Bravo 68/47

BRAVO Nr. 47, 11. November 1968


Die Band, die eine Bande ist

A lengthy Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich portrait, over 7 pages in the magazine: entitled “The Band, which is a Gang”.

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich have one thing in common with the great Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the Bee Gees: each time they have made a new record, success is guaranteed. In England, in Germany, in Japan – everywhere.
Dave Dee proudly claims: “Each of our songs travels around the world“.

Dave Dee determines in which way the hit-express with Mick, Dozy, Beaky and Tich rolls. He’s the boss. On the following pages Dave Dee tells all about himself, his music and his men.

How Dave Dee sees his men
On stage, in the recording studio, on tour, Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich are one heart and soul. What does it look like in their private life ? Do they also do everything together, or does each one go his own way ? Dave Dee, the group’s boss, describes himself and his friends “in private”.

Dave Dee about Tich
Tich is our big saver. Under the flowers on his guitar there’s a hole. This he has sealed, so that he doesn’t have to buy a new one. He neither has any stereo equipment at home or radio in his car, like we all do. He’d rather play something for himself. He carries his belongings around in an old suitcase that was given to him. Fabulous guy.

Dave Dee about Mick
Mick is mad about horses. Sometimes I think, he prefers stables and horses to concert halls and our music. Like, his model is not someone like Paul McCartney, but the German jumper H. G; Winkler. He is involved in a riding school in Wales.

Dave Dee about Dozy
Dozy is a comic scatterbrain. Our big silencer. He scarcely ever opens his mouth. But he makes friends instantly with stray dogs. He’s already got two mongrels: Pat and Poncho. This one here doesn’t belong to him. Not yet. He’s just been following Dozy for days. Bet Dozy soon will have three dogs ?

Dave Dee about Beaky
Beaky is our genius. He can simply make anything. He paints, designs clothes (our colourful clothes were his idea), invents useless devices non-stop. Give him any instrument – he’s able to play it in half an hour. That’s the kind of guy he is. Sometimes he’s unhappy: that’s when he gets angry about his big nose.

Dave Dee about Dave Dee
I love money. Once I was a poor dog, a cave-dweller. Today I drive an 80,000 Mark Bentley. Showing off ? Perhaps. Anyway it helps me overcoming my inferiority complex. I mean, I know exactly that as a singer I’m not the big thing. The main thing is, girls like me and the money flows.

Dave Dee says: We come from the darkest province

We come from Salisbury. Never heard of it ? I understand. Well then: Salisbury is about a four hours drive away from London. A small town, where the butcher and the baker call each client by their name. Also us: David Harmann, Trevor Davies, John Dymond, Michael Wilson and Ian Amey. At least that’s how we were called in our childhood. Today our name is Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich and we are something like the little kings of Salisbury.
Naturally not for everybody, and especially not for our teacher. Because we were all lazy sods at school. With effort and by necessity, we kept our heads above water. Later I became a police cadet, Dozy and Tich painters, Mick a car mecanic and Beaky a labourer.
We didn’t expect to have a big career. Then came Beat – and we got the message. At first it was Dozy and Tich. They practiced like mad and got us infected. Once we considered ourselves somewhat good, we travelled to Hamburg. It was 1962, and Beat was more appreciated in Germany than in England. We played in Hamburg and Cologne and even learned a little German: “Potatoes and fried eggs. How much is that ? I love you ! Which way to the train station?” And we learned to wait. For money, for fame, for everything that we now have.

In Autumn 1965 we were burnt out and back in Salisbury. What to do ? The cold winter cleared our brains. Beaky invented our three-coloured flashing pants, and we rechristened ourselves from “Dave Dee and the Bostens” to “Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich”. This strange band name draw the attention of two talented songwriters: Ken Howard and Alan Blakley. They became our managers and our luck. They wrote eleven hits for us in the last three years: from “Hold Tight” until “Wreck of the Antoinette”. They earned a lot – so did we. But the money didn’t change us.
Somehow we have remained the guys from the darkest province, who would never feel well in a big city like London.
We are amazed at the Bee Gees lifestyle, we admire the Beatles and we don’t understand why the Rolling Stones are taking drugs. We sleep in double rooms in hotels, to save money. We don’t mull over yoga, but over cars and girls at most. And someday we’ll also give up music.
I can already see it clearly: someday we will live a nice and peaceful living as Salisbury citizens and think about how crazy our Beat years had been.




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