August 1965

AUGUST  1965


Summer 65 ?   
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich are about to throw the towel

Dave Dee interviewed by Tony Gillham on BBC Radio Bedforshire (29/12/85):
Tony Gillham: All I Want, not charting… so did that damage the boys morale?
Dave Dee: Oh yea, absolutely. We got to the point where… we were a working band… used to work every day at that point. Sunday.. Saturdays… travelling up and down the country. Everything we owned was on hire purchase. It got to the last straw… two records out… all our contemporaries were making it… which appeared to us as if they were making fortunes, and us to be absolutely broke. We sat in a little cafe in Manchester, and we had two bob between us. We bought two cups of tea, one cake… this will have you in tears… and we were all smoking at the time… I don’t smoke any more. We had one cigarette, two cups of tea and one cake. We passed them all around, and we said that’s it. We then drove to London, got to Curzon street… parked in a little square outside of where the Playboy Club used to be. Parked the van, went to a phone box, and called Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley. “Look it’s all over… we’re broke, we can’t stand it any more… we are locking the van up… we are going down the road to the police station and just leave the keys with them. Then just tell the HP company where the van and all the gear is… and everything else is.” They said “Don’t move. Stay where you are… we are coming over… you’ve been in the studio… you’ve just made this record, in six months it could all be different.” We said, “Oh Yeh, we’ve had five years of promises.” They said “Look, don’t move until we get there.” They came up and then they sat with us for about three hours and brainwashed us into sticking it out, and sure enough they were right… ‘You Make It Move’ did chart.    Printed in Zabadak n°3, December ‘86 

Sun 1/08/65   
Cigarette advertising is banned on UK television with effect from August 1st

Fri 13/08/65   
City Hall, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich supported by Ricky & The Gamblers

Sun 15/08/65   
Japan: Teen Beat n°1: The Honeycombs coming to Japan; New LP: The Honeycombs Hits
Teen Beat Best 50: “Something Better Beginning” by The Honeycombs is #48

(The LP pictured on the right is “Live In Tokyo” from November 1965)

Thu 19/08/65   
News: In Saint-Tropez, France, Olivia Bireaud, 17, has been elected Miss Sirtaki
The sirtaki was launched a few months before at the Saint-Hilaire Club in Paris, by inviting Anthony Quinn himself (“Zorba The Greek”), and the fad spread in all French discotheques in the summer.
The hit version of “Zorba’s Dance” is sung in French by Dalida

Fri 20/08/65   
Single release: The Rolling Stones – Satisfaction / The Spider And The Fly (Decca 12220)
The disc was issued in the USA in May. First big hit using a fuzz-box, and provoking “Frustration”

Sat 21/08/65   
NME Chart entry: Johnny Carr & the Cadillacs – Do You Love That Girl (Fontana 600) #30
Con O’Sullivan (Johnny Carr), Ray Truscott (gt), Mervyn Alexander (bs) and Dave Purslow (dr) from Bristol, constitute the second most famous group in the West Country





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