This page is by no means a work of the mind, being merely a day-by-day chronic of a working Beat group. To make a comparison with television, when you have dozens of TV-programs dispensing the same logs, is it possible to attribute the source to one magazine among all the others ?


Nevertheless, the informations accumulated therein have been gleaned over the years in numerous books, magazines, CD-booklets, documentaries, films, pictures, posters, tour programmes, discussions, and lately websites, blogs, forums, mail and whatever, all of them dating from today back to the Sixties.



So we would like to thank the following people for their voluntary or unknown contribution, or for being the sources of important information which we may have found and assimilated or reproduced here in one way or another :

Ron Cooper, Zabadak Magazine and all its contributors, Roselouise Daly, Kevin Patrick, Richard Nash & Frogg Moody, Alan Clayson, Chris McLaren, Mary Payne, the Radio London website, Alan Field and the Big L Fab 40, Jempi Laevaert and his Radio Caroline charts, Bert van Breda, BR Music CD’s and DVD’s, Nigel Lees’ listings of all known BBC sessions, John Holman, David St John’s Memories of the Southampton pop group scene, Doug Hinman and his Kinks diary, Torbenskott’s Database of Top Of The Pops radio shows, Bravo magazine, Chr. Müller and his Bravo Archive Website, Jacques Leblanc, Jukebox magazine, Good Times magazine, Record Collector magazine, the NME chronology at the Skidmore College website, the Billboard Online Archives, the Marmalade Skies website, the Radio Bremen website for Beat-Club, the TV.com website, the Flavour of New Zealand website, Milesago.com, SixtiesCity.com, Jacqueline Ryan and the Trogg Times fanzine, Dave Edney’s toptwentyclub.blogspot.com, Markus Tolksdorf, The “Another Nickel In The Machine” blog, Il Vampiro Verdier blog, The Rhythm Checkers’ MySpace webpage, and lots of small and big magazines collecting Sixties memories, and lots of small and big websites recollecting Sixties life, and blogs and forums furthering the cause of the search for the lost Sixties, and all the people we may have forgotten, and the ones who were there to begin with, Ken Howard, Alan Blaikley, Steve Rowland, Trevor Davies, John Dymond, Michael Wilson, Ian Amey… and Dave Dee

Hoping that the enclosed snippets of infos found on other webpages will give the reader the urge to go and visit their site; and the excerpts of books provided here will encourage you to buy them, if you haven’t done yet.

If you find something here that you object to, please send us an email and it will be taken off.

And we are ready to acknowledge any person we may have overlooked.

But most of all, any help in improving these pages, and filling some gap, or correcting any error, would be gladly welcome.

If you have more magazine items in any language, we would feature them here as well !
Mail : info@davedeedozybeakymickandtich.nl



Zabadak Magazine
Issues 2 to 8 are sold out – Mail : ron.cooper@neuf.fr

HoldTIGHT! – Voices Of The Sarum Sound 1945-1969
by Frogg Moody & Richard Nash (Foreword by Dave Dee)
Timezone Publishing, 2007

Endless Beat – Voices Of The New Sarum Sound 1970-1999
by Frogg Moody & Richard Nash (Foreword by Tich Amey)
Timezone Publishing, 2010

Hamburg* – * The Cradle Of British Rock
by Alan Clayson
Sanctuary Publishing Ltd, 1997

Starmakers & Svengalis: The History Of British Pop Management
by Johnny Rogan
Macdonald-Queen Anne Press, 1988

Beat Merchants: The Origins, History, Impact and Rock Legacy of the 1960s British Pop Groups
by Alan Clayson
Blandford, 1995





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