(Adapted  from Zabadak #2, page 35)

The following is a brief summary of how DDDBMT records faired in Western Australia (nop. 1,210,000 ,capital city Perth Dop. 750,000) ,and gives the following info:

1. DDDBMT records that made the top 40.
2. DDDBMT records that received radio play ,but did not make top 40.
3. DDDBMT records that were covered by other artists end which made the top 40.

No DDDBMT record after”Snake In The Grass” received airplay in Western Australia ( Annabella may have in the southern regions) though same, may have received airplay in other states of Australia.

4. DDDBMT Records That were Hits in Western Australia:

Hold Tight – DDDBMT  #12 9 weeks (entry:  07-08-66)
Bend It -   DDDBMT    # 8  9 weeks (entry: 09-12-56)
Zabadak -   DDDBMT   #15  8 weeks (entry:05-01-68)
Legend Of Xanadu -  DDDBMT  #6 14 weeks (entry: 17-05-68)
The Wreck Of The Antoinette -  DDDBMT #6  15 weeks (entry:  06-12-68)
Don Juan -  DDDBMT  #19 6 weeks (entry:  05-06-69)
Snake In The Grass -  DDDBMT  # 35  3 weeks (entry: 08-69)

DDDBMT Records, that received minor airplay but Didn’t Make Top 40:

Save Me – DDDBMT  became a  Hit+prediction    ??-03-67
Breakout -  DDDBMT  became a  Hit+prediction    19-07-68  (This was an import from USA and was not released as a single in Australia)

DDDBMT songs performed by other artists that were hits:

Mr. President – Strangers  #30  5 weeks (entry: 02-71)
Annabella -  Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds #23 8 weeks (entry: 26-11-71)

Same of the UK hits not listed here were big hits in other States of Australia. Okay ,Last Night In Soho in particular. Though the chart positions don’t seem too good compared to UKpositions, no No. 1, and not even a top 5, the DDDBMT records actually were more popular than a similar UK position normally means.
This is because there are more radio stations, hence more airplay. Don Juan probably received as much airplay as a UK top 10, and similarly a pos’n of 40 is about equivalent to a pos’n of 20.

Zabadak’s Perth chart position remains for me one of the graat mysteries. Influential DJ’s in Perth, at the time thought it would go straight to No. 1, but alas it made only No. 15.
Between 1966 and the end of 1969, 1 can only remember two records ever being played twice in a row, and this was because the DJ’s were so impressed by them.
The first was ‘Zabadak’, played by the No. 1 DJ of the time Keith McGowan. He was so amazed and callad it a brilliant record, that he boldly announced that he was going to play it again (blow the programming) saying it should make No. 1. He was often correct in his judgement.
One explanation for its lesser placing was because Philips did not get it to the shops in time, and when they did it sold out too quickly. Another reason why DDDBM&T’s chart positions can be considered good is that Philips in Australia were not so good at promotion and distribution as EMI, Festival etc., being more interested in their excellent classical repertoire.
As a matter of interest the other record played twice was ‘Whole Lotta Love’ by Led Zeppelin. Unfortunately It was Led Zeppelin who were mainly responsible in killing off the DDBBM&T style of music as a commercial proposition.


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