Picture”.
(from BobbyGraham.co.uk)

Tue 12/05/64    
Radio Atlanta
starts broadcasting from the MV Mi Amigo, on 201 m

Fri 15/05/64    
Ian ‘Tich’ Amey, The Bostons’ lead guitarist, is 20 years old
Trini Lopez, born in Dallas, Texas, is 27. Brian Eno (Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle) is only 14.

Sun 18/05/64    
News: Mods and Rockers – The Battle of Brighton
In Brighton, two youths were jailed for three months and others were fined.
More than 1,000 teenagers were involved in skirmishes on the beach and the promenade last night.
They threw deckchairs around, broke them up to make bonfires, shouted obscenities at each other and at passers-by, jostled holidaymakers and terrified elderly residents.
At about 1300 BST Mods and Rockers gathered at the Palace Pier chanting and jeering at each other and threw stones when police tried to disperse them.
The teenagers staged a mass sit-down on the promenade when police, using horses and dogs, tried to move them on.
(The 1964 Whitsun weekend violence in Brighton was famously dramatised in the film Quadrophenia)

June 1964 ?    
Album release: Cleo Laine – “Shakespeare And All That Jazz” LP (Fontana TL 5209)
Featuring the music of John Dankworth – Words by William Shakespeare
And the very first track was: “If Music Be The Food Of Love”

Fri 19/06/64    
Single release: The Honeycombs – Have I The Right / Please Don’t Pretend Again (Pye 7N 15664)
Produced by Joe Meek, Howard Blaikley’s first hit single will be #1 in the UK, #5 in the USA

Geoff Goddard, composer of many RGM Hits for Meek, claimed the song’s authorship as his, under the title “Give Me The Chance”. But he lost the case in court the following year.

The Preachers record some demos (live and studio) with Bill Wyman as producer
The Preachers are Tony Chapman (dr, ex-Rolling Stones), Steve Carroll (gt), Terry Clarke (rh/vo) & Lewis Rich (vo/or). Andy Bown joins in Summer ’64 on bass. Later Steve Carroll died in a car crash, and was replaced by Gary Taylor. Peter Frampton, a 14 year-old neighbour, often sits in.

July 1964    
Dave Dee & The Bostons Fan Club
Started by Miss Cadogan in Salisbury (but there was a previous mention in Southern Entertainer n°2)

Thu 2/07/64    
Radio Caroline and Radio Atlanta merge
The first becomes Radio Caroline North, and sails on location off the Isle of Man while the other becomes Radio Caroline South

Fri 3/07/64    
Single release: The High Numbers – I’m The Face / Zoot Suit (Fontana TF 480) [Recorded in June 64]
The Who’s sole session in the Philips Studio took place only five months before Dave Dee & Co. It was produced by Jack Baverstock. There were just 1000 copies of the record pressed.

Fri 10/07/64    
John ‘Johnny’ Dymond, the Bostons’ guitarist, is 20 years old
Ian Whitcomb turns 23, and Ronnie James Dio is 22 (died 16 May 2010)

Fri 10/07/64    
Single release: Manfred Mann – Do Wah Diddy Diddy (HMV Pop 1320)
Covered by Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich in 1983, this was n°1 in the UK and in the USA

Fri 7/08/64    
Single release: Herman’s Hermits – I’m Into Something Good (Columbia 7338)
A lightweight, happy-go-lucky song that went to n°1 in the UK. Did it inspire “No Time” ?

Summer 1964    
Butlin’s Camp, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, England (Summer Season)
Dave Dee & The Bostons provide the seasonal entertainment. Resident bands play 2 hours in the afternoon and 3 hours in the evening. On Thursday (day off) they find some other gigs around.
The Casuals entered a talent contest that year, won by a solo singer with a Buddy Holly cover. The Casuals performed “Walking The Dog” with resident band Dave Dee & The Bostons.

Tony Keeble writes…
“I went to Clacton every xmas and every summer with my parents. It seems like only yesterday I was there. I remember in 1964 Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch were playing in the Embassy bar. And they let me get up on stage with them and play their drum kit! They then presented me with a set of maracas which I still have to this day. Butlin’s Clacton should be remembered as a fantastic holiday camp and I can honestly say that the memories of going there, and the fun I had there while growing up, will stay with me forever.”
(found on a Butlin Internet Website)
Hamburg: The cradle of British Rock (by Alan Clayson) page 176:
“We were working a holiday camp at Clacton,” Dave Dee continued, “but on Thursdays we had an evening off. So we were able to moonlight and do gigs outside. We went down to this ballroom in Swindon to support The Honeycombs, a band that had just had a Number One record. We had to do one hour either side of their spot, and the singer, Denis D’Ell, saw the fîrst part of the act. He went backstage, dragged his managers out, and said, ‘You should come and listen to this band. They’re pretty good.’ The managers, Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley, approached us during the interval and said, ‘Look, we think you’re great. Would you come up to London and we will get you a recording deal.’”

It was during a Honeycombs gig that Martin Murray rushed backstage to inform Alan Blaikley of an amazing support act whose flamboyant antics were causing a sensation. Blaikley needed only a few minutes to realize the enormous potential of this crazy quintet.
Alan Blaikley: They would throw guitars around, throw each other around; it was a tremendous extrovert act. They were immensely experienced. They’d been in the Star Club, die Reeperbahn and Butlins. The act was extremely risqué for the time. Their comedy routines were really very blue – but funny. The singer had a great patter and could get away with murder. (“Starmakers & Svengalis” by Johnny Rogan page 183)

Thu 20/08/64   
Locarno Ballroom, Swindon, Wiltshire, England
Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers supported by Dave Dee & The Bostons

Sat 22/08/64    
Billboard Chart entry: Martha & The Vandellas – Dancing In The Street (Gordy 7033) #2
One of the biggest Tamla Motown standards, covered by Dave Dee & Co in a BBC session

Sat 22/08/64    
City Hall, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England [No DDDBMT involvement]
The Troggs : Reginald Ball (bs), Ronnie Bullis (dr), Ginger Mansfield (gt) & Dave Wright (rh/vo)
come from nearby Andover, Hampshire

Wed 26/08/64   
British Charts: “Have I The Right” by The Honeycombs is N°1 in the NME, in Disc, in Music Week and the Melody Maker – and consequently, in “Top Of The Pops”.

September 64    
German single release: The Honeycombs – Hab’ ich das Recht (Vogue DV 14 210)
As for The Beatles, the charts listed the German and English versions tied in the Top 30 (at #21)

Wed 2/09/64    
British Charts: “Have I The Right” by The Honeycombs is N°1 in all the British charts.
The record was soon dropped from the BBC Light Programme but was played relentlessly through the summer on the pirate Radio Caroline, with the result that it became a million-seller, topping the charts in Britain, Japan, Australia and South Africa.

Fri 4/09/64    
NME n°921 page 9: Honeycombs Film
The Honeycombs are to appear in a new film musical about Mods and Rockers, written by their managers, Ken Howard and Alan Blakely, who penned “Have I The Right.”
Their agent, Nat Berlin, told the NME: “The film is being considered by a major company and will not go into production for some months. The Honeycombs will not be the stars, but will play a major rôle.”

Wed 9/09/64   
British Charts: “Have I The Right” by The Honeycombs is N°1 in the NME, in Disc, in Music Week and the Melody Maker for the 3rd week. It was also #1 in Sweden and Denmark.

Fri 25/09/64    
Album release: The Honeycombs – “The Honeycombs” LP (Pye NPL 18097)
Colour Slide / Once You Know / Without You It Is Night / That’s The Way / I Want To Be Free / How The Mighty Have Fallen / Have I The Right // Just A Face In The Crowd / Nice While It Lasted / Me From You / Leslie Anne / She’s Too Way Out / It Ain’t Necessarily So / This Too Shall Pass Away

First LP, produced by Joe Meek, with 9 Howard Blaikley songs showing a wideness of inspiration in the lyrics

Wed 30/09/64    
Radio City
Radio Sutch is bought by Reg Calvert and becomes Radio City
In 1959, he had built his own “school of pop stars”, and managed Lord Sutch, The Fortunes, and many more, including The Boppers

Wed 30/09/64   
Locarno Ballroom, Swindon, Wiltshire, England
The Honeycombs supported by Dave Dee & The Bostons

According to this Swindon website:


this is probably the date [Howard and] Blaikley discovered Dave Dee & The Bostons, supporting The Honeycombs. This would be the only time The Honeycombs played the Locarno Ballroom in Swindon, 1964.
Moreover, their touring schedule tends to show they were busy elsewhere almost every day through September 1964: Kidderminster (Sept. 3), Lidney (4), Gainsborough (5), Manchester (6), Stourbridge (9), Cheshunt (10), Kings Lynn (11), Rawtenstall (12), Birmingham (13), Cannock (15), Droitwich (17), Tamworth (18), Buxton (19), Cromer (20), Dublin (Ireland, Sept. 21), Donegal (22), Lisburn (23), Belfast (24), Kirkcaldy (Scotland, Sept. 25), Auchinleck (26), Dundee (27) and Dunfermline (28).
And in August, they were still totally unknown, having cracked the English Top 30 on August 8th – and it takes some time to organize a ballroom tour.

Tich Amey: “We used to do a gig in Swindon, it was an indoor skating ring – not an ice rink, an ordinary skating ring with a wooden floor. We used to do three 45-minute spots to support people like Cliff Bennett and The Rebel Rousers and Wayne Fontana and The Mindbenders. One particular night we were working with the Have I The Right merchants – The Honeycombs – with a girl drummer. The lead singer said to one of the managers – Alan Blaikley I think it was who was there – ‘Go and watch this band’.”
“At the time we did all the comedy stuff and a lot of vocal things -harmonies like The Beach Boys, Four Seasons type of thing. He came and saw us and asked if we’d like to go and meet his partner, and that was it. We went to London and met the partner, Ken Howard, and the two of them said they would like to write some songs for us. They had already written Have I The Right – which was like, number one all over the World – and that’s how it kicked off.”
“They must have been quite well off. They lived in Swiss Cottage, in a flat. By the time we’d had our first couple of hits, they moved into a really nice house in Hampstead.”
(in “HoldTight! – Voices of the Sarum Sound” page 109)

Note: indeed, The Bostons supported Cliff Bennett on 20 August 1964, and Wayne Fontana on 14 January 1965

October 1964 ?    
Friern Barnet, Barnet, London, England
Dave Dee & The Bostons

Dave Dee interviewed for the BBC (Where are they now?) :
DD: We had a gig offered to us in Swindon supporting the Honeycombs. We went on and did the first hour and Dennis Dell who was the singer of the Honeycombs then went backstage and said to their managers, ‘Look, you’ve got to go and watch this band’. We got a tug into the dressing room afterwards and they said ‘We can get you a recording deal’. They gave us their card and told us to come and see them in London. Two weeks later we were doing a gig in Friern Barnet so we thought we’d go and see them.

Sat 3/10/64    
Record Retailer Chart entry: The Rockin’ Berries – I Didn’t Mean To Hurt You (Piccadilly 35197) #47
Other veterans from Hamburg finally land a hit record. They were booked in November 1961, and spent much of the next two years in Germany.

Like Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich, some groups incorporated comedy in their stage act, which they refined in Germany: The Rockin’ Berries, The Barron Knights, Freddie & The Dreamers, etc. But this rarely worked on vinyl, or else gave the act a tag of being unserious.

Fri 9/10/64    
Single release: The Honeycombs – Is It Because / I’ll Cry Tomorrow (Pye 7N 15705)
With Peter Pye replacing Martin Murray, the second single stalled at Number 38

Thu 15/10/64    
British Elections
Harold Wilson defeats Douglas-Home, the Labour Party is in charge until 1970

Fri 16/10/64   
Single release: The Spencer Davis Group – I Can’t Stand It / Midnight Train (Fontana TF 499)
Their second single brought them a #47 in the charts. Their records were produced for Island Records and leased to Fontana. This first success was strong enough to be retained on their first French EP one year later with “Keep On Running”.

Thu 29/10/64    
City Hall, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England [No DDDBMT involvement]
Ten Feet Five : Pete Staples (bs), Chris Britton (gt), John Hayward (dr), Tom Turner (pi) & Chris Penfound (rh). Also from Andover, Staples and Britton would join The Troggs in 1965.

Autumn 1964    
Dave Dee & The Bostons sign a Managing contract with Howard and Blaikley who buy it off their managers Bob James and Les Canon in Southampton (who keep in touch for Avenue Agency).
They later sign a three-year Recording deal with Fontana Records, and its Director Jack Baverstock (A & R) in November. Production was to be handled by Joe Meek, but the group didn’t fare well with the producer.

In a 2007 interview with Heinz-Günther Hartig, Dave Dee remembered the session at Meek’s:
Dave Dee: He threw us out of his studio. He didn’t like Tich. Our managers Howard and Blaikley just had a #1 hit with “Have I The Right” by The Honeycombs. We were the second band they managed, we were still called Dave Dee & The Bostons then. They sent us to Meek to lay down the song “Strange Things Happen”. We learned the tune and traveled from Salisbury to Islington, to Holloway Road where upstairs was his studio. We schlepped all our stuff up there. He started recording us and wanted us to play very slowly. We said: “We can’t play it this way.” He nearly went berserk and screamed: “This is the way I make my records!” What he did was this: the bands had to play slowly, and he would speed up the tape later. That’s how he got the Joe Meek sound. But we were a live band and couldn’t play a song without this live feeling. Finally, I’m quite happy that we didn’t do that. It was a little bit like “Have I The Right”, very similar to that song.
Hartig: So the song became true?
Dave Dee: Strange Things Happen, yeah. Finally he bunged a trayful of coffee cups into the room and went upstairs. Then he sent his little boy down to us. He said: “Mr. Meek won’t do any further recordings today. You can pack your things up and go home!”.
(from http://www.joemeekpage.info/index.html)

November 64    
Single release: The Wolves – Now / This Year Next Year (Pye 7N 15733)
A one-off single, and a true freakbeat song from Howard Blaikley. The flip side reappeared one year later on The Honeycombs second LP.

November 64    
French EP release: Danyel Gérard – J’ai le droit de t’aimer (Disc’AZ 961)
The French version of “Have I The Right” met with little success

Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley later said that the various foreign covers of their songs inspired them to invent a kind of universal language, which they used in “Zabadak”

November 64   
German single release: The Searchers – I Sure Know A Lot About Love (Star-Club 148 500)
The first record on the Star-Club label that would become the German outlet for DDDBM&T. The last single from Star-Club Records would be “The Legend Of Xanadu” in March 1968.

Tue 3/11/64    
News: Lyndon Johnson wins the elections over Barry Goldwater, and is elected President of the USA
From 1964 to 1969, the Western World was governed by the same leaders: Harold Wilson in the UK and De Gaulle in France (ousted in 1969, he died the following year). The Communist countries were lead by Brejnev in the USSR and Mao in China (since 1954).

Sat 14/11/64   
(USA) Billboard November 14, 1964 page 31: Album Reviews – Pop Spotlight
Here Are The Honeycombs
Interphon 88001 (M)
The English group, riding singles charts in various countries, including the U.S.A., turn in a solid performance with lots of teen appeal. Their most recent hit, “Have I The Right”, is included. Recorded in England by Pye, U.S.-released through Vee-Jay.
(This album would remain the only one on the short-lived Interphon label. It reaches #147 in the Billboard Top LP’s Chart in January 1965)

Billboard Hot 100: “Have I The Right” by The Honeycombs (Interphon 7707) is #5 after 9 weeks in the charts.

Sat 14/11/64    
California Ballroom, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, England (Hot Pop Night)
Dave Dee & The Bostons supported by The Original Checkmates, The Craxmen (adm. 6/6)

Wed 18/11/64    
Philips Studios, Stanhope House, 2-4 Stanhope Place, London W2, England [Released on 29/01/65]
Recording session for No Time / Is It Love (produced by Bobby Graham)

Session drummer Bobby Graham was producing The Pretty Things on Fontana.

The song begins slowly and then moves into a bouncing 3/4 time strident marching beat. Dave Dee sings well …a sad voice, aided by good lyrics and harmonies. Instrumentation consists of just drums, rhythm, lead and bass guitar …and the only whistling that they performed on record. Beaky on acoustic guitar plays the descending, ascending chord pattern, Tich does small amounts of arpeggio, normal lead plus some chords, and Dozy supplies a catchy walking bass guitar pattern. As Dave is singing “No Time to lose etc.” the backing cleverly gives this impression, and there is a sense of urgency about it all. (Ron Cooper, Zabadak n°4, June 87)

Thu 19/11/64    
City Hall, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Dave Dee & The Bostons supported by The Aliens

Fri 20/11/64    
Single release: The Honeycombs – Eyes / (If You’ve Got To) Pick A Baby (Pye 7N 15736)
Eyes is all the more impressive and moving a song when it is realised that it was describing the danger and loneliness of being in a gay bar at a time when it was still a criminal offence to be gay in the UK.

Fri 27/11/64    
Trevor ‘Dozy’ Davies, bassist with The Bostons, is 20 years old
Jimi Hendrix was also born that day, in Seattle, USA, two years earlier in 1942

Sat 28/11/64    
Billboard Chart N°1: The Shangri-Las – Leader Of The Pack (Red Bird 014)
The epitome of the “Teenage Death-Disc” which Dave Dee & Co. would chant four times in a row from “Xanadu” to “Don Juan”. Moreover, the “Leader Of The Pack” is riding a bike, as Dave Dee does on the promo shots for “Last Night In Soho”, whose hero belongs to a gang.

Wed 2/12/64    
City Hall, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Dave Dee & The Bostons supported by The Jack Simmons Orchestra

Fri 4/12/64     
Fairfield Hall, Croydon, Surrey, England (2 shows)
The Rolling Stones, Dave Dee & The Bostons

(It’s difficult to ascertain if The Rolling Stones played Croydon both on 12/4/64 and on 4/12/64 but this date seems unlikely, as it would be the only Stones concert in December since their US Tour)

Thu 17/12/64    
David Harman celebrates his birthday on stage
British drummer Carlo Little turns 26 today

Thu 17/12/64    
The Palais, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Dave Dee & The Bostons
Dave Dee suffered an electric shock after grabbing a live microphone during the performance

Thu 17/12/64    
Film: Zorba The Greek, Twentieth Century-Fox, Hollywood, USA (142 mn, black & white)
Directed by Mihalis Kakogiannis from a novel by Nikos Kazantzakis.
With Anthony Quinn, Alan Bates, Irene Papas.
Music scored by Mikis Theodorakis.
Basil, a young English writer traveling to Crete on a matter of business finds his life changed forever when he meets the gregarious Alexis Zorba.

Sirtaki is a popular dance of Greek origin, created for the movie “Zorba the Greek”. It is not a traditional Greek folkdance, but a mixture of slow and fast versions of the hasapiko dance.

Sat 19/12/64   
Billboard Chart entry: The Honeycombs – I Can’t Stop / How The Mighty Have Fallen (Interphon 7713) #48
This single version was only released in the USA and on the Continent. It is different from the album, faster and closer to the Dave Dee & Co. cover from 1966.

To put it bluntly ‘I Can’t Stop’ is fucking mental. An obviously speeded up Dennis D’ell yelps and growls over a stripped down and scratchy R+B/Merseybeat hybrid. The bridge is bonkers – D’ell squeaks a camp ”A-we can’t go on kissing – like THIS” while Honey alternates thundering rolls with a proto-glam thud. Martin Murray’s guitar solo, meanwhile, battles against insane amounts of compression which at times reduces it to a high whistle and only Alan Ward’s Vox Continental escapes the crush as Meek runs riot on the desk. D’ell declares in the second bridge, “You’ve driven/ me wild/ from the start – WOW!” and we go around again until Honey’s cymbal flaying finishes it. Genius!             (from Dr. C, Freaky Trigger, 16 Sept. 2002)

Wed 23/12/64   
Radio London regular programmes are launched from the MV Galaxy on 266 m.
It is the first commercial station using the American Top 40 formula with Deejays, Jingles, Weather forecast, News bulletins every hour and Advertising.

Wed 23/12/64    
Beach Boys Tour, Music Hall, Houston, Texas, USA
Last Brian Wilson performance on stage: Brian suffers a nervous breakdown on the plane to Houston. In the evening, he finally joins the group on stage. The next day Glen Campbell sits in for him, while he flies back home and confines himself in the studio.
While Dave Dee & The Bostons become Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich, The Beach Boys lose their “leader” as live performer.

Sat 26/12/64   
Locarno Ballroom, Swindon, Wiltshire, England
Robb Storme & The Whispers, Dave Dee & The Bostons

Thu 31/12/64    
City Hall, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Dave Dee & The Bostons supported by The Stereos and The Skyliners Band

Tich Amey buys his fifth guitar, the same Gibson 335 Eric Clapton bought the same year

From Zabadak n°18, October 2001: Ian Amey’s ten guitars
My fifth came via my Dad and it was a Cherry Red Gibson ES-335 and at the time it cost the pricely sum of 169 Guineas. It was purchased from a music store in Bournemouth called Minn’s in 1964.
Had this for a lot of years including all the early German tours. It was a semi-acoustic. Played the 355 on the early hits ‘You Make It Move’, ‘Hold Tight’ and ‘Hideaway’.

Eric Clapton purchased his first Gibson Guitar in 1964. It was a 1964 Cherry Red Gibson ES-335 which he would use for the next forty years. He sold it at auction in June 2004.

Ken Howard & Alan Blaikley
are dismissed from the BBC for their outside activities in the Pop field







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