August 1969


Summer 69
Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England
Steve Gibbons (The Ugly’s) and Trevor Burton (The Move) formed their own Birmingham super-group “Balls” with former Ugly’s members Richard Tandy and Dave Morgan in February. Denny Laine (Moody Blues) joined that summer, and they moved to a cottage in Hampshire to get it together in the country. Their only single “Fight For My Country” was released in January 1971, and the group split.

August 69 ?
German album release: The Mark Wirtz Orchestra & Chorus – Come Back & Shake Me (Decca SLK 16.613)
Dizzy / Aquarius / Come Back And Shake Me / Love And Occasional Rain / Ragamuffin Man / Theme From “A Teenage Opera” / Festival Of Kings / Snake In The Grass / A Touch Of Velvet – A Sting Of Brass / I Can Hear Music / Farewell To A Broken Doll / Good Times / My Way / Poem

German producer Mark Wirtz was born in Strasbourg, France, and went to England in 1962. He joined EMI and got his first big hit with the ‘Teenage Opera’ project, sung by Keith West. He also composed the Beat-Club theme tune, ‘A Touch Of Velvet, A String Of Brass’.

August 1969
French single release: Joe Dassin – Les Champs Elysées (CBS 4281)
This was Joe Dassin’s first hit orchestrated by Jean Musy (pianist, arranger) who would become a famous and successful film composer. Meanwhile, he released “Few And Far Between” in 1975.

Fri 1/08/69
Philips Records send a letter to Ken Howard saying they would keep Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich under contract

Sat 2/08/69    
Fabulous 208: Dave Dee Column – I’M LEAVING!

You’ve heard the news that Dave is leaving the group, to concentrate on a solo career. Here he gives his reasons for deciding to make this move.

Already the letters are pouring in. A short simple announcement that I’m giving up, ere long, working with the rest of the group, the marvellous and loyal Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich – and people are hinting that I must have gone stark raving mad.
Well, I’ll lot you into the real secret behind my announcement that I wanted to go into a solo career, spreading my time between acting and singing and anything else that goes to making me – yes, an all-round entertainer.
First, it was no sudden decision. My move has been on the cards for quite a long time. The big question was when it was best for me to split from the group. My view is that all good things must come to an end, and my decision was whether it should be when our Good Thing came to finish on its own, or when things were still going well.
Those of you who read my column will know that I have other interests in life. What’s more, I’ve dealt with a lot of your letters and one bit of advice I’ve doled out has always been this: if you want something, then do something about it – don’t sit around moaning, but get up and go.
Mind you, when it came to really announcing the split, I was frightened stiff. This was the moment of truth. I couldn’t help thinking back over the years that the lads and I had been together, the long run of making hit records together.
But I felt that life was passing by without holding out a real challenge. When we all started together there was a challenge – the challenge of making good. That went because we had all-round success, and I really believe that life is just death unless you have something to fight for.
Some things became a little bit of a drag. Again, when we started it was fine to think that we were all needed for a photograph session for some magazine or other. But then I lost a bit of interest. I wanted to spend my time doing something different, not repeating the same old stuff.
Okay, I can almost hear some of the critics having a go. “So Dave Dee wants to be an actor. Doesn’t he know what happens to pop people who have that sort of ambition? They go straight into oblivion, that’s what. Anyway, how does he know that he CAN do acting, or compering, or anything ‘cept just sing?”
Answer: I think it’s perfectly natural for someone to want to enlarge his scope. Take Paul Jones, former singer with Manfred Mann. So he vanished from the scene for a while, but he is now highly praised for his acting performances in Conduct Unbecoming. Tommy Steele and Jim Dale, too. I talk about them, because I know about them. I’m not saying I’m in their class, just that I have to find out my own capabilities for myself.
It could take me six months to make it, or six years. But I want to get into films and television plays and anything that gives me some scope. At least I must try. Anyway I’m not giving up singing – I have a contract with Philips Records and so do the rest of the boys. They’ll be known as D.B.M. and T. They’ve got their own ideas on creating a really spectacular act and, in fact, Dozy and Beaky were working together before I ever came on the scene. Later on, in came Mick and Tich.
Somehow I have this deep-down feeling that I can make it on a wider scale than just pop music. I know I’m an extrovert – I’ve felt that even when up there on stage singing, it’s all part of the broad field of acting, like not being part of this world when I’m actually performing. I’m an introvert, too, but’ that’s when it suits me, when I just want to be quiet and not have to put on a Dave Dee-type show, more a David Harman-type scene.
No, I’m definitely not giving up singing. I just want to mix in other worlds. To watch class actors giving a show and to learn from them. I don’t expect to be a star in the dramatic field but I want to be given a chance to be a part of it, studying as I go along. I don’t think I’m a bighead who couldn’t take being out of the spotlight, but that’s something else I must find out for myself.
Soon I’ll be out there on my own. But I’ll never stop thinking about Dozy and
Beaky and Mick and Tich – and the fabulous times we’ve had together. I know they are ambitious to make it swing on their own as a team. I know that I must find out what ELSE I can do.
I’m also sure that you will understand. What I hope, most of all, is that I can count on your support. Meanwhile – next week’s subject is all about dreams!

Address your letters to Dave, c/o FAB 208, Fleetway House, Farringdon Street, London, E.C.4. (Please do NOT enclose a stamped, addressed envelope as Dave won’t be able to answer any letters through the post, though he will read every one and discuss some in his column.)

Mon 4/08/69
(Germany) Bravo n°32 page 13: Musik express
Aus den Studios
Dave Dee entdeckte eine junge Gruppe namens Windmill, die er demnächst mit der Howard & Blaikley-Melodie Big Bertha vorstellen will.

Page 14: neue Platten – LPs
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich: Legend of . . . (Fontana 701 702).
Eine Billig-Preis-Platte, die Bestseller bietet wie “Last Night in Soho”, “The Legend of Xanadu” und “Zabadak”!

Musik express: Dave Dee discovered a young group named Windmill, which will soon be presented with the Howard & Blaikley song “Big Bertha”.
New albums: Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich: Legend of . . . (Fontana 701 702).
A budget price LP, featuring hits like “Last Night in Soho”, “The Legend of Xanadu” and “Zabadak”!

Tue 5/08/69
Film: Hendon, Sunderland, England
Dave Dee starts shooting “Every Home Should Have One” (by Ned Sherrin) Released in 1970

Sat 9/08/69
NME n°1178 page 9: Dave Dee movie role: “Every Home Should Have One” (British Lions)

Dave Dee has begun work on his first film role – with Marty Feldman in British Lion’s ” Every Home Should Have One.” The colour movie – which also features top model Vicki Hodge – is being produced by Ned Sherrin. Dave is cast as Ern, the leader of a motorcycle gang. He started filming on Tuesday, when location sequences in which he was involved were shot on London’s North Circular Road. He will not be singing in the film.
The last album by the Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich quintet has just been completed, and Dave will not be recording any more with the other four boys. However, he has a few remaining concert and one-nighter commitments with the group, and he intends to fulfil these.
Dave will make his solo stage debut – following his official departure from the group – when he plays a week in cabaret at Stockton Fiesta from October 12. Other artists set for weeks at this venue include the Searchers (from August 31), the Virgil Brothers and Terry Lightfoot’s Jazzmen (September 7), Cliff Richard (from 15), the Troggs and the Second City Sound (21), the Paper Dolls (28) and Simon Dupree and the Big Sound (October 5).

Sat 9/08/69
Melody Maker: Dave Dee Film

DAVE DEE FILM – DAVE DEE cut short a holiday in Ireland last week after landing a part in a new film, Every Home Should Have One, starring Marty Feldman.
The film, a British Lion production, is being shot by Ned Sherrin, and Dave started shooting on Tuesday (5) on location in a breaker’s yard in Hendon. Dave, who recently quit Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich, plays the part of the leader of a gang of motor cyclists.

Mon 11/08/69
(Germany) Bravo n°33 pages 56-58: Life-lines of the group, although the split is official.

Pages 56-57: 22 questions to Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich !
Result: Each one lives his own way !

Bravo page 58: Dave Dee & Co.: That’s how we are

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich reveal their habits to the BRAVO readers

Woodstock Music and Art Fair in Bethel, New York, USA
Performing artists included – Friday: Richie Havens opened the festival, Tim Hardin; Saturday: Keef Hartley, The Who; Sunday: Joe Cocker, Ten Years After, not D.B.M. & T. but C.S.N. & Y., Jimi Hendrix closed the fair

Sat 16/08/69
Winter Gardens Pavilion, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, England
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich

Fri 22/08/69
Single release: Mark Jason – The Name Of The Game / For The First Time In My Life (Fontana 1050)
A one-off single penned by Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley

Fri 22/08/69    
Tittenhurst, London Road, Sunningdale, Ascot, Berkshire, England
The Beatles picture session in Tittenhurst Park, John Lennon’s home, was the last time they assembled together. Although the split was not official, it happened at the same time as Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich’s announcement. Drummer Ringo Starr had replaced Beatle Pete Best in September 1962, just before their last season in Hamburg’s Star-Club, while drummer Mick Wilson had joined The Bostons in Spring 1963, right after their first stint in Hamburg’s Top Ten.

Sat 23/08/69
NME n°1180 page 11: Dave Dee in the fantasy world of films – Richard Green

Thu 28/08/69
BBC Radio Session: Jimmy Young Show [Broadcast on 15/09/69]
Hold Tight / Bend It (Live Performance)

Sat 30/08/69
Melody Maker: Dee In Cabaret

DAVE DEE, who will split from Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich at the end of September, begins his solo career with a week of cabaret at the Fiesta, Stockton and the Excel, Middlesbrough starting on September 12.
The last album by the “old” group will be released in mid-September, and the rest of the group will be known after the split as D. B. M. and T.
They are currently recording their first single release, and debut without Dave in a tour of Germany and Holland from September 17-19.

Sat 30/08/69
TV Performance: Beat-Club 46, ARD Radio Bremen, Bremen, Deutschland (Lip-Sync)
Hosted by Uschi Nerke & Dave Lee Travis (4:00-5:00 pm)
Deep Purple: Hallelujah; Three Dog Night: Try a little Tenderness; Beat-Club News: James Brown & The Piper Club in Rome; Procol Harum: Long gone Geek; Tim Rose: Hey Joe; Interstate Roadshow: Grindy Grind; Windmill: Big Bertha; Top 7 not from Britain, but from New Zealand; Jimmy Ruffin: I‘ve passed this Way before; Steamhammer: Junior‘s Wailing, When your Friends have gone; The Move: Curly; Humble Pie: Alabama ‘69, Natural born Boogie.
This was DLT’s last show, after 29 appearances. Dave Dee was going to take his place, and his arrival coincided with Beat-Club “Going Underground”, as previewed this month: no more fun, no more lightweight pop music, but a stern presentation, and underground music preferably by unknown bands

Second Isle of Wight Festival at Wootton
Bob Dylan appeared on August 31st for his first concert in two years (attended by some Beatles)

August 1969    
American album release: The Association – “The Association” LP (WB 1800)
Album cover: “The Association” is designed as Stonehenge stones in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean




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