Australia 7″ vinyl



1.a Hold Tight (Howard/Blaikley)
1.b You Know What I Want (Howard/Blaikley)

Philips BF-251

Releasedate: march 1966
Entry in charts: 25-3-1966 on nr. 38
Highest position: nr. 29 (6 weeks)

2.a Hideaway  (Howard/Blaikley)
2.b Here’s A Heart (Tubbs/Segal)

Philips BF-265

Releasedate: 1966

3.a Bend It (Howard/Blaikley)
3.b She’s So Good (Harman/Wilson/Dymond/Davies/Amey)

Philips BF-286

Releasedate: oct. 1966
Entry in charts: 19-10-1966 on nr. 38
Highest position: nr. 11 (13 weeks)

4.a Save Me (Howard/Blaikley)
4.b Shame (Harman/Wilson/Dymond/Davies/Amey)

Philips BF-296
(TF 755)

Releasedate: jan. 1967
Entry in charts: 1-2-1967 on nr. 39
Highest position: nr. 15 (7 weeks)

5.a Touch Me Touch Me (Howard/Blaikley)
5.b Marina (Harman/Dymond/Davies/Wilson/Amey)

Philips BF-311

Releasedate: feb. 1967
Entry in charts: 3-3-1967 on nr. 33
Highest position: nr. 33 (4 weeks)

7.a Okay (Howard/Blaikley)
7.b He’s A Raver (Harman/Davies/Dymond/Wilson/Amey)

Philips BF-324

Releasedate: june 1967
Entry in charts: 21-6-1967 on nr. 40
Highest position: nr. 32 (4 weeks)

8.a Zabadak (Howard/Blaikley)
8.b The Sun Goes Down (Harman/Dymond/Davies)

Philips BF-351
(267 770)

Releasedate: 1967

9.a The Legend Of Xanadu (Howard/Blaikley)
9.b Please (Harman/Davies/Dymond)

Philips BF-367

Releasedate: feb 1968
Entry in charts: 13-3-1968 on nr. 34
Highest position: nr. 3 (13 weeks)

10.a Last Night In Soho (Howard/Blaikley)
10.b Mrs. Thursday (Harman/Davies/Dymond)

Philips BF-404
(267863 TF)

Releasedate: 1968

11.a The Wreck of The Antoinette (Howard/Blaikley)
11.b Still Life (Harman/Davies/Dymond)

Fontana TF-1

Releasedate: 1968

12.a Don Juan (Howard/Blaikley)
12.b Margareta Lidman (Harman/Davies/Dymond)

Fontana TF-6

Releasedate: march 1969
Entry in charts: 2-4-1969 on nr. 37
Highest position: nr. 25 (10 weeks)

13.a Snake In The Grass (Howard Blaikley)
13.b Bora Bora (Dymond/Davies/Harman)

Fontana TF-12

Releasedate: 1969

14.a Tonight Today (Howard/Blaikley)
14.b Bad News (Amey/Dymond/Davies)

Fontana TF-15

Releasedate: 1969

Performed by: D.B.M. & T

15.a My Womans man (Howard/Blaikley)
15.b Gotta Make You Part Of Me (Dee)

Fontana TF-19

Releasedate: 1970

Performed by: Dave Dee solo

16.a Mr. President (Dymond/Amey/Davies)
16.b Frisco Annie (Dymond/Amey/Davies)

Fontana TF-23

Releasedate: 1970

Highest position in Adelaid, Australia: nr. 5

Performed by: D.B.M. & T.

17.a Annabella (Arnold/Martin/Morrow)
17.b Kelly (Dee/Mason)

Fontana TF-24

Releasedate: 1970

Performed by: Dave Dee solo  

18.a Everything about her (Howard/Blaikley)
18.b If I Believed In Tomorrow (Mason/Dee)

Philips 6006 061

Releasedate: 1970

Performed by: Dave Dee solo    

19.a Festival (Davies)
19.b Leader Of A Rock ‘n Roll Band (Dymond/Davies)

Philips 6006 066

Releasedate: 1970

Performed by: D.B.M. & T.  

20.a Wedding Bells (Howard/Blaikley)
20.b Sweden (Mason)

Philips 6006 100

Releasedate: 1971
Performed by: Dave Dee solo  

21.a I Want To Be There (Howard/Blaikley/Davies/Dymond/Amey)
21.b For The Use Of Your Son (Davies/Dymond/Amey)

Philips 6006 114

Releasedate: 1971

Performed by: D.B.M. & T.    

22.a They Won’t Sing My Song (Cook/Greenaway/Channel)
22.b Soukie (Davies)

Fontana 6006 198

Release date: 1972

Performed by: D.B.M. & T   

23.a She’s My Lady (Peter Mason)
23.b Babeigh (Harman/Amey/Davies/Dymond)

Atlantic 100.008

Release date: 1974





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