Bravo 68/05

BRAVO Nr. 5, 29. Januar 1968


BRAVO Phone Operation “Call up your favourite star”

BRAVO magazine invited Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich in its offices in Munich to answer their fans’ questions on the telephone.
The report filled 6 pages in this issue, which also featured the group as “Stars Of The Month” with a 3-page centerfold poster.
Plus, this was also the week the Coca-Cola promotion EP “I’ll Love You” was made available in Germany, with a full-page colour advert.
That week “Zabadak” reached its highest position in the Bravo-Musicbox Top 20, standing at n°6.


We never had so much fun at the BRAVO-phone action as with Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich! – “Will you marry me tomorrow?”
That’s what Dave asked Bravo reader Ilona. She wanted to know if Dave had a girlfriend. Beaky gave an answer to the question of what the band does with their money; Mick had to report whether his parents were pleased with his success; Dozy told about his athletic achievements, and Tich was suddenly faced with the question: “Do you wear a wig?” 


BRAVO Phone Operation “Call up your favourite star”

Page 16
MARION, Berlin: Dave, did you always want to remain a simple “Bobby” or perhaps later become a detective?
DAVE: I stayed 18 months with the police and didn’t want to remain a constable. I would have liked to join Scotland Yard.
SYLVIA, Berlin: In what year, month and day did you meet, and what was your first record?
BEAKY: Our first record was called “No Time,” and we first met on 10 July 1963, my birthday.
ILONA, Rethen: Do you have a girlfriend, Dave?
DAVE: I have many girlfriends, but no firm. I am looking for a wife really. Want to marry me? How about tomorrow night?
ILONA: Dave, I love you! But my mother will call the doctor. She thinks I’m stark raving mad.
BIRGIT, Frankfurt: Dozy, how long will you remain a bachelor?
DOZY: Oh, actually still quite a long time!
BIRGIT: And what’s your favourite meal?
DOZY: My favourite food is lamb chops.
SISSI, Munich: Beaky, do you think that you will win in 1968 at the Bravo-Otto Poll?
BEAKY: I hope so, because these Otto Awards look very good on the mantelpiece. Choose me!
SISSI: Where do you live in Munich, and how long will you stay?
BEAKY: We live in the “Bayerischer Hof” and fly back to London tomorrow morning. Now you know everything? Good bye, my love!
RENATE, Essen: I’ve heard you’re a funny gang. Is recording a lot of fun for you?
DAVE: Yes, we like recording very much. It’s really fun, for there’s a lot of whiskey in the studio!
RENATE: And which disk in particular was much fun?
DAVE: “I’ll Love You”!
RENATE: Oh, that’s fine, I hear it nearly every day on Radio Luxembourg!
GABY, Schömberg: Dave, what profession would you have taken, had you not become a beat-singer?
DAVE: I think I would have been a judge.
GABY: But why?
DAVE: Well, you know, I would be very forgiving and would not condemn so many people!
URSULA, Munich: Tich, what do you think about Ricky Shayne?
TICH: Although I’ve heard a lot about him, I’ve never met him.
URSULA: Do you know Roy Black?
TICH: Yes, he is very nice.
URSULA: And then I have one more question: What aftershave do you use?
TICH: Anything that comes out of the bottle.
RENATE, Neu-Ulm: Do you like animals?
TICH: Yes, especially dogs and cats. At home I have a budgie.
HELGA, Rheinhausen: Dave, when will you make another major tour of Germany?
DAVE: I have to think about that! By the way, you have a nice voice! I think you’re about 18 or 19. Right?
HELGA: No, not quite, I’m 17.
DAVE: Oh, your voice sounds so grown up! Now back to your question: In April we come to Germany for four days with Herman’s Hermits. And then I have another question: Do you have long hair?
HELGA: Yes, long blond hair.
DAVE: That’s fantastic.
HELGA: You know, I was in England in August!
DAVE: Why didn’t you come round to see me?
HELGA: But I didn’t know where you live.
DAVE: You could have asked anybody in Salisbury.
PAUL, Trier: Dozy, what’s actually your real name?
DOZY: Do-zy, name Do-, surname -Zy, always!
BIRGIT, Weltenheim: Beaky can you really ski?
BEAKY: I would be happy to, but we have so little time. Will you teach me?
ULRIKE, Varel: Dave, do you prefer girls with blonde or black, long or short hair?
DAVE: Is not that important. The main thing, the girl is nice.
ULRIKE: Do you have a girlfriend?
DAVE: Not just one, thousands!
ULRIKE: Can you keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow morning at nine o’clock because we take an exam in Latin!
DAVE: Sure, will do!

Page 17
INGEBORG, Frankfurt: What do you find nicest in Germany ?
MICK: The girls, above all. And one has always a lot of fun here. Oh we simply like everything.
GABI, Eich/Worms: Will you make a film once?
DOZY: Film! We would like to make a movie – a good movie! Finally, we are also good. Until now, no good script came in the mail!
INGRID, Hamburg: What do you think of the Bee Gees?
MICK: I only know one half of the Bee Gees. Namely the records. I don’t know their onstage show and neither know them personally. Nevertheless, we find half the Bee Gees good.
MANFRED, Munich: What does Zabadak mean?
TICH: Zabadak really means nothing. It’s simply: Zabadak!
HUBERT, Brombach: Can you play another instrument apart from lead guitar, if so, which one?
BEAKY: Well, if you ask me so directly: drums, mandolin, violin. If you leave me time, I’ll play you some more instruments. I can even drive a car – don’t you? Maybe piano playing is better. So Cheerio!
HUBERT, Busenbach: Do you drink alcohol before going on stage?
MICK: Alcohol? What is it? Well, if we remain an eternity in the dressing room before our gig, we may sip a small one. When we’re on tour – you know: snap, snap, snap, we have no time for alcohol. While driving, we always drink. Ha, ha, a joke, a joke! Greetings from all.
ROSWITHA, Neuss: What are your and your colleagues’ family names?
TICH: One moment, Mr. Dave, I connect.
DAVE: Ah, the last names! Harold Wilson, George Brown, Callaghan, Duke of Windsor, de Gaulle – long live France!

SIGRID, Osterode: What do you think about Soul music?
BEAKY: I think soul music is good only in small doses. You hear a record and already know it all. You agree with me, baby? Then we go together!
GABRIELLE, Berlin: Do you have your clothes tailor made, or do you buy them in boutiques?
DOZY: Some clothes we buy in stores with bulk discount – of course! Some are from tailors, which are then more expensive. Good night, sleep well! Here is a kiss from Dozy, I won’t let the others come near!
BRIGITTE, Gräfelfing: What would be your greatest wish?
TICH: My biggest wish? You’re like a psychiatrist. I dream of a castle without ghosts, with lots of pretty girls. You get the number seven.
ELLEN, Tredingen: How do you like football?
MICK: Football? We think it’s great! If we have a little time, we race to a field and hit on the ball. We play for fun, and not on points.
PETER, Ellmendingen: What future plans do you have for the group, in the event that the beat declines?
DAVE: This is the boss speaking! But first I must ask everyone else.
So: Beaky wants to enter into the taxi business.
Mick wants to go on tour with a motorcycle-artist show.
Tich wants to open a restaurant, maybe a hotel.
Dozy snorts and thinks it over. He wants to open a gold mine.
And what I do, I do not know. Time will tell.
ANITA, Berlin: If you had three wishes, what would you wish?
MICK: First wish: To own all of Germany. Second wish: to meet you. Third wish: to have even more wishes.
WALBURGA, Aachen: Did you meet nice girls in Germany?
TICH: Nice girls? Oh! Thousands and thousands! The German girls! They are gorgeous! You know, they are so dear and also so pretty, besides. So you are handsome as well, Goldie.
UWE, Kiel: Beaky who is your model?
BEAKY: I don’t really have a role model. But I like the Beatles very much. I think it’s great, what they have accomplished musically.
ANGELIKA, Waldkirchen: Mick, what do you prefer to eat?
MICK: Just fish and chips, nothing great.
VERA, Solingen: Dave, what do you think of drugs and do you take that?
DAVE: Hard drugs I don’t support at all! Some people use haschish. The doctors claim that it’s not so harmful. But I don’t take any.
REGINA, Nuremberg: when will you next tour through Germany, and will you come to Nuremberg then?
DAVE: We come in April for four days to Germany and then hopefully also to Nuremberg.
LUTZ, Stuttgart: Tich, at what age did you start playing?
TICH: I’ve been playing about six or seven years.
GABI, Kassel: Beaky, what do you think of flowers, hippies and LSD?
BEAKY: First of all, LSD. Of which I believe nothing, apart from the money it costs. Flowers wither and pass away like everything else over the world, and the hippies are harmless creatures who cause no damage to no one!
ANGELIKA, Düsseldorf: Why don’t you make a TV show like the Monkees?
BEAKY: We would love to make a TV series. But as the Monkees already do it, we can not imitate them.
Continued on page 40

Page 40 (Continued from page 17)
JUTTA, Berlin: Which one of you had the idea to start the band?
MICK: Dozy had the idea. We all came from different groups, and that’s how it began.
ANDREAS, Hamburg: How many records did you sell?
TICH: We made ten single records and two albums. In total it must amount to over a million records sold.
CHRISTINE, Hohenbrunn: What is your favourite pastime?
DOZY: I spend my free time with old bones and stones, I mean Archaeology! And I also like to drink!
PETER, Düsseldorf: Are your parents happy with your success?
MICK: They are obviously very proud of us and our success. At first they were a bit suspicious, but now they are quite confident, and they have never put a spoke in our wheel.
INGEBORG, Ismaning: Dave, will you ever go to India to meditate like the Beatles?
DAVE: No, not to meditate. To see the country at most. I don’t believe in meditation.
MICHAEL, Ravensburg: In your opinion, why did you win the Otto Poll last year, and not the Beatles?
DAVE: We do come more often to Germany, and the fans can see and hear us in person. The Beatles don’t do that anymore. But the fans need the personal contact with the stars.
KARL EGON, Großheubach: Beaky, is the hard beat dead or not?
BEAKY: The beat is still very much alive and for us as important as before.
GUDRUN, Karlsruhe: Dozy, how did you actually come to this name?
DOZY: Dave can surely explain that better than me (hands the telephone to Dave with a grin.)
DAVE: His name means the same in English as the German word “faul”, that is lazy. He is a real sloth and sometimes also does things that no one can explain. Like buying a bar of chocolate during a car ride and then throwing it out the window.
WOLFGANG, Mülheim: Mick, why did you have your hair cut short a few months ago?
MICK: Wasn’t even me, it was Dozy (giving him the phone.)
DOZY: (Leans back comfortably). It was just about time. My hair is still long enough and grows again very hard.
MARLIES, Düsseldorf: What cars do you drive?
BEAKY: I’m with cars as with girls. I’m telling only with whom I’m going. I go with a Jaguar E-Type.
MICHAEL, Lüneburg: Are you blond or dark? Do you wear a wig?
TICH: I’m blonde! Always been blond. If I look dark, the bad shots are to be blamed for it. My hair is real.
JURGEN, Kassel: What does the band do with their money?
BEAKY: We give it away. For cars and girls. Sorry – for girls and cars!
DERTHE, Flensburg: Is it true that you went into a fight with Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones?
DAVE: It was close. But then we made up. There can be no question of fighting, the newspaper reporters have read that in the stars.
DAGMAR, Welzheim: Do you practice sports? Which one?
DOZY: Well, football is great. I always drag the boys along. I’m also strong at horse racing and cricket, you know, the English national sport. One must be proud to be British.
MATTHIAS, Rielingshausen: When will your latest recording of “I’ll Love You” be released in Germany?
BEAKY: Well tell me, you must be living on the moon. We have long since made a new record, “The Legend of Xanadu”. So, get informed.

Page 41
ALBERT, Gangelt: Dave, are you satisfied with your past successes?
DAVE: Yes, I am. But there is still something we would like to achieve. We now want to conquer America next.
IRIS, Dortmund: What would you do if two German girls came for a visit during their stay in London? What type of girl do you prefer?
BEAKY: How old are you and what do you look like? 14 with blonde hair? Sweet! And long hair even? Then I’d be happy to show you London.
IRIS: And how is Dozys taste?
BEAKY: Dozy is mostly fond of dark-haired girls.
MARGIT, Pöttlingen: Tich, which of your records did you like the most?
TICH: “Hold Tight.”
MARGIT: One more question: Who invented Zabadak?
TICH: The managers, who wrote the song.
ANGELIKA, Fürstenhagen: What do you do when you fall in love with Dave Dee?
DAVE: Oh dear, this is really a difficult question! It cannot be answered easily. We have an old custom in England. In a leap year, a girl may confess to a guy that she’s in love with him. And 1968 is a leap year.
BERND, Wieren: Thinking back about your career, what is your fondest memory?
DAVE: Then I have to think back five years when we were small and played in Hamburg. Eight hours a day. A lot of hard work for little money. Today we’re better off. So it’s good to think back to the days when one was worse off. And these were also happy times.
GERALDINE, Deppenhausen: Do you like kissing?
BEAKY: I like kissing. It’s fantastic. Come, let me kiss you. If you were here, I would give you many kisses. At least three!
GABY, Neu-Isenburg: Beaky, what happened to the film that you once wanted to make?
BEAKY: As yet nothing came of it. What about a movie with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck?
GABY: I had actually expected something else.


Besides the “Bravo-Telefonaktion” report and the Stars of the Month Calendar, Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich were mentioned three more times in the magazine this week. They were asked a few times by fans on the phone about the “Bravo Otto Poll” which crowned them Best Beat-Group in early 1967. Now was the time to finalize the Poll for the year 1968. So all 1967 winners were pictured in a last attempt to ask the readers to participate.





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