Argentina 7″ vinyl


The first single released in Argentina is very surprisingly Frustration. In no other country it appears as A-side.
And the singles are played on the LP-33 speed.

1.a Frustracion >Frustration< (Howard/Blaikley)
1.b Escondete >Hideaway< (Howard/Blaikley) Philips 83323-PB
Releasedate: 1966

2.a Salvame >Save Me<  (Howard/Blaikley)
2.b Verguenza >Shame< (Harman/Wilson/Dymond/Davies/Amey)

Philips 83288-PB
Releasedate: 1966



3.a Doblala >Bend It<  (Howard/Blaikley)
3.b Es Tan Buena >She’s So Good< (Harman/Wilson/Dymond/Davies/Amey)

Philips 83288-PB
Releasedate: 1966    



4.a Okay!   (Howard/Blaikley)
4.b Es Un Delirante >He’s A Raver< (Harman/Wilson/Dymond/Davies/Amey) Philips 83304-PB
Releasedate: 1967



5.a Zabadak (Howard/Blaikley)
It’s amazing to hear that this version of Zabadak is cut-off too soon. At the end there should be silence after the group sings Zabadak, but in Argentina the song then stoppes!!
5.b Anochece >The Sun Goes Down< (Harman/Dymond/Davies) Philips 83348-PB
Releasedate: 1967


6.a La Leyenda De Xanadu < (Howard/Blaikley)
6.b Por Favor >Please< (Harman/David/Dymond)

Philips 83373-PB
Releasedate: 1968
Legend Of Xanadu Argentina



7.a Ultima Noche En Soho >Last Night In Soho< (Howard/Blaikley)
7.b Senor Jueves >Mr. Thursday< (Howard/Blaikley)
(Strange, indeed, as it has to be a Mrs. Thursday!!)

Philips 83401-PB
Releasedate: 1968  

8.a El Naufragio Del “Antoinette” >The Wreck Of The Antoinette< (Howard/Blaikley)
8.b Vida Tranquila >Still Life< (Harman/Dymond/Davies)

Philips 83422 PB
Releasedate: 1968

9.a Don Juan (Howard/Blaikley)
9.b Margareta Lidman (Harman/Davies/Dymond)

Philips 83448 PB
Releasedate: 1969

10.a Sr. Presidente >Mr. President< (Dymond/Amey/Davies)
10.b Frisco Annie (Dymond/Amey/Davies)

Philips 6006054
Releasedate: 1970

Sung by: D.B.M. & T

Another surprise in Argentina. There Leader Of A Rock’n Roll Band was released as A-side. And where they skipped the ending of the Zabadak single (see above this page), they skipped the beginning of the song Leader Of A Rock’n Roll Band. Doesn’t sound bad at all!!

11.a Director De La Banda Rock ‘n’ Roll >Leader Of A Rock’nRoll Band< (Dymond/Davies)
11.b Festival  (Howard/Blaikley)

Philips 6006066
Releasedate: 1970




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