A well kept secret

dddbmt split


The decision of Dave Dee, to leave the group, was one of the best kept secrets in the showbizz. Eighteen months before the offical announcement it was already known that he would leave. At least, we can read that in the Record Mirror of 26-7-1969.
Dave Dee about the split-up: “I felt my life passing without seeing any challenge. When we started with the five of us, that challenge was there. It was the challenge to succeed as a band. But it became boring and I would turn into a different style of music. I felt that I could do more, than just sing popular songs. The succes we had could not go on for ever.”
In one thing Dave Dee was right. The succes had reached a plateau and it would be boring to him.
The split up however did not bring him more succes. As D.B.M. & T. got more appreciation for, for instance, there Fresh Ear album, it went downhill for Dave Dee.
His solo singles were not bad and some even very good, but it didn´t matter. A very small hit with his first solo single ‘My womans man’ was all he really had in terms of commercial success.
But het remained populair in Germany, where he even worked as a co-presenter for a pop programma. Eventually he founded his own record company showing to have more in him as just a singer.





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